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The motto of Ratchaburi extols the natural beauty of its land and people, including caves, earthen jars, a floating market, temples, and its beautiful and charming women.Ratchaburi, a town of historical importance during the Dvaravati period over 1,000 years ago, is located on the banks of the Mae Klong River 80 kilometers west of Bangkok. Featuring a diverse topography, Ratchaburi features lowlands to the east and the Tanaosi Mountain Range to the west, which provides a natural border with Myanmar (Burma). The Ratchaburi provincial area abounds in natural attractions and historical sites. Ratchaburi features outstanding natural beauty and a number of opportunities to learn about Thai culture. Ratchaburi’s premier attraction is the Damnoen Saduak Floating Market, a ‘must-see’ destination visited by a large percentage of tourists who visit Bangkok. Vendors in the market sell their wares by paddling boats along Ratchaburi’s canals. Every morning, hundreds of boats crowd the market, paddled by women in straw hats. For a few hundred baht visitors can hire their own boats and explore the canals while shopping for everything from vegetables and fruits to freshly-cooked noodle and souvenirs. The province of Ratchaburi was founded in the Dvaravati period more than 1,000 years ago. Modern-day Ratchaburi is located on the bank of Mae Klong River, about 80 kilometers west of Bangkok. A popular destination with day trippers from Bangkok, Ratchaburi’s most famous sights include the Damnoen Saduak Floating Market & Rose Garden. A pre-dawn start is required to visit the floating market as it generally closes by mid-morning. The Rose Garden is an excellent place to experience Thai culture, including traditional dancing and Muay Thai. Ratchaburi is also a top destination for rock climbing; The Khao Ngu Rock Park is a former mining site that has been taken over by rock climbers.

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Wat Chedi after a .


District early Thongchai district from town 1.5 kilometers by road Lampang – Chae Hom word “facilities” means twenty word “after” translation so that the Temple of a post-it means that the temple is a pagoda 20 elements of proof. News unearthed the days Haripunjaya the pagoda. Assuming that the temple was built over a thousand years.

The highlight of the temple is the Phra Chedi massage. Lanna art mixed with Myanmar. It is believed that if one counted 20 who are considered to have merit. Mu pagoda beside a small temple. Bronze Buddha meditation Chiang Saen People called “Buddha Instant” Big Buddha temple Buddha Buddha Buddha nature is magnificent. All three antique doors watering pattern beautiful view. Patterned stained glass windows adorned the arch pillars are characteristic of modern art. The hall is a wooden floor. Behind the temple is Metropolitan Museum Kelang Antiques Show, the villagers brought it to 2526, when the locals have unearthed a statue of pure gold, two dimes to 100 baht given to the temple, where Lord Buddha is known. “The clan’s Gold,” a statue of Buddha Lanna art. Century 21, the age, size, width of 15 inches, 9 inches tall golden Buddha is the first registered as national monuments.

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Thoen .

In Muang Pan Health tourism has gained popularity and is operated by the royal decree on the use of natural energy applications operating in accordance helpful.

Thoen Muang Pan Coverage Chae Hom district and Lampang The forest is rich and watershed resources. Total area of ​​approximately 592 square kilometers Has been declared a National Park on July 28, 2531, a line of demarcation between Lampang and Chiang Mai. A uniquely beautiful natural Especially with waterfalls and hot springs in the area. This is a miracle. Season for tourism and cool. The months from November to February
Tourist attractions in the park.
 Spring Chae Son The hot spring with the geological conditions. A light smell of sulfur combined total of 9 wells are located in an area of ​​about three hectares within the park area is rocky scattered everywhere. The float steam rising from the smoldering pit covered area. Hot springs with temperatures averaging 73 degrees Celsius popular eggs and quail eggs soaked. Soak for about 17 minutes for the egg yolk is solid, it tastes delicious. The whites are turtle-like liquid

 Chae Son waterfall waterfall originates from Mae Mon. The water flows all year round There is a pool with all the wires. Laminar flow falls away from a six-story office park within walking distance of three kilometers and can travel to the hot spring waterfall.
 Mae Mon waterfall with water flowing from a high ridge into the gorge below. The water is falling storied beautiful unfit for swimming. 5 km away from the park office.
 Mae Khun near Mae Mon. It is a long line about 100 meters high waterfall running down to the confluence with Mae Mon 5 kilometers from the park, visitors should contact the park navigation.
 Tham Pha Ngam District from Wangnua 8 km Protection Unit of the Chae Son 3 (Ngam) this unit away from the park 60 kilometers of caves that can learn and travel, such as cave blue beauty cave caves pot. etc.
 Flowers bloom Crescent In January – February of each year. Dokseaw forests are in full bloom. Visitors can drive viewers Dokseaw bloom along Chae Son – Ban it’s just a distance of 18 kilometers.
 Heated pools next to the hot springs. A pool of water caused by the confluence of hot and cold water from the waterfall Chae Son cause is heated at a temperature suitable for the bath.
 Mineral baths The mineral baths for a 3-4 aggregate draw and wells for bath, outdoor shower. Mineral water used per pipe directly from the hot springs. Mineral water with a temperature of about 39-42 ° C, which can take a dip bath. The benefits of the mineral baths Treatment fatigue of the body. Allow better blood circulation. Some skin diseases such as eczema, rash, and also helps relieve symptoms of bone disease. But from here can not be used for drinking water because there are some minerals exceeds the private room 50 baht / person pool of 20 THB / person outdoor pond 10 baht / person.

The park has a nature trail on two routes.
 Chae Son Waterfall Trail A distance of about three kilometers and takes about 1.30 hours over the 24 points conveyed through forests and vegetation that attract many species. Including rare animals such as birds may find the gray and red fish tail of Cow Creek Pung Mon. The route is suitable for young people who study species such as the ecosystem Pai grandpa markers or rubber worm’s life cycle, such as express buses. And the geography surrounding the fountain, such as what causes hot thermal springs. Why hot springs egg yolk cooked but failed. Or a mineral Cicada (Cicada minerals are abundant in March – May) basin warm bath in the hot springs of hot water meets the cold water coming from Chae Son waterfall. Electricity produced by the park. Hydropower Plant In this route It can produce 60 kilowatts of electricity can drive up to see it. A distance of about five kilometers, but require 4-wheel drive because of the rather steep.
 Trail waterfall wet A distance of about 3.7 kilometers of cycle paths along the Huai Mae wet. Through the interpretive 19 points takes about 2.30 hours over the course of a knowledge ecosystem. Bringing forest use, such as oil Multifunction applied to the engine until the oil supply cut bamboo bamboo with thin crust baked to Miang (tea) that leaves be steamed and then fermented to make tea eat as a snack. the hospitality of northern Thailand. Shoots were then dried with hot drinks as tea makers. The tea (tea) contain caffeine as coffee the Cottage action leaves wrapped in banana leaves instead of food. Or stems to dry and then weave into mats. Or even building a dike to produce hydroelectric power for use within the park. If lucky, the path might find wild boar and big-headed turtle that looks like a turtle and is now extinct. Big-headed turtle with a long tail The head and legs can not be shrunk into a shell like a turtle general. Have the ability to climb and eat animals such as crabs or fish in the path Wang Hai. And waterfall wet The waterfall wet floors 3 and Tier 3 is the most beautiful, with a height of about 100 meters below the basin with water from the waterfall with a banana forest cover, making it beautiful.

Environment within the park Tastefully furnished in harmony with nature’s private resort. Caters to families. Any time a year Winter Most Popular

Homes in the park after a 11 percent occupancy after 6-20 and has a clean bathroom facilities available. Has camping facilities and services, such as electric cookers charges 30 baht for camping park, a restaurant, a welfare service. Contact Details Thoen Tel. 0 5438 0000, 08 9851 3355 or DNP Tel. 0 2562 0760-2 www.dnp.go.th.
Thailand’s baht Admission Adults 40, children 20 baht, foreign adults, 200 baht to 100 baht for children.

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Wat Phra That Lampang Luang .


Wat Phra That Lampang Luang It is important archaeological sites of the country. It is also a sanctuary worthy of respect. The tour is Wat Phra That Lampang. It is essential that travelers should be up to them politely. Tourists like women should not wear skirts or pants that are too short. Paul saw fit to put

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Wat Phra That Chom Ping .

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Kiew Lom Dam .

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