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The former center of Thailand’s teak industry, Phrae features many old teak mansions as well as protected forests ideal for hiking and spotting exotic wildlife.An old and important community of Northern Thailand, Phrae was founded after Chiang Mai had been established as the capital of the Lanna Thai kingdom. Phrae contains one of the largest reserves of teak forests in the country and is located on the banks of the Yom River, 555 kilometers north of Bangkok Like Chiang Mai, Phrae retained its fortified old city, while the new city grew around it. While the new city is charming enough, the old one contains sleepy alleyway lined with teak houses that are outstanding examples of traditional Thai architecture and a number of beautiful temples. Many of these immense teak mansions were constructed by European traders who were engaged in the teak trade back in the 19th century. In the surrounding province, there are several national parks, some remote hill tribe villages, and a number of stands of teak, which are now widely protected from loggers.Phrae is a province steeped in legend and that’s no surprise as the city was founded around the same time as the Lanna and Sukhothai Kingdoms nearly 800 years ago. Renowned for its vast teak forests, Phrae features a number of colonial style teak homes and mountainous forests including three national parks. There are a number of hill tribe communities in the countryside as well as villages where traditional handicrafts are produced. Those looking to expand their knowledge of the local culture can even spend some time at the local folklore museum or explore the quiet alleyways of the city’s old town, where many old and beautiful temples and teak mansions can be found.

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Goat ghost town .

Goat ghost town beauty that nature has created seamlessly from tides eroded rocks. It appears as a natural sculpture that can be shaped rock pillars. The spelling of us flew to the city in the imagination. The ancient Roman castle Holy molehill Beautiful mushroom Or pinnacle of faith that goats are native bushland ghost town that means lonely lonely goat ghost town, originally portrayed as a large forest. There is an abundance of wildlife living Considered a sacred place where locals take in the ancient ceremony asking for rain. Later changes over time. Into the wild on the flat waves. A low hill rise, and with many standing stones caused by water erosion. Name goat ghost town Sounds awesome and is known for the tourists. With an area up to 500 acres is one of the featured attractions of the province, famous for a long time. The natural wonders of goat ghost town. Caused by sand, gravel, stone age, approximately 10,000-30,000 years before holding together tightly. Sandstone layers and each layer is more resistant to decay is not the same. When being eroded by the tides for a long time. Layer with less corrosion resistance. As low cliffs alternate. Soil distribution poles and sticks. The quaint area different shapes like a giant mushroom cliff curtain pole, but imagine it was touted as a place of secrets sediment. For those who are fascinated by photography aficionados. Photo tawny sandstone walls Contrasting with deep blue skies, beautiful and there is a strange image that is stored as impressed as you are. Also on the way, it also has a small stream running through the watery heart. Or lazing exposed to the music of nature. Listening to the wind whistling calling for here is a testament to that. Imagine the immense natural Would lead us to Inspired by the magnificent Today, the mystery of goat ghost town, tourists are still trying to unravel the mystery of the bizarre shapes, clay and sand.

Goat ghost town located in Forest goat ghost town. During the woof and Thung Nam Sum. Away from the city spread about 15 kilometers from the city spread along Highway 101 (Phrae – Nan), about 12 kilometers, then turn right onto Highway 1134 at Km 9 is connected to another six kilometers to the Forest goat ghost town.

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Wat Phra Mongkol said tone Kiri .

Wat Khiri Mongkol said the tone. It was an unusual departure And amazingly, If anyone has seen the temple at random tones. Den Chai district. Tropical Then someone told me that all who see this as the work of a pastor at the age of 30 years named pastor Council. Or at least people called Philistines. Some say it is incredible. That possibility is also a former parish priest, the son of a farmer in the area. Den Chai had a buffalo cow. And a grade seven student then had to leave for a reason because priests until the year 2521 (age 18) began construction of the temple was completed the next 17 years and become one of the magnificent temples of the region. The kind that one could see the stunning beauty. That is not seen anywhere else as far as this measure is spectacular. