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The land of big elephants, prestigious silk, beautiful rosary, many Khmer ruins, sweet radish, fragrant rice, and rich culture. Surin is a large province in the Mun River Basin of Thailand’s Northeastern Isan region. Although the exact history of the town itself is not well known, the people of the region have always been highly regarded for a particular skill: capturing and taming elephants. The Suay or Kuay (meaning simply “people”) migrated to the area perhaps thousands of years ago and established a reputation for their elephant handling prowess that is still celebrated to this day. Since 1960, around the time that elephants were being replaced by machines for most of their laboring jobs, the Surin Elephant Round-Up has been an annual event known both locally and internationally. During this celebration of both the elephants and the training skills of the Surin people, the gigantic pachyderms impress everyone with their cleverness and charm, an event that is the embodiment of the unique character of the province.In addition to elephants, Surin features many ruins from the era when the Khmer of Angkor controlled the region, and Surin is also known for producing beautiful silk and growing Thailand’s famous jasmine rice.For most of the year Surin province is a sleepy agricultural province, quietly growing jasmine rice and weaving beautiful silk. Come November however, the spotlight shines on Surin province as Thais and foreign visitors congregate in the province to witness one of Thailand’s most iconic celebrations: the Surin Elephant Round-Up. As much a celebration of the mighty elephants as the local people who are so skilled in training them, the Elephant Round up features hundreds of elephants showcasing their skills, including a man vs elephant tug-of-war and full fledged battle re-enactments. Those visiting other times of the year or just before, after the big event will enjoy the bucolic environment that surrounds a number of charming handicraft villages and a handful of Khmer ruins, abandoned for half a millennia following the fall of the Khmer Empire at Angkor.

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Castle Town .


The Moo 1, Tambon Wat Chom Sutthawat T within the city. Castle Town is a Khmer castle that has been modified in the same period after Sikhoraphum Castle. Castle brick and plaster building after a five aggregate on the same one in the middle and the other four are the four corners of the remaining three after recess, which has a square shape twelve. After the super-large There are stairs on all four sides. Erืantatu tons of solid doors, because no modification. The roof is three tiered layers Erืantatu imitation. The total is broken It is an ancient Khmer Another popular creation is the equivalent Castle Mount Meru. The pagoda four corners on faith in religion Brahmanism. But there was no written or artistic designs that can be built on.
Castle Town The pagoda consists of five construction with bricks and mortar. Located on the same base Ruins, leaving only the middle three elements is the northeast corner. And the southwest side The center has the largest Due to modifications in the coming days as the top one-third Erืantatu stacked layers on the remaining two broken body size and similar characteristics.
The layout and the architecture of the pagoda looks slim and slender. Castle Town is a historic Art Laos. Are created by people in the community who settled in Ayutthaya. Century 23 – 24.
Modern scholars have assumed the modern age, the age of the remains of two reasons.
1. Based on the architecture of the castle that looks thin and tapered from the historic city when the late Ayutthaya period. Castle Town to create and build the group and asked me where he had settled this area in late Ayutthaya period. And was trying to regain the prosperity of the Khmer empire in the past.
2. This historic site was originally used as places of worship of the ancient Khmer culture before. Later, the late Ayutthaya period It was further augmented by the Khmer Kui and the settlers.
Getting away from the city about 16 kilometers of trails Salina – Sikhoraphum. Highway 226 to Ban Duan. Turn left into Wat Chom Sutthawat

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Elephant .


The year 2498 has included elephants in Surin. First up is a combination of about 200 Thatum rope. The sheriff Toom Mr. Suwan disciplinary case is held. The general public is very interested sheriff thought elephants were first held at a later time on 19 November 2503, which celebrate the new district office. By Thatum Old Airport area. (Now the School of Civil Engineering supplemented) by the organizers in the display. The elephant parade The round elephant races run fast. And also displays other festive assembly, such as a boat race, sports district. This is achieved well.

           The Tourism Authority of Thailand (Ex. West. North. Today. Is TAT ​​TAT). The Ministry of Interior to support the show about Surin Elephant Festival is a yearly event. The plan advocates both inside and outside the country. To promote tourism in the province of Surin, along with staff trained elephants. The format to attract tourists Due on November 18, 2504 is the second year that Thatum same elephant two years with great success. There is evidence Newspapers Ceylon Jensen ETSU print server in Sri Lanka dated 2 December 2505 with the passage of Leinster al fans. Rex is a journalist’s eye Sri Lanka. Have the opportunity to visit Surin Elephant then back to the one that told. “Excursions The spectacular success of one of Thailand. It is to watch the elephants, which looks great on offense. In November, the list grew to 50 rupees a year ago.
           The elephant show in subsequent years have improved more exciting, a beautiful pattern is a particular sequence in the show of elephants. Contain various items including convoy Elephant Parade Elephant Elephant Elephant fulfill orders faster elephant running over people. Elephants play soccer and eliminates the Elephant Parade display since the elephants. Surin The first time since 2503, there has been a fair Chang continued every year, making both local people as well as elephants in Surin province with the most intelligent elephants later on the elephants. more popularly known as the Committee agreed that moving the venue from Thatum to a place near to the hotel, to the right, was present at the stadium since 2505, the province so far.

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Castle Sikhoraphum .

Sikhoraphum Castle or Castle Ngaeng is the newest member of the Park. Situated beside a castle houses the Castle District Ngaeng Sikhoraphum. Surin The castle is the most beautiful castle in Surin. By Her Royal Highness Princess Department Damrong Rajanupab And three daughters (a grandson piled Pissamai Disakul etc.) visited in January – February 2472 (not counting the new year 2473), and has been integrated with the historic group of Ta politics. and Castle Sikhoraphum

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National Parks Phnom Svay .

      Located in Phnom Svay By Surin Surin very convenient to the car. Line Surin – Castle The distance is about 14 kilometers to the house’s Nob. Split along the ARD Ban Ka Nob – Ban Sawai. A gravel packed six kilometers distance from the city comes to Phanom Sawai Forest Park, about 20 kilometers up the road is a paved two lane Sawai 5 meters wide.
       National Parks or his Phanom Sawai Sawai 2nd District is located in Na Bua Svay district with an area of ​​1,975 hectares located in the national forest. Tambon Na Bua Khao Sawai. Surin Surin “Phnom Svay,” is the language areas in Surin “Phnom” means mountain “Sawai” means “mango” in Phnom Svay comprised of a mountain three consecutive balls, which are native to different denominations “. Phnom scroll “translated” into the fold “with a height of 150 meters,” Phanom is something that “his man” with a height of 220 meters, “Phanom and consigned” is “his girl” with a height of 210 meters. including three children named Phanom Phanom Sawai Sawai truth is extinct volcano. The stone spread Because Phanom Sawai Forest Park to explore the area around the park is found. There are a number of wild orchids. The park has wild orchid. Came upon the trees along the edge of the parking lot it. Phanom Sawai Forest Park Memorial Park is considered one of Thailand. And a place of pilgrimage for the people of Thailand that faith in Buddhism. Park County Phanom Phanom Sawai Sawai hilly outcrop alone on the flat fields of Surin. Away from Phanom Dong Rak mountain range, about 50 kilometers about 50 kilometers away from the Khao Phanom Rung (Phanom Rung visible. And his dorsal fin on the back Surin sacred Buddha. Until the Phanom Dong Rak mountain and the temple) and away from the Town Hall to Surin southwest around 22 kilometers.

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handicraft villages into Sinarin .


Located north of Surin. The village is famous for silk weaving traditional cloth called Holstein and production of silver beads. The uniqueness of the village known as the art of jewelry made almost came to a beautiful lady. There are shops in the village. Take Highway 214 (line Surin – Et), about 14 kilometers turn right to another four kilometers.
Handmade jewelry village In. The Sinarin … “The house and flower printed luck” create a dominant position in the fixed identity. Combined with the almost ancient process of making repairs or beads in a common language. Raw materials, funds 60% Communication image through artificial pattern of 13 stripes is pervading jasmine, the deeper the third chief of the deep knife Tagoa๋ gluten O 3 layer Rawe even sunflower honeycomb wasp’s nest dried Spear Prong and polka dancing, spear, which is made more difficult. most Because the pattern is complex and expensive. While striped lizard eggs made to order most often. The beautiful pattern
 Mr. Jiao Tong turbulent Advisory Group’s home silverware craft tradition that has made the 13 stripes, which weighs about 200 grams each flower that gave the Ravens Khanchanapisek Royal Goldsmith College since 2544, as a student of a college student. Hopes to use to study the thinking and design in general, in addition to the 13 stripes are no drawings stored. If sold, it will not do it again. For a special (Master Piece).
Approximately 270 residents year, a group of Cambodian refugees fleeing the war from Phnom Penh. Line came across the mountains to the permanent domicile “Mound City” or “over time, it’s” a ghost town, but the terrain is fertile. They carry the ability to strike gold jewelry. Whether it’s jewelry collection Known locally as espionage or getting Karen and the children often gather some gold tablets Thin inherited handiwork and Contractors trip to neighboring provinces. Ram, Si Sa Ket, but around the year 2500-2521, when made into jewelry pendants been disrupted. Because people bought from the store over. And transform itself into a raw primordial ancestors. Silver jewelry to handicrafts Notice how beautiful The pattern carved on the outside and luster of silver metal. Trailer with output destinations jewelry bracelets, earrings, rings, necklaces, beads, etc., with a variety of product by mixing with other materials such as sapphire, pearl beads became the pride of OTOP products of Southern.