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Daily flights into Mae Hong Son’s small airport bring growing numbers of tourists, attracted by the spectacular scenery, numerous hill tribe communities, and soft adventure opportunities.For those familiar with the name, Mae Hong Son conjures fantastic images of rugged, mist enshrouded mountains where isolated tribal villages await exploration. From the fascinating culture of the indigenous tribal communities to the spectacular natural beauty of the countryside, Mae Hong Son is certainly a dream-come-true destination for many visitors.Nestled in a deep valley hemmed in by high mountain ranges, Mae Hong Son town has long been isolated from the outside world. Virtually covered with mist throughout the year, Mae Hong Son was once only accessible via harrowing, windy, narrow roads that took most of a day to traverse, an adventurous drive that made the town that much more alluring. The name of Mae Hong Son refers to the fact that its terrain is highly suitable for the training of elephants. In fact, former governors of Chiang Mai used to organize the rounding up of wild elephants which were then trained in Mae Hong Son before being sent to the capital for work. Elephants remain an important part of the local culture, and elephant trekking is a popular tourist activity, often combined with overnight hill tribe home stays and river rafting. Mae Hong Son is a fascinating province of Burmese and Lanna style temples, hot springs, hill tribe villages, trekking, rafting, national parks, and even an annual reggae festival. In addition to a charming capital in Mae Hong Son town, the town of Pai is also a traveler favorite; many people come to Mae Hong Son and Pai to experience the natural beauty of northern Thailand or witness one of the many festivals that are celebrated in Mae Hong Son, especially the annual novice ordination ceremony for young men declaring their intentions to become Buddhist monks.

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river .

The river is a vast and longest of Mae Hong Son. Upstream from Hills Road Thongchai and Daen Lao Range in Pai. And flow down the valley from the north down to the south. The river flows through three districts of Mae Hong Son. From Pai to Pang Ma Pha district. Before passing into the city Then it flows into the Salween River in the Kayah State. Myanmar Lehmann Pai River is approximately 180 kilometers wide by 30 meters and a maximum depth of about 7 meters below the water surface is made of gravel, sand and clear water. And the water is cold all year round. Rains are very turbulent waters. In the dry season, it still has a water depth of about one meter.

Golfing is popular with tourists when visiting Mae Hong Son is. Rafting is a difficult level in 2-3 months from October to February and difficulty levels in 3-5 months from June to September, which is the second phase starting from Pai River Area. Pai Mae Surin National Park is the home. Pangmoo Muang distance of about 70 km. The second route starts from the riverbed. Which is a tributary of the river. Pangmapa end Mae Surin National Park is home Pangmoo in the district as well. A distance of about 45 km. In addition to bleeding-touch beauty of the forest. Overlooking the river during the route. There are a variety of activities and attractions to visit, such as the synthesizer waterfalls falling from the cliffs. A dip in the hot springs, mud pools, cave cliff jump at the Big Rapids least 15 points to be fun and exciting. Some rapids of a length from 50-100 meters of the river to stop activities in the dry season it with a little water. Nature activities include rafting. Alternatively, the long-tail boat from the jetty to visit the village of Ban Huay Dua Karen Long Neck home soil, the water, just inside the border with Thailand – Burma further information. Tourism Coordination Center Mae Hong Son province. Tel: 0 5361 2982-3.

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Pai .


Pai is a tourist destination where visitors can find interesting activities to do both during the day and at night. If we have time during the day and then some. It should also be warm to hang out around town, visit photographed with attractions. Keep as a souvenir Whether it’s walking to worship Phra That Mae Yen. To dip water from a natural hot spring Tha Pai. And continue through the historic bridge, not far from the hot springs. If you want to focus on photography You can travel to Coffee in Love. Eat delicious pork village in Yunnan, China. Or who want to experience nature northern elephant can go. Sitting Watching Pai river on a bamboo raft will be able to enjoy. Nightly highlights the activities that visitors should not miss. A trip to Walking Street Pai. Here is full of tourists, both in Thailand and overseas. The yearning to experience the evening comfortable browsing for souvenirs. Which is like a work of art of great artists who gathered in the small town of Pai, the atmosphere at night. Cool as a large walk-in room air. Throughout the course of street lighting, hanging chandeliers help to brighten the dark sky. Came alive again. Vendors here beaming friendly to tourists. There are a wide variety of layouts along each line. Whether it’s clothing or souvenirs, most of which is handmade residents new ideas as a selling point. The atmosphere inside the ear that was beautifully decorated. Many people can not wait to visit the store with buildings. As souvenirs

Pai Walking Street, this line is not just the product. And souvenirs T-shirts and postcards designed chic. Novelty eyes only But also a collection of art and culture in various ways together to observe the road signs are a stringed folk fiddle’s wheel turns with the children’s skin. Sue Bird presents the sword dance, the art of the big Thailand. Then there are the performances of the children. Hill tribes The dance of different tribes out. Pai has many delicious foods to taste as delicious noodles squatting in the relaxing atmosphere Like many people, the weather is still hot, with rice, sesame clubfoot. The barbecue is delicious and unique. Quench your thirst with water or herbal put bamboo. We went to eat and to watch the sides of the road. We could walk till I was exhausted. Walking Street Pai, this is known to tourists, whether they like a full taste of the genre. To walk alone or with the family. With fans or with friends. It’s equally fun Called to walk around alone may not be enough even. Anyone visiting Pai, then do not come watch the street at night, then come Pai course.

Chiang Mai To Pai The route Chiang Mai – Mae Rim Turn left onto Highway 1095 heading into driving a long distance of 137 kilometers Pai.

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Wat Phra That Doi Kong Mu .

 Formerly late Don Temple located at Doi Kong Mu. To the west of the city Mae Hong Son Province Is measured and relics of the provinces.

Phra That Doi Kong Mu Bethel contain Chedi Art Shan – Myanmar number two elements.

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Tung Bua Tong Mae U neck .

To bloom, attracting tourists to visit and enjoy the beauty. Fields filled with yellow, orange, covered the full range. Ban Thung Bua Tong in Surin. Yuam Noi. Yuam covers an area of ​​approximately 1,000 hectares and will bloom during November – early December. Nearly 108 street destination in Khun Yuam. Winter visitors can explore the fields of blooming lotus. Lotus field, the largest in Thailand. Which is visited only once a year.

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cave Pangmapa .

 The cave is famous, beautiful and easy to visit all the most comfortable in the cave. Views from the cave Front have to walk about 350 meters along the Pilots and candles. Why is not installed The light in the cave was just to maintain these beautiful caves and maintain the pipeline at all times. Also make extra money for. Nearby residents who apply for a jockey to educate tourists. At the entrance to the cave surfer. Most flights definitively discovered why the cave is called “cave” That’s because this cave has a stream running through the camp. Entrance to the cave is inside the cavity of a length over 500 meters wide and 20 meters high, 50 meters of this hole river erosion over millions of years. To create a large cave to cave, including three of the monolithic cave and cave dolls ghosts of Man.