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Waterfalls of Phu Phan, Dharma Park, Five Thousand-year Civilization, Land of Mi-khit Cloth, Wonderful Nong Prachak Place, and Scented Udorn Sunshine OrchidsUdon Thani, located in Thailand’s northeastern Isan region is a prime business center, particularly as a result of its proximity to Vientiane, the capital of Lao P.D.R. Udon Thani is probably best known for its archaeological wonders, paramount among them the hamlet of Ban Chiang where the world’s first Bronze Age civilization is believed to have flourished more than 5,000 years ago.Udon Thani borders Nong Khai to the north, Khon Kaen to the south, Sakon Nakhon to the east and Nong Bua Lam Phu and Loei to the west. Consequently, Udon Thani is a major transportation hub for Northeastern Thailand. Geographically, the province is located on a plateau which is approximately 187 meters above sea level. Most of the area is covered with rice fields, forests, and hills; the Phu Pan mountain range and the Songkhram River are the provinces two primary natural attractions.

The inhabitants of Udon Thani are mainly engaged in agricultural activities, and the capital city is a major agricultural market center for its neighboring provinces.Udon Thani is a large province that serves as a center of transportation, trade, and tourism in the Northeast of Thailand. The province is a land of forest temples and a gateway to Laos. Udon Thani also possesses an archaeological site that is evidence of one of the world’s most ancient bronze-age civilizations. It is a province blessed with natural tourist attractions and is well known for its Khit-style textiles.

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National Museum. Ban Chiang

Opening hours: daily
Hours: 08:30 to 17:00.

Details attractions:
The National Museum is located at Ban Chiang Ban Chiang. Ban Nong Han Chiang, Udon – Thani. Away from the city about 55 kilometers to the National Museum of the Holocaust. Established in Ban Chiang. The historic significance of the Northeast. And Southeast Asia The museum has exhibits evidence from surveys, excavations at Ban Chiang. And Archaeological Area Include pottery, tools and many other things which visitors can get to know the life of prehistoric man dating back more than 5,000 years.

National Museum of Ban Chiang has divided the space into two parts, the first expression is the right of the entrance. The Wat Pho Si The Archaeological Museum was opened in Thailand. A permanent exhibition This step shows the archaeological excavations that are still characteristics of art objects in layers of soil. So that visitors can study the archaeological excavations. And antiques Most of the pottery buried with the dead to become a skeleton in the present.

Part 2 is located to the left of the entrance. The building is an exhibit about the story and the Ban Chiang culture in the prehistoric period. As well as tools that demonstrate the technology at the time. Including antiques The scale and exhibitions ever staged in the United States. The section also has a lecture room and an exhibition providing education to those interested as well.

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Phu Phra Bat Historical Park .

Located in the foothills Phan. Covering an area of ​​3,430 acres in the national forest named “Wild Ekืa water” Tio, Tambon Ban Phan Ban Phu province. Away from the city, a distance of about 67 km Phu Phra Bat Historical Park is open daily from 08:00 to 16:30 hrs. Phu Phra Bat Historical Park area. Traces of human activity since prehistoric times, when around 2,000 – 3,000 years ago have been found more than 30 paintings of the rocks and cliffs were converted into religious nature of the people. Culture Thawarawadi Lop successor to the culture Xang respectively, these archaeological evidence demonstrates the social development. Humans as well For this reason, the Department has requested the forest area of ​​3430 hectares of forest department has registered the ruins in Volume 98, Chapter 63 on April 28, 2524, then developed. Phu Phra Bat Historical Park source becomes in the end.

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Brooks Park Beauty .


Forest waterfall beauty In the wild Khun Huai Sam Phat – Huai Khun pile color. In Tambon Nong Saeng Nong Saeng District Udon Thani An area of ​​78,125 hectares by the Forest Department declared this forest park on 19 December 2527.
A steep hills and is part of the Phu Phan mountain range. Separated by a long row out in large numbers to the north. The area is relatively flat and steep ridges. There are several streams flowing into the creek, three runs. Nam Khong and Huay pile color. Wang Huai Kum only a jungle and overgrown. The area is south of the Blue stone called “clean sources”.
The climate of the park waterfall beauty division has three seasons: the rainy season from June to November. Winter from December to February. Summer is from March to May.
Flora and Fauna
And the evergreen forest Plants found include Du Rd sindora siamensis, Afzelia xylocarpa Dong Yang Teng, etc. deciduous wood, including bamboo and rattan, orchids, ferns and rock for the rice. Wild boar, barking deer, mouse deer, wildlife encounters, including monkeys, gibbons, flying squirrel, weasel and birds.
Homes and Facilities
Forest waterfall beauty No accommodation available to tourists If tourists wish to travel camper. Please bring your own tent camping Then ask for permission to the Chief Forest waterfall direct beauty. Or contact us for details on Forest Management. National Bureau National Park Service Wildlife and Plant Conservation, Bangkok 10900.
Tourist attraction
Wang Huai Huai Wang Kum Kum’s Creek, which flows into the water gong to have a pretty waterfall, with water all year round. North Creek waterfall beauty fattened up to be a rock. Cliffs and caves, beautiful and quaint. The south side of the area is rocky Pa sources locals call the “clean power”, which is a large source at this point beneath the beautiful views far and wide.
   Forest waterfall beauty Protected Area Management Bureau 10 (Udon) in. Nong Saeng province of Udon Thani.

