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Eleven Beautiful City Gates, Towering Buddha Image, Saket Silk, Bun Phawet Tradition, Mahachedi Chai Mongkhon, Picturesque Bueng Phalan Chai, Expansive Thung Kula and World-renowned Jasmine Rice.Roi Et province is located in the middle of Isan, the northeastern region of Thailand, where the modern city was founded over 200 years ago. Prior to that, the area featured a large city known as Saket Nakhon that had 11 other cities under its control and was protected by 11 city gates. Roi Et in Thai language means “one hundred and one” and the town was so called either because in ancient times they usually wrote the number eleven as 101 meaning ten and one, instead of one hundred and one, although it is also suggested they were simply exaggerating. At present, modern development has replaced the ancient civilization, making it hard to find any remains, though the 11th century Khmer ruins at Ku Kasing are under reconstruction as a new tourist venue. Roi Et also features a number of impressive Buddha images and some spectacular festivals, including old fashioned rocket festivals in several towns across the province during the months of May and June.Roi Et town is built around a large artificial lake, Bung Phlan Chai, where a large, walking Buddha stands on a small island in its center. Tall Buddha images are popular in Roi Et, including the 68-meter tall walking Buddha at Wat Buraphaphiram, which has a staircase that enables visitors to climb to knee-high level. Those interested in historical buildings will enjoy Ku Kasing, a large Khmer sanctuary dating from the 11th century that lies sixty kilometers outside of town. Handicrafts are Roi Et province’s main product, particularly the Isan khaen, a kind of woodwind instrument. The best ones are made in the small village of Si Kaew. For silk and cotton fabric, Thanon Phadung Phanit is a good place to visit.

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Wat Ming .


Klang Ming Formerly known as Wat Klang Located in the heart of Roi Et Road prosperous commercial district in Roi Et province. The ancient temple It is assumed that before the establishment of ROI. While there is the rule of the Khmer.
In the days of Mr. Stupid Heal the CPC, as the governor for clemency has raised Roi Rat up a monastery grade of General since 26 May 2508.

In the past, the Ming temple is a place of Allegiance ceremony held in the present. A place to study Scripture and theology at the school site Sunthorn fair Pariyat the Office of National Buddhism. The School of Theology and Scripture at Pali Schools Program was established in 2413 and 2514 when TRIPITAKASCHO trainer.
Architecture building temple The chapel, built in the late Ayutthaya period 12.50 meters long, 20 meters wide area around the temple walls patterned paintings depict beautiful and precious Buddhist art. The temple offers Sacred shrine The Buddha in the temple is called. Buddha City In addition, there are also other building such as a hall measuring 15 meters long, 27 meters wide concrete building built in 2511 as a Buddhist monk 9 after a half-timbered building half a block and 2 blocks 7 and Temple. 6 meters long, 35 meters wide, was built in 2526 as a concrete example.

Tourists interested in visiting Visit homage at 08.30 – 16.30 hrs. Of daily and public holidays. Without any admission fee Ask for more information at Tel. 0 4351 2400.

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Marsh syndrome prevails .

Marsh syndrome prevails the central city district in Roi Et Province Mueang Chai syndrome marsh island in the middle is a large swamp. With an area of ​​200,000 square meters of wetland syndrome prevails recreation facilities. Decorated a large flower garden. As well decorated with plants. It was a nice comfortable And a fish pond. Cuisine Also available are diving and rowing boats, bicycles available for public play paddle in the lake area.
In addition, the marshes syndrome Chai is also used as a festival of the province. Including the various forms of entertainment. The province, too You could say that the finish swamp syndrome is a place that is a symbol of Roi Et.

The swamp syndrome prevails also beautiful and interesting buildings such as the City Pillar Shrine. The ROI is invaluable to respect. And is believed to help inspire the godfather of Roi Et. There is happiness Any ideas on what to realization This is another place where locals and tourists come Roi worship pray together regularly. It also A large statue of style. Flower Clock and Phu Phan Constitution prevails syndrome, which resembles a waterfall. And statues of various animals like zoo Also within the wetland areas syndrome prevails. There is also a children’s playground as well as a health park. For people to exercise and strengthen a strong health to the people of Roi Et.

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Phra Maha Chedi Chai .


Located near Wat Pha Nam Thip Thepprasit Wararam. Pha Nam Yoi district Phok, Roi Et. Distance from city Et 80 a. M with a large Maha Chedi strange. Using contemporary art between the central and east combination between Phra Pathom Chedi and Phra That Phanom. Construction of the current budget of 3,000 million baht conducted by. “Teacher Sri Maha makes Roma” Alumni Teacher Phurithatto.

Phra Maha Chedi Chai designed by the Fine Arts Department. White decoration and a spectacular golden sands. Surrounded by a small pagoda built in an area of ​​101 hectares and 8-wide, 101 meters long, 101 meters high, 101 meters totaling 109 meters gold as gold, 4,750 baht, or about 60 kilograms in weight Phra Maha Chedi like. On fairyland castles

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Ram Temple University Governance .

     Located on New Continuation district in the municipality. A Buddha bless the tallest in Thailand. Maha Muni Buddha Rattanamongkhon Or a pastor standing stands majestically visible from a distance. A respected theologian of the ROI. Moreover, God is also a symbol of the province. According to the slogan of the Roi Et “Eleven Beautiful Gate The Neptune celebrated his tall silk tradition favors feel the abyss. Maha Chedi Chai Mongkol real beauty swamp the court victory. Wide area accuracy The world renowned rice ”
Maha Muni Buddha Rattanamongkhon Or God is great Built in 2516 when Lord was built with reinforced concrete. The height of the Lord His head is measured from the peak of up to 59 meters 20 centimeters and a height of 67 meters 85 centimeters at the base of the Buddha offers. The ministry and several museums.

    Ram Temple University Governance built since 2456, formerly known as Wat Hua Ro later changed his name to. Ram Temple University Governance Because in those days was used as a location. For overnight merchants and citizens who rely primarily on foot. Because there is no vehicle to move in a measured current breakwater beginning, it marked the beginning of his sojourn on the first night of the trip and is a meeting point at the temple. The rector yard Integrated Alexandra Sosa has expanded to a more spacious. The new measure called the “Temple University,” because in the east of the city. However, later renamed the new measure. So that appropriate “Ram Temple University Governance” on the eastern side of the temple is adjacent to the ditch around the old town. The temple also. The center for the missionary. Scripture School Mehsakdis and the shrine which is revered by the inhabitants, beliefs and way of worship. The ROI is big God is priceless Buddha who protect the ROI for Life is peaceful. Blessed with the height of the supreme cause to believe that. If worship The benefits Sogetiimemฆ sky What made it a success In every way

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Ku Ka Sing .


Consists of three church is located on the same laterite base. Cathedral or rectangular building called Lai atmosphere. The front two All surrounded by a wall, with four arches on both sides next to a U-shaped moat surrounding the wall. Prang main building has three elements are situated on a base in the north – south. A square shape Facing East The central prang is larger than the other two prangs. And there is a long front porch filed. There are three entrances to the front and both sides of the long room. The base of the pagoda made of sandstone carving patterns still appear as the top line, such as a lotus petal and Kanok brick wall at the end of the season or the unborn Sacred discovered Siwa Leung. Which represents the supreme deity (Shiva) and fertility cult based on the cult As the Brahmin sect. Several lintels were also found. One piece is Indra the elephant in kiosks Ruankaew. Above the interim page Whose hands hold the steering wheel once again. She also found a picture carved facade gable Indra the elephant in the pattern Gonsalves, too. The other two elements that flanked the church. And similar measures The base made of sandstone Masonry walls are just in front of the goal. Inside, the altar is placed idols from the pattern of fine arts. A map and artifacts found indicate that. Ku Ka Sing, built in Khmer art called “sin of” aged around 1560-1630 BC as a temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. The highest god in Hinduism.