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A province in the North of Thailand bordering Laos, Uttaradit has a long history dating back to pre-historic times. The site of the “modern” town, then called Bang Pho Tha It, was located on the right bank of the Nan River during the Dvaravati or Lavo periods, prior to Lanna and Sukhothai, when it flourished as a commercial port until King Rama V elevated its status into a province and re-named it Uttaradit, literally “the Port of the North.”Uttaradit, which literally means “the Port of the North” has a long history of commercial importance. Today, the city is a naturally beautiful town and the province contains Queen Sirikit Dam, a 250 km² artificial lake, as well as the world’s largest teak tree, which has stood for roughly 1500 years.

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dam .


It is the largest dam built in Thailand. Nan Basin Development Program, formerly known as “Pha Dam Repair” later received royal permission to summon the title. Queen Sirikit Dubbed the Queen “Dam” on May 24, 2511, construction was blocking the river at his Pha Pha repair blood Tha Pla Uttaradit. Uttaradit away from the city, about 58 km to the east.
Nan River

This is one major tributaries of the river. Doi Phu software originates from the mountains of Luang Prabang, a border country. Laos in the District, Nan Province Nan early runs to the north. Meander westward Tha Wang Pha District then flows through the plains to the river bank. The provincial and territorial cohesion to the district, but it is narrow plateau of the river flows through the valley. In Nan, Na Noi district in Tha Pla district. Uttaradit then flows south through the province of Uttaradit, Phitsanulok, Phichit to its confluence with the river. The Chum Saeng Nakhon Sawan Then flows to the river. The District Kwai Yai, Muang Nakhon Sawan. A river next to the river with a length of over 615 kilometers, which is the longest. Among the tributaries upstream XVI together. The catchment area of ​​33 130 square kilometers along the river plains of the province down to 1,800,000 hectares of irrigated Phitsanulok. It is an important one in the field. And particularly suitable for agriculture that had often been flooded. A lack of water control systems.

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Khlong Tron National Park .

Opening hours: daily
Hours: 08:30 to 18:00.

Details attractions:
Khlong Tron National Park The complete forest areas An area of ​​324,240.80 hectares or 518.80 square kilometers. Was gazetted as a national park on December 4, 2546, and significant natural features Creek Falls is a beautiful foil. Reed Diamond Glass Waterfall Cave Pagoda Chan Tham Tham Tham Pha Khao Phu Leopard complementing and cliffs are known. And a canal called “Khlong Tron”.

Travel to Nam Pat Uttaradit. Take Highway 68 kilometers from the district office in 1045, Pat. The highway in late 1212 Huay Dua – The Piers. Jack reached a distance of approximately 23 kilometers to the park office. Located at Moo 3 Tambon Nam Krai Nam Pat Uttaradit 53110 Tel. 0 5528 2347www.dnp.go.th.
Attractions within the park.
 Khlong Tron The Falls Creek Canal Tron 2 is the first of a four-storey height of about 20 meters away from the first second of which approximately 1.5 kilometers with a height of 30 meters, visitors must travel by foot.
 Falls Creek Communications is in the middle of the creek comments Creek Community Water District bamboo contains Falls 3 of which one is a tiered waterfall with a height of 15 meters, the second from the first 200 meters, a waterfall, two-storey height of about 15 meters of. 3 of a second away from the waterfall is 30 meters high and 20 meters only to travel on foot. Comments about five kilometers away from the village brook no vehicle access.
 Phu Pha Pha complementing a highly stylized aesthetic feature a large cliff. Once on the cliff and overlooking the entire village. Phu Pha complementing the conditions on the plains, but no camping facilities in the village, complementing any Phu Pha Bang Kham Pom jack with a distance of 10 km journey visitors will have to walk.
 Monday Cave National Forest is located in Tambon Khlong Tron vegetables right side. Saeng Khan District Cave is a medium-sized marble. Cave stalactites and stalagmites And bats live a lot. The cave has a depth of about 200 meters wide and 15 meters, the cave can be reached by car.

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Phu Soi Dao National Park .

Phu Soi Dao National Park is open to yard care from 08.00-14.00 FREE FREE.’s All a good time to visit as the month of September – early November. On Lan Son, Phu Soi Dao is packed with various flowering species such as crested serpent necklace Suwanna silver buttons bloom flourish beauty all over the yard and fir. Mid-November – mid-January The weather is cold Ideal for cold exposure, beautiful views. Watch the sunrise and sunset beautiful as anywhere in the country. As the Paphiopedilum species Inthanon. Bloom flourish in the eye of the visit. The red maple leaves that change color to brighten the yard more attractive In the period from January 15 -31 in June of each year. Park closed the camp on Lan Son, Phu Soi Dao.

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Bo Lek Nam Phi .

Bo Lek Nam Phi Located at a Pete. Water SP. Thong Saen Khan province of Uttaradit present the evidence wells P 2 Bo is called “Bo-edged sword,” the reserved use of the sword for the king depth. about 10 meters, a diameter of 20 meters and a pond called the “Phrakahn” a pit where technicians ancient mineral water from the pond to King Khan king depth of about 7 meters, a diameter of about 12 meters and the area pond iron. P Shrine Bo Nam Phi steel with Thammarat grandfather godfather dwells in this court. To keep protecting ponds and wells Museum Nam Phi steel. The opening on August 12, 2542 by the restoration of the landscape surrounding Bo Nam Phi steel and construction. Museum collection to dig for casting the hit swords up tools made with bamboo. To gather wisdom Nam Phi and other evidence about the history Nam Phi steel illustrates the blacksmith ground water. Since iron ore ground water. Smelting iron ore and beating swords. Along with the display tools used in ancient iron ore produced from ground water.

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Phraya Pichai Broken Sword .


Enshrined in Hall of Uttaradit. Built to honor your courage, spirituality, patriotism and sacrifice. When Phraya Pichai Pichai in Thonburi, which dominates the city can build a reputation as especially on the year 2316, Burmese troops attacked the city Pichai. Praya Pichai has raised Burmese army troops to extraction to break lose. The battle at that time, the sword has broken one of Phraya Pichai guide books. But military victory against the Burmese army with such bravery. The nickname “Phraya Pichai Broken Sword” monument, designed and cast by the Fine Arts Department. Was inaugurated on 20 February 2512.

Of Name “Phraya Pichai Broken Sword”
      In 2311, Burmese troops come first, along with tens of thousands of people God Tak Wai Woranat attacked and defeated. And the battle conquer kingdoms of many when the King came to Thon Buri. Please set your Woranat a thousand Wai. “Siharat Phraya Decho,” said chief bodyguard into a position as the original. Last conquer kingdoms God Fang ago. King had the inclination to reward him by the soldiers of the Popular Front. Siharat Phraya Decho (tiny white or gold tooth) was ordered. Pension credit for the Phraya Pichai Pichai city government as a homeland, but young.
      In the year 2313 – 2316 has been fighting against the Burmese army several time. And every time the Burmese army to break lose. Creates humiliation upon commanders is twofold. At the end of the 2316 season Snake Supply Depot said the army to the city Pichai again. “The battle Phraya Pichai catch two-handed sword that thread. Myanmar teeth out chasing stabbed melee. When Phraya Pichai loss of balance. I support the right to use the sword. The blade broke in half right, “said Polish army was defeated adhesive back. On Tuesday, the 7th lunar month, Yi RAM Snake Act 2316 (the date on 7th January 2316).
 Consecrated life is Rachpli
      Prang Wat temple Rajgir Location containing the bones of Phraya Pichai Broken Sword on the year in 2325 after King Taksin was executed with a piece of municipalities. Somdet Chao Phraya Pichai kings battle perceives himself as a noble King, skilled and honest. Phraya Pichai urged to serve in the new Phraya Pichai did not get the position you are loyal and faithful to the King’s. And the motto: “I can serve two masters is good,” Pope Benedict XVI has asked the king executed their battle. King’s death, according to the consecrated life.
      Pope Benedict XVI was executed after he was crowned king of war the first monarch of the Chakri Dynasty, he has ordered the building of the church led to the bones of Rajgir placed at Wat Temple. Phra Prang, which was also the successor to the present.
      Phraya Pichai Broken Sword has created a legacy worthy of praise are the successors to the present. Honesty Gratitude A resolutely resolute courage and patriotism. To provide stability to national prosperity.
 Prototype “Wichai’s driving it.”
 In the reign of King Rama VI Rama 6 of the Chakri Dynasty. Given the extension of the ‘Broken Sword Phraya Pichai said, “Vichai driving for you,” read that (makes – China – contrary – the pan – I) shall be translated as “Heavenly Sword”.