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Yung Nam Som National Park .


In Nam Som Udon Thani A tourist attraction is the waterfall Yung Thong is located bright house Moo 2, Tambon Na Yung Yung is a waterfall located on the Phu Phan and Phu Ya U ridges. A stream flowing over rocks intricate beautiful lush greenery. Yung Thong Waterfall is a small waterfall with three floors away from the city of Udon Thani, about 103 km journey from the province. Access Ban Phu Nam Som district. At the junction in the village of Nam Som water or also known as the “triangle” Continue for approximately 17 km until you get to the junction to the forest park. The above path is the path of ARD throughout and in good condition.

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Wat Pa Ban Tad (for the royal lotus. Insight Interview Pan Nova) .

Wat Pa Ban Tat Was founded Months later, in November 2498 the Ministry of Education. Announced a Buddhist temple on September 17, 2513, the name was Gaysorn bless you. Which is known by the name. Wat Ban Tad temple located in the village of Ban Tat Tat Ban Muang Udon Thani. Away from the city of Udon Thani, about 16 kilometers to the south by a devout lay people dedicated to Tat. In the area of ​​about 163 acres of walled gardens and surrounding walls with buyers offering many conversions. Throughout the temple to buy an additional 140 acres, including 300 acres is the place to practice. Peaceful and simple Shady trees, tall trees. A shelter for animals, large and small. In the sanctuary, such as grouse, squirrels, chipmunks, rabbits, turtles, a variety of birds, iguana, etc..

The temple is a hall, a large wooden gazebo. One-story pavilion was originally low. But later it was raised two floors to take even greater advantage. Above the Town Hall As enshrined The Buddha, the Buddha of the monastery. It is unfair to use training to the monks in the monastery. As well as a meeting with the consortium do such miracles chanting independence. Buddhist prayer chants Krankฐin articulates and so on. Box on the right side of the image that is enshrined in the bones. Phurithat the Faculty is committed to Thera, a Buddhist teacher by Bua Luang. The bones of the other teachers. Below hall that was used as a breakfast food for me. Place for the royal lotus in a sermon and talked with secular faith kith and kin. Who come from all over unremitting eviscerated.

Cloister of monks each. As a simple monk Wind, rain is enough to cover the high ground about one meter to interference from reptiles. Moisture from the ground, and of sufficient size. For the One God Most of the old wall robe stretched to the wind and rain to reduce mosquito nets. The court will only reduce blankets, sleeping mats octo monks. Lamps or candles and other necessities. The bed is a Buddha or a teacher attached. To worship as Ascetic morale Each cubicle will have a walking meditation at least one step in a long line of about 25 in the shade look cool. For the night, walking meditation Use candle light bright enough to be seen through. Each cubicle Is invisible though. Surrounded by woods alone for a week in Rakhine Buddhist religious practice.

Built permanent residence has a total of about 10 over a barrack after barrack elder monk Luang Ta’s kith and kin. As usual, lay men and women often come to stay. Meditation, prayer A short time The average is between 50-100 people, split between the monks and novices. Men and women lay in an orderly manner.

For this Wat Ban Tad temple Your eyes highlighted the disastrous five categories that are not strictly related to the newspapers, television, video phone, because it was an obstacle to directly observe the clergy and the religious power was not to enter the temple. Only generators For some time At the very merit As a special case in the High Holy Days only.

The routine of the novice is. Sitting meditation, walking meditation to train the intellect. Passion and pay the Restless, anxious to mind dried up. The works in this measure will not be invited. I went in at Widely honored to have time for prayer alone.

I have tried to teach the novice eye is always on simplicity. The four factors solitude modest living faith lay consecrated it. To the economy Living in only necessary Many of you who intend to come to worship at the temple eyes. Perhaps surprisingly, if not a label. But it may be that many people have thought of. This koan Your eyes do mean. Many people might interpret the variety. Some have interpreted this It seems to me that the trip went according to plan, if that is the term. The key point that the route will pass some order until a route to your destination. The goal is not to tell any names. Anyone who travels will know that. Destination or The name was not needed anymore. The path to liberation or nirvana, too. Compliance with the principles of the Buddha put it. When they arrived, it was not necessary to ask who it was intended or not. This koan They might wise enough to know that. What teach eyes Since stepping into the temple.