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The largest province of the South, Surat Thani was once a provincial capital of the 10th century Indonesian Srivijaya Empire, and now covers an area of approximately 13,000 square kilometers of both low basins and high plateaus with forested mountains, as well as some of Thailand’s most famous islands including Koh Samui, Koh Phangan, Koh Tao, and the Mu Koh Ang Thong Marine National Park. The name of Surat Thani may mean “City of the Good People” but Surat Thani is also known as “the province of a thousand islands” — many of which lay off the coast in the Gulf of Thailand, including the archipelago that contains Koh Samui, Koh Phangan, Koh Tao, and the Mu Koh Ang Thong Marine National Park. Once the refuge of backpackers, the islands of Surat Thani are now some of the most visited places in Thailand; however, there are a number of historical, cultural, and natural attractions on the Thai mainland to make a stop in Surat Thani province worthwhile on the way to or from the islands. The largest province of the South, located 685 kilometers from Bangkok, Surat Thani means “City of the Good People”. A former capital of the Indonesian Srivijaya Empire, Surat Thani remains a vibrant city that is both a commercial and transportation hub and an area with many historical and cultural attractions. Surat Thani Province covers an area of approximately 13,000 square kilometers of high plateaus and forested mountains in the west of the province that diminish to low basins towards the eastern coast. This mountainous topography has created 14 river basins all of which flow east of the province to the Gulf of Thailand; similarly, almost all visitors to Surat Thani invariably head to the Gulf, where the islands of Koh Samui, Koh Phangan, Koh Tao, and the Mu Koh Ang Thong Marine National Park are located.

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Rajjaprabha Dam. (Chiao Lan) .
Opening hours: Monday – Sunday.
Hours: 09:00 to 16:00.
Details attractions:
In the same area as the Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand Moo 3, Tambon Khao Phang Ban Ta Khun district. 90 km from the town of Surat Thani Stone clay-core dam is 95 meters long, 700 meters high, multipurpose dam and reservoir with shady trees and beautiful rock formations, shaped embankment in various exotic natural beauty. Amid the warm green waters cool, perfect vacation.
The dam Rajjaprabha are the property of SR Khao Sok National Park to tourists, including the park, b. 2 Residential 2 at 30 Houseboat Unit Mrs. Price has 6 rooms for 50 people raft standard. Unit Stone Pine has allowed seven after losing 10-18 at Unit Krisorn Rates include a 10 500 baht, up by boat at the edge of the rapids. Rent a boat for a trip to the pad, depending on the distance Proximity Platform for Privacy Mrs. Patricia Stone Pine 1200-2000 baht and 1,700 baht a raft Krisorn those wishing to stay should contact the property in advance. Tel: 0 7729 9318. -9

There were a raft of activities for tourists, such as the Protection Unit, Mrs. Price’s Stone Pine and Krisorn have canoes for rent at 200 baht / day, especially the park protection unit b. 4 (Stone Pine) is a cave that. Visitors have thrilling adventures through the cave, which is located 6 kilometers away from the park rangers on foot a large cave where a small stream. A spectacular stalactites Cave difficulty walking need a guide.

For the Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand. It has accommodation, activities and attractions available to visitors as a standard 18-hole golf course overlooking the lake or take a boat ride over the dam. For more information call. 0 7724 2560 2512 for further tourist resort offers 200 rooms 800-4500 baht / night for details. Tel: 0 7724 2560-1 to 5008 in office hours.

Travel City Take Highway 401 junction to the park protection unit b. 2 (Chiewlarn) at kilometer 60 a distance of 14 kilometers.

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waterfall Viphawadi .

Opening hours: Monday – Sunday.
Hours: 08:00 to 16:00.
Details attractions:
The falls have originated upstream from the mountains. And flows down the river and canal boating cascades with a total of 9 floors in height and very beautiful. The floors are beautiful waterfalls, cliffs, waterfalls, a second layer of water flowing down is very strong and has a pool for swimming. The height of 15-20 meters waterfall is rich in forest tree species should provide moisture to relax. During suitable for tourism Ie January – April And for nearby tourist attractions Rafting Mayan canals. And Kaeng Krung National Park If interested can stay home to wildlife sanctuaries Khlong Yan. And waterfalls are able to do and tent.

Getting to the waterfall Viphawadi 38 kilometers away from the district town on Highway 401 at km 60-61 before the junction turn to Don Sak. On the right, there is a separate entrance to the waterfall rapids Maprang home Moo 2 Takuk the road is gravel and unpaved portions. You can contact us for details. Community Takuk south Tel. 0 7731 9019.

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Khao Sok National Park .

Opening hours: daily
Hours: 08:00 to 17:00.
Details attractions:
Ban Ta Khun Phanom District and District covering an area of ​​461 712 hectares of popular Kiri state declared a National Park on August 2, 2537 general and the mountain soil. And limestone complex There is a steep cliff The north side is a large water source. From the construction of the dam Rajjaprabha. There are forests and abundant wildlife. Rare plants found in the park include the White Palm and a large flower Rafflesia. The flowers have a diameter of 10-25 inches, depending on the ground. Will bloom from November to January, the rare animals of interest include Blyth’s River Frog and fish ideal time to visit is. December to April In addition, the park There is also an interesting activity is rafting, elephant trekking, bird watching and walking the nature trails.

The national park tourist attractions.
– Wang Yao falls some rhino head. Falls and Rock Run Some waterfalls rhinoceros head A two-story waterfall is beautiful, but not very high. The first floor flows into the canal from some rhino head screw. The second floor is in the Klong Sok. There is water all year round About 120 meters away down a rocky waterfall rushing down to meet with Wang for 40 meters above the water called “Wang Yao,” three kilometers away from the park office.
– Set the water with a water-eroded mountains are well apart. Make a cliff face Fund flows through a canal below. Away from the office at about six kilometers away from the rock waterfall runs about 3.2 kilometers to travel by foot.
– Waterfall yam from Klong Sok. A one-story waterfall For relaxing on a rock waterfall. Away from the office park about 9 km.
– Ton Sai waterfall is not too high. Skiing in canal Away from the park office about 11 kilometers away from the waterfall wild yam, about two kilometers.
Waterfall paradise Flowing down the steep A rainbow shot arc Fund flows into the canal Away from the office park about 9 km away from the water about three kilometers.
The eleven-story waterfall Four kilometers away from the office has a waterfall that flows down a layer. Cascaded down the cliff into a groove 11 steps to the bottom of the waterfall is a pool for a swim. Must travel by foot
Law falls away from the park office is 4.5 kilometers tiered waterfall with a height of 30 meters, the car can be reached. Located along the road Surat – Takua Pa. At km 113
The park has three nature trails routes.
– Route 1 falls some heads rhinoceros – Waterfall yam. Starting from the park Len canal to some waterfalls rhino head. The distance from the park three kilometers waterfall second floor is not very high, walk along the disc through a cascade Rock Run away 120 meters with a height of 20 meters, flowing into Khlong Sok travel further along the pedestrian path along the screw through the palace. Wang Long distance of 40 meters deep. Walk up the mountain scrub the Klong Sok turn left and go about five kilometers to find the waterfall paradise. A waterfall flows into the Klong Sok. The line is curved like a rainbow. Then walk along the screw further 2 kilometers to the water or the mountains upstream, the water mills into a cliff face. Sakon fast through a canal Deep beneath the palace This is a floating Ashes to Ashes (ashes) of Slavery. From the water walking, climbing approximately 3 kilometers to the waterfall wild yam is a one-story waterfall. The screw canal The water flows all year round The entire route has a length of 9 kilometers, visitors can walk by itself. Walking painlessly

– Route 2 eleven-story waterfall. The route is to climb mountains to waterfalls eleventh floor walking distance to 4 km trail is quite steep. Walking own Without a guide The eleven-story waterfall By Len canal The waterfall is a ladder with 11 floors.

– The third path is the only path to the waterfall trail at the eleventh floor. But the Circle Line There is a stepped walkway The interpretive signage along the route. It was walking distance of 2 kilometers.

Accommodation service park is home to 2 800-1000 baht a tent rental prices after the price of 150-600 baht / night to bring your own tent. Tents cost 30 baht and 20 baht each camper.

More information Khao Sok Sok Moo 6, Tambon Klong Phanom province Tel. 0 7739 5154-5 And near the park Many services are private property. Some of the houses on tree This is the atmosphere of a resort where visitors can experience.

From the city, take the Surat Thani – Takuapa. (Highway 401) to Km 109, turn right, go 1.5 kilometers to the park office. Phunphin Surat railway station or a bus Pun – Phuket. Alight at km 109 and then the motorcycle into the park. For visitors who do not prepare food or supplies to stay overnight at the park. Will be available for purchase at Ban Ta Khun. This community has several stores before traveling to a national park.

4 .

Wat Chaiya Ratchaworawihan .

Opening hours: Monday – Sunday.
Hours: 08:00 to 16:00.
Details attractions:
The Wiang Surat Thani, about 54 kilometers from town on Highway 41 and Highway 4011, turn left at km 137, is an ancient pagoda. Created by Mahayana. From the glorious Srivijaya Empire Around the stupa are four small pagoda surrounded by the stadium. The ancient Buddha images of various sizes around all four sides Phra Chaiya is the most important Buddhist monuments of the province. For more information call. 0 7743 1090, 0 7743 1402, 08 6591 0979.

Details attractions:
Pha points as No. 74 of the park’s area is approximately 212,500 acres covering an area of ​​Khong Chiam. Si Muang Mai And Pho Sai Ubon Ratchathani Province The terrain is hilly and. Many of the steep cliffs The forest is generally a forest. A sparse Stunted trees But with natural beauty Key plants dipterocarp Hiang Du and various chopped banana flowers. The ground flora is the bamboo forest, grass and rocks Khoi addition, the corner stone generally has a beautiful flowering plants such as sundews angel ornament silver buttons, etc., depending on a number of scattered throughout the area.

Within Pha points There are many interesting sights like.

Balconies post before the cliff point about 1 kilometer monolithic nature caused by water erosion and wind for millions of years. There are many mushroom-like array. Quaint supremely

Conventional marking a steep cliff with a beautiful nature. A beautiful view It also points to see the sunrise before anywhere in the country. In addition, the cliff wall below. Also appearing prehistoric paintings lined the park, about 300 images. Has made way for a visit to the property.

Dong Na Na Tam Tam in the area. About 36 kilometers away from the park office, tourism is characterized by the Dong Na Tham nature hikes. By the way, will find something of interest, such as a porch pillar Creek Falls mask cliff erosion, but the ship rock cliffs, waterfalls, deer cracked rock rockers Stone Mountain Kom, etc.

Raft A large waterfall, the second line from the creek and the creek necklace Bamboo Creek flowing from the cliffs on each side converge. Looks like necklaces Getting there is Along the highway in 2112 when, at Km 20 will turn right. Turn into about five kilometers, then walk another 500 meters.

5 .

cave Oriole .


Previously a cave bat guano concession. It can be seen from the clues, and devices that are extant. Today is a popular tourist destination. A huge cave with stalagmites and stalactites. And a study of the geology and zoology, archeology, religion canary cave is a cave-type solution cave in the rocks, carbonate and sulfate. Caused by rainwater and groundwater containing carbon dioxide with water ions react with a weak carbonic acid flows through the cracks of the rock underground. It melts the rock containing the mineral calcite. Or calcium carbonate as a crack or pore width. On through the cracks, it will be wider and more. Become a cave in


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