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Having a long, culturally diverse history, Sakon Nakhon features a unique mixture of ancient traditions.Sakon Nakhon is in the upper northeast of Thailand’s Isan region. It lies within the Phu Phan mountain range and features many forested temple retreats for Buddhist meditation, where a number of famous monks reside.The capital of the province, also called Sakon Nakhon, is a Buddhist town with five Buddhist stupas. Its history can be dated back three thousand years. More recently, Nongharn town, where present day Sakon Nakhon stands, was originally believed to have been built in 11th century when the Khmer ruled this region. After the fall of Angkor, the town was under the rule of Lan Xang, a Laotian Kingdom, and it was renamed “Muang Chiang Mai Nongharn”. When the town was finally brought under control of the Siamese it was renamed again: “Sakon Thavapi”. In 1830, during the reign of King Rama III, the town was finally renamed “Sakon Nakhon”.Having a long, culturally diverse history, Sakon Nakhon features a unique mixture of ancient traditions. In addition to historical sites and temples that reflect this, there are a number of traditional festivals that visitors may also enjoy, including the wax castle and illuminated boat festival. Local products from Sakon Nakhon feature handicrafts, including earthenware, cotton clothes, silk products, and hand-woven Khit clothes with natural bark dye.

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Phu Phan National Park .


Opening hours: Monday – Sunday.
Hours: 08:00 to 16:00.

The area covered in Muang District, Sakon Nakhon. Phanna Nikhom Phu Phan province. District III Bee Huai Kut Bak province. An area of ​​655 square kilometers, or 415,838 rai declared a national park on October 29, 2525 the park. Located on the Phu Phan Generally limestone terrain. What is the origin and upstream Creek Forest is a forest of evergreen and deciduous forest. See wildlife including lemurs, loris musk.
Inside the park, a tourist attractions.
 – Phra That Phu Winnipeg Located on the Phu Phan The relics of ancient Khmer power. Sandstone on laterite base in the shrines.
 – Thai cave away from the park about 4.5 kilometers into the cave at the Seri World War 2 was used as a collection of weapons and supplies for a suitable location. Covered with lush forests. And the signs of digging a secret airport too.

Phu Phan There is a mountain of history that most people know. It is the land that few people get to experience the beauty of nature. The boundaries between the province – Kalasin.
 Waterfalls – The Columbian and Snake curve in the province, about 14 kilometers away from the scent waterfall near Tat Ton. And the district court Adjacent to the site of several waterfalls, such as falls Abyss Sin Chai. Three-tiered waterfall cascades cliff nest among young harshest forest shade. At the entrance of the waterfall and aroma. Road Sakon – Karasin A zigzag like a serpent. Or the snake was in a descending down the flanks. A kilometer from the international set along the way. Decorated with flowers is a beautiful sight. Transportation to these attractions and securely accessible throughout the year. For a cascade of water only in the rainy season.
 – Conventional and Lan Sao Ae turn her away from the park. Walking for about 700 meters and 2 km on either side of a forest antimony along the cliffside cliff she ignored a rocky stretch facing west, overlooking the stunning nature below clearly. Suitable for camping. And watch the sunset Below the cliff path to Lan Sao Ae (the northeast, as the means to dress well to show off), a beautiful stone patio. Surrounded by forests And steep cliffs In August – October Flowers are seen as Dusita gold necklace silver buttons up canopies. A wide field It is ideal for photography and nature.
 – Conventional table in Kalasin province. A cliff, facing south at this His Majesty. Went and sat down to eat bread lunch. From then on it was called rock and eat.
– Big Creek Falls Away from the park office about 12 kilometers a river collapsed. Tiers of him surrounded by a dense forest shade.
 – How Falls Wise Located in the Phu Phan School District Away from the city, about 24 km from the park 50 km route Sakon – Udon Thani. A waterfall cascading down the rocky hillside terracing. Some like the waterslide has a length of 12 meters, is surrounded by forests intact. You can swim safely. Water is abundant in the rainy season. Convenient transportation Year-round access to the waterfall.

Natural Bridge (the Phantom Pass) is a stone bridge connecting the two large rocks. Bridge width of approximately 1.5 meters long and 8 meters wide, under a vast cave was used as a shelter to shelter. It is one of the wonders of nature.

In addition, the park Make a 1-kilometer nature trail from Pha Nang Sao Ae yard pass Kaeng Lemur dry deciduous forest zone and then back again to the Nature Education Center. Along with hiking spots for nature in the forests typical of the park area, ferns, mosses and lichens sandstone courtyard girl’s best friend, etc. Gosh tree takes about one hour.
The park provides home For details, Phu Phan National Park Huai Yang district, Sakon Nakhon 47000 Tel. 0 4270 3044 or the Department of National Parks, Wildlife and Plant Conservation, Bang Khen, Bangkok, Tel. 0 2562 0760

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Wild Sutthawat .

It is a measure of the Master Phurithat Thera’s body was located at. That Choeng Chum., Muang. Sakon.

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bend in the Snake .

The winding hillside like a serpent. By the way, a giant milestone is observed. And waterfalls in this area, many of which are worth exploring, such Haew Sin Chai. Three-tiered waterfall cascades harshest girl
Bend in the road that snakes up the mountain, perhaps to be used as a transport route from Sakon Nakhon to other provinces, it also became a place of exercise and the exercise bike as well. This cool air
Snake is curved in one place in the province. Refers to the winding road that curves like a snake out to the grill. Normally, a trip to Sakon Or away from Sakon Nakhon provinces. Often goes through a curved path in this snake. But most travelers are not stopping may be due to driving under the curve to curve. And the – down the slope do not want to visit the park. And another is to be curved in a snake make clear. I have only seen from a high angle. If traveling from the city or from Sakon Nakhon Phan Jomtien Palace. To see the signs on the left. The property is signposted car park Rachamankha Jubilee.
Kilometer arc in Anaconda Tell a kilometer distance from this point to several other cities, such as Bangkok and Nakhon Ratchasima, Khon Kaen, Kalasin, Thailand Narathiwat If the milestone created by building a kilometer of highway standards. May be the biggest key.
Nature Trail Due to the Rest at this point is not far from the palace Phan Ratchaniwet much. The forest is still intact in the form of a bird on his many flights to showcase to tourists, nature conservation has been studied. This route to Niagara Falls the onion. Which is only 200 meters, but it should come in the rainy season the water.

4 .

Wat Phra That Choeng Chum .


Located on the border town of Nong Han district of the province. Manus will have the relics of the year. Starting on the 11th night of the 15th lunar month, Yi.

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lake or Han Han Royal .


A freshwater lake, the largest of the northeast. And the country’s second largest subclass of Bungboraped. Located in the City School District Phon Na Kaeo District Province With an area of ​​over 77,000 hectares, approximately 2.0 to 10.0 meters depth, a freshwater fish breeding waterfowl wetlands in Thailand. Han, presumably caused by the collapse of the plates due to the wash of rock salt underground cavity so large. Erosion and collapse into a pond at a later time. According to the belief of Sakon Nongharn as a result of the actions of the serpent. Stemmed from acts of the sinful man – a woman in her legendary Red Cliff cough.

Han Lake consists of more than 30 large and small islands to larger islands are. Don Heaven The ancient Buddhist island for those who wish to watch the New Year. The scenery, clear water, golden algae, water birds, fish species and the livelihoods of fishermen Han.

In 2557, Lake Han has been selected by the Associated Press and CNN. A lake with a strange second largest in the world after Lake jellyfish. In Palau In early winter or late red lotus bloom simultaneously. The beautiful scenery creme Lotus will bloom until early summer this is March.