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Maha Sarakham is located in the heart of Isan, Thailand’s Northeast Region. With lots of educational institutes, the province is a significant educational center in the region, earning it the nickname “Taxila of Isan” (Taxila was an ancient learning center in India). Maha Sarakham is also the Buddhist center of Isan, as many Buddhist archeological artifacts were found here, including a Relic of Lord Buddha in Amphoe Na Dun. Such evidence leads to the theory that the site was once the location of an ancient kingdom dating back over 1,500 years. A pagoda was built in Maha Sarakham to mark the glory days of Buddhism and to serve as venue for important Buddhist rites in the region.Maha Sarakham is a small province in the Northeast of Thailand. In addition to being a rather lively college town, Maha Sarakham is famous for its historical sites, beautiful Buddhist temples and Buddha images, and exquisite woven materials, including hand made silk and cotton fabrics. Otherwise the people of Maha Sarakham are primarily engaged in agriculture, the mainstay of the province’s economy.

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Ku Vibrators Hughes .


Ku or small stone castle. Built by Khmer Bayon in the reign of King Jayavarman 7’s Ku Hughes is the drug treatment court or places of worship of a community hospital. His favorite building in the territories. Ku contain small enclosed walls. The front facade entrances or sacred cows and Kanpur hospital. The legislation also close to Gu’s sacred. Which are used in ceremonial Monk class Jubilee King of Thailand. The seventh reign and reign. It is believed that the water has healing properties ailments such as back pain, leg pain cripples away from the office. North. Dunes north for about 3.5 km.

Nearby attractions
Sim Klang Kosum Folk music is the ornamental wood carvings Northeastern folk simple, straightforward naive folk art style. At home for the center. The transverse head. Kosumphisai and Sim Tan Temple. View Painting Hoop points Or murals that portray life in the former East. The central hump at home. Khwao Rai. Kosumphisai and the Red House, Prang Sam Yot one in the east of the castle and 3 small tiles. Mahayana Buddha statue at m. 12 Red House., Nong solar. Wapi Pathum.
Places nearby shopping

Gift Shop relics in the area. There are various native souvenirs Woodcock silk weave pattern LTD triangular backrest pillow, which is the name of the province or in stores. Muang Rd., Nakhon Sawan, including in. Kosumphisai a craft village bigwig Nong Chang Weaving ancient style. And Reed inherited more than 100 years of THB 200 per night homestay accommodation and restaurants not to miss. The visit to the fanciest restaurant Pork sausage or beef mixed with ground roasted rice, salt, garlic and roast the sun for 3-4 days before eating. A mother’s advice is to shop in China. Borabue I live in. The city tried to row the municipality. A typical restaurant is a gourmet deli. Bussaya fish shop shop shop Wang Macha’s Oil nutrition.

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Forest Kosamphi .

Located in the locality, municipality Kosumphisai. District Kosumphisai Maha Sarakham area parks Kosamphi an area of ​​approximately 125 hectares, consists of two parts, the first implementation of the office building. Hospice Homes and other officials of the two areas used as living space for wildlife and nature study. And the rest consisting of forest, river rapids Chee Tat Lan Khoi and macaque monkeys.

Originally Forest area Kosamphi. The public land (Don Mehsakdis) is home for the Central District Municipality in the head laterally across the district Kosumphisai. Maha Sarakham Adjacent Chi River And the pastor Ming. This is a city sacred houses of worship Kosumphisai district. There is also a Highland ancestors. The area has a mixed deciduous forest. Most plants are perennials and a large number of monkeys residing in a herd of more than 500 swamp forest swamp area. It is a sacred place Chaopu which is revered by the people of District Kosumphisai even monkeys that inhabit the park Kosamphi believed. Ling Chao is no one untouched.

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relics Dun (Buddhist East) .

Relics of the Dunes.
     Dun district, both ancient civilizations with a rich history. The area is the site of Na Dun. Chamba town house in a prosperous Sri Dvaravati. When about 13-15 centuries which have historical and archaeological evidence found plenty. Summarized as follows:
     Chamba Sri settlement civilizations in the past. The assumption was that a second era of prosperity.
1. The Thawarawadi during the year 1000-1200.
2. During the period 1600-1800, Lopburi
     In Century 13-16 within the city and outside the city, there are 25 pagodas Dvaravati the (now already unearthed 10 pieces), ruler of the city since the rank of King Sri Champa Kingdom. Has created a place of worship in Brahmin and Buddhist shrines like Prang, which is considered to be prosperous in terms of religion, culture and governance to the maximum and then decline until the end of the reign of King Fa Ngum แhleghlga Earth.
Discovery and pagoda Dunes.
     On June 8, 2522, has unearthed a stupa containing the relics. Gilt bronze reliquary made of two separate parts.
1. The stupa or the bell is divided into two sections, the shrine was packed Mars (ashes), candles, flower neck at reliquary casket containing the relic casket to be loaded simultaneously by three layers are stacked in a gold casket. silver casket Casket money is piled in gilt bronze urn. All urn with lid closed The casket containing the relics of gold is one who has a flake size as a grain white rice, broken in half. Nourished by Ngmmanhantns on turned out to be very aromatic.
2. The top is made of bronze, rounded tonnes. Plgagaฉn a balance ball and cabbage At the beginning of a spiral can be turned off with the shrine’s fit.
     Dun relics replication bronze reliquary containing relics. The Dvaravati Construction was completed on January 24, 2530 by HRH Crown Prince. Siam at HRH Instead, presided over the ceremony brought relics. Dun was enshrined in the Lord on November 12, 2530.

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Loudoun County Hunting thousand ships .

A tourist attraction that features a natural forest. Water flows only at the time known as the wild mop. There were also plants and animals that are rare and hard to find in other places such as the trunk of thousands, mushroom sauce, cod, crayfish, crab legs and snake Majesty. Freshwater crabs or crab flour is the most beautiful in the world. The larger Poona The body has various colors such as purple, orange, yellow and white are found exclusively at Wild Dunes thousands of aircraft only.

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Ku Mahathat .

Home loan Khwao as places of worship in Mahayana Buddhism. Laterite out of style and architectural elements to Prang sent home as the Republic remains in the hospital or drug treatment court, which, in the reign of King Jayavarman 7th. Of the Kingdom of Cambodia during the 18th century. Please create a minimum of 107 of the kingdom is in addition to the hospital then. Also creating places of worship sanatorium in each of the pair. The monastery also offers a custom format is similar central tower, surrounded by a boundary wall University Editor outer wall of the northeast has one swimming pool.
It was also found inscribed on the door jamb antechamber of the central tower, a Khmer inscriptions in Sanskrit and translated to the second line. “Invitation to worship God in the hermitage,” given the age of the character Century 16-17 and found Buddha silver lining packaged in jars, dozens of them. A contemporary art culture elephant
Home loan Khwao a day, remains one of Thailand. Place Registered Historic Places in Gazette since 2478, but at the same time. Home loan Khwao also the Sanctuary of community residents Khwao. KU has a tradition of pouring annually. During the 15th lunar month and the fifth day of the 14th moon of the 15th lunar addition to bathing and traditional philanthropy and the then Fair. There is also competition from villages Seng drum with drum singer, culminating with the fireballs.
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