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Skyscraping Ho Kaeo Tower, Phu Pha Thoep and Kaeng Kabao, Eight Ethnic Minorities, Famous Sweet Tamarind, Large Ancient Kettledrum, Origin of Lam Phaya, Stunning View of the Mekong River, Gateway to Indochina.The founding of Mukdahan dates to the late Ayutthaya period, over 200 years ago, when the site of the new town was selected at the mouth of Huai Muk on the bank of the Mekong River in 1767. The town was completed in 1770 and named “Mukdahan” (moonstone or pearl) according to a propitious sign that appeared while the town was under construction. Even today the locals call the town “Mueang Muk” or the pearl on the bank of the Mekong.For most of its existence, Mukdahan has been a significant gateway to Indochinese countries. The local people of Mukdahan have had a long relationship with the people in Savannakhet province of neighboring Laos, with whom they share a 70 km long Mekong River border. Further, Mukdahan is home to 8 ethnic minorities; namely, Thai Isan, Phu Thai, Thai Kha, Kraso, Thai Kaloeng, Thai Yo, Thai Saek, and Thai Kula. The area also has abundant natural beauty. Mukdahan is also a famous province for producing high quality Mudmee silk.Mukdahan, the pearl on the bank of the Mekong, has been an historical gateway to Indochinese countries, and the population of the province reflects this: 8 different ethnic minorities live in Mukdahan; namely, Thai Isan, Phu Thai, Thai Kha, Kraso, Thai Kaloeng, Thai Yo, Thai Saek, and Thai Kula. Mukdahan has abundant natural beauty and is also famed for its high quality Mudmee silk.

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Gradually overshadowed .


Nature is the great miracle of nature actually emanates to see the natural phenomenon. And then Destination It is amazing beyond words As well as tourism attractions. The image of the stone rampart complex as envisioned by some oddly shaped rock ‘n’ crown heads like a flying saucer sculpture is the work of the erosion of sandstone, wind, rain, sun, these are time spans many years. And the place to visit to our art human nature classy Gradually the mountain.

Gradually mountain terrain is mostly sandstone mountains many consecutive balls. Wave and the end of the Phu Phan mountain range. The ranges are posing in the North – South parallel. And approximately 4 km from the shore of the Mekong River in the park has many mountains with mountain peak Chom Si. The forest is mainly deciduous and mixed forests. During the rainy season ends with the beginning of winter. About October onwards Gradually, as the most beautiful mountain ranges. The stone patio inundated water. Flowering plants are beautiful courtyard. Called the audience strange rock formations. Beautifully landscaped courtyard and vice versa. It is the most beautiful waterfall, cliff full. The cool atmosphere Difficulty walking tour Even going so far given little

The most distinctive feature of a visit overshadowed Thoep. Gradually rock band would not lapse. Owners sculptural ensembles precincts building caused by erosion of the rain, wind and sun for more than a hundred million years. Walking along the rocks to find the stone, which is scattered. Chinese pavilion shaped like a jet flying saucers Crowned heads, alligator, conch, etc. These are durable sandstone differ. The nature of the coordination of gazelles. If the well can be seen. Beef brown sandstone with a sandstone floor. Which are durable, It consists of silica and grains of gravel lot. The stone color is white. The lower layer is not as durable. It is a mixture of carbonate Gradually area consists of sedimentary rock group of the rock pillars, lotus and Phu Phan of Khorat Group. The stratigraphy in the era Said chain. Comprising mudstone, sandstone, siltstone and conglomerate thickness of about 200 meters of rock group Thoep to watch, it also has a lot Mugabe the bacteria’s rocky stretches far from the rock group Thoep. In the late rains are rich in small groups, grass yard. The necklace Suwanna dew winter months, five Dusita central courtyard, this is also the view of the river, too.

From downtown Mukdahan Take Highway 2034 (Mukdahan – Don) Don Tan District to the distance of 15 km from the entrance is on the right road to the paved road, 1.5 km from the park. The distance is only 17 kilometers from downtown.

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Phu Sa Dok .


I believe that this wild area. The former was the infiltration of communist terrorists (through July.) There are many stories of conflict management that is terrifying. But with stories that conflict to benefit the rich forests of Phu Sa Dok. Beauty is stored for a long time, wisecracking. Tourists defeats case the Phu Sa Dok is the beautiful nature. And traces of history together.

Phu Sa Dok Bua Ban Nong Mek Ban Pa Tan Rai province.

From downtown Mukdahan Driving along Highway 2277 until kilometer 24 – 25, turn left and go approximately 1 km to the Office of Phu Sa Dok. Headquarters It is located on the reservoir rock Nong Mek Ban Pa Tan Rai province. About 60 kilometers away from the province.
Season year round, but winter is gorgeous.

Phu Sa Dok Is home to the tourist area of ​​the Phu Sa Dok. It also has a campsite and tent rental with bedding provided camp residents who want to snuggle up close to nature. Including showers, toilets and a visitor center.
Phu Sa Dok Ya National Park, phone 042-676472.

Phu Sa Dok The area is on the boundary of three provinces is the district boundaries Kitchagoot Don Tan District, Mukdahan, Yasothon District, monkeys, birds painted Chanuman District and District Senangkhanikhom. Amnat Charoen An area of ​​144 375 hectares, or 231 kilometers Tara.

Phu Sa Dok This is the 75th national park of terrain in general. Mountain complex A line extends from the north. To the southeast Consisting of wild species. Many of the large stone patio area. Local residents called the ‘Dan’ in the various mountain peaks until it is topped up to about 481 meters above sea level. Other top with a height of approximately 350-450 meters in these areas is also a source of many streams such as Huai Thom and Huai Huai Lam Kan’s land Creek Middle Creek cassia Stony Brook Bassett terminal and Huai Hai and so on.

Phu Sa Dok Ya National Park. There are a variety of natural conditions There are beautiful views The magic of rock And signs of a struggle due to political opposition. Phu Sa Dok, so you can explore both nestling close to nature and learn about the history along the way. The first place to visit is recommended is a scenic cliff alder forests can watch plenty of space Phu Sa Dok beautifully. Under a rocky cliff. With lush tropical species is close to Cliff scorer image, palms and ancient prehistoric paintings En assumed. As well as the paintings of Mukdahan National Park (Mountain Thoep) and Pha points look like a cave. These, therefore, are about 7-12 meters above the cave floor.
Pha Hom is a very beautiful view of the Rocky Mountains points. With a height of 386 meters above sea level. Overlooking the wide front to see the peak of Phu pork.
Phu Phu Mai Pang Ma Shang Phu Phu Archdiocese of Chad in the evening, this is yet another beautiful sunset viewpoint of Phu Sa Dok. Next Destination is condensed into the dominant and most astonishing of Phu Phu lotus pond lotus pond, there is a mountain with a height of 423 meters, the highest peak of Phu Sa Dok. A rock pool about 2-3 meters wide and 1 meter deep basins within 5-6 rock pools are filled with water all year. There were small lotus pond is full. The flowers bloom very beautiful.
The villagers said that the lotus is a very long and occur naturally has called these basins that. “Phu Sa Dok” near Phu Sa Dok. There is also a large cave used to be the residence of a. Through July. Capacity of 100 people called the mountain or the battle of that war, “Hill 420” as a source of fighting in the former communist terrorists. This is another point of view the beauty of Phu Sa Dok.

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Whitewater Kraeba .


 Features Kaeng Ka Bao is a rapids and rocks blocking the river. Mekong River flows will be hit with rocks and erosion caused shape. In a manner similar to a deep hole somewhere that would look like underwater caves which are very beautiful in the summer. Which many tourists vacationing. Both activities within the family, or even to swim in it. In Kaeng Ka Bao is the place where the water is constantly flowing, no imprint a basket attached to it washes over time, but that water does not flow at all or force should be cautious because it could be an accident.
Mukdahan town along Highway 212 (Rancho Cucamonga – Guest) to the province, about 21 kilometers, turn right at the junction and home to many forest. (Access roads, rural roads then ended. 3010’s. The several forest – Wan Yai) is about 7.5 kilometers, then turn left at the intersection Wan Yai. (To the road for the highway. 4004 Wan Yai – Two Connecticut) distance of 8 kilometers Kaeng Ka Bao is located on the waterfront right hand side.

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Phu Sa Dok .

Phu Sa Dok Park is located on the boundaries of three districts Kitchagoot Don Tan District, Mukdahan Province. District Yasothorn Province Chanuman District and District Senangkhanikhom. Amnat Charoen An area of ​​about 321 square kilometers, or about 144 375 hectares was declared a national park in 75 of the country on December 30, 2535, is a national park with a very rich natural forest. A natural beauty, such as the multi-touch.
Lotus Mountain Here, visitors can walk on top of the mountain scenery. The magic of rocks Watch flowers on the grassland during the rainy season and watch the natural lotus peak. The terrain is generally a mountain complex. Extending a line from the north. To the southeast The average height of 350-450 meters above sea level. The highest peak is 491 meters high, nestling mountain ranges are the source of many streams such as Huai Thom and Huai Kan. Total flow into the plain around the park. Consisting of wild species. Many of the large stone patio area. Local residents called the ‘Dan’ in the jungle. Most deciduous and evergreen spread along mountains. There are many kinds of precious wood, such as rosewood, Afzelia xylocarpa phyllocarpus septentrionalis support these wild areas. There are many wild animals live.
Tourists can find wildlife such as deer, wild boar, hare variety of some monkeys, porcupines, mouse deer and poultry sector, such as pheasant, grouse, mountain Phu Sa Dok, a large wooded area. And is rich in water resources and scenic views. The exquisitely with a predominance of stone is unique. Moreover, the fighting caused by political conflict. This makes the area an attractive tourist.
Tourist attractions in the park include the Phu Sa Dok.
Cliff scored a cliff consists of a prehistoric palms and ancient paintings. It is assumed that the same cave paintings in red palm of Rocky Mountain National Park rate. Khong Chiam Ubon Ratchathani Province Cliff cave-like sliding rock down a length of about 60 meters above the ground, these caves is about 3-5 meters and includes 98 symbols, which is different in interesting ways. Take a walking tour about two hours.
Conventional Ebony as a recreational and scenic. Near the cliff point It is a rocky cliff under the shady trees.
Patio flowers on Temple Mount A recreation lounge with open flowers like flowers silver buttons. Dusita and flowers on the stone patio area. Former local inhabitants used as a religious ceremony. Flowers will bloom during the rainy season ends.
Pha Hom is a very beautiful view of the Rocky Mountains points. During a walk through a bamboo forest and rocky forest beautiful. From this point of views in the distance off to the west. With a height of 366 meters above sea level on the back panel to see Phu Mu, Phu Phu Phu Phu Song blowgun Supreme Chad in the evening, at which point most of the visitors come to watch the sun go down. To capture impressive And stay overnight together It takes about two and a half hours.
Phu Sa Dok is a mountain at an altitude of about 423 meters on the three provincial boundaries lotus pond with a rock mountain, about 2-3 meters wide and 11 basins filled with water all year. There are different varieties of lotus pools are small flowers look beautiful. The villagers said that the lotus is a very long time. And occurs naturally Has called “Phu Sa Dok” It takes about one day.
Cliff crack or the military as “Hill 428” Here is the view is beautiful natural elements. The north side of the mountain overlooking the Mukdahan National Park in the distance.
Rock and forest dandruff is common among large stone courtyard. Some measures 20-40 hectares of forest, interspersed with the dandruff. Some of the forest interspersed with forests Hygaepek. Look beautiful And found many of the mountain after mountain spotted fragrant lotus pond Phu Phu, Phu Hua Nak land and so on.
Ask for details at the Phu Sa Dok Tel. 04261 9077 or the Department of National Parks, Wildlife and Plant Tel. 0 076 2562.

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glass tower Mukdahan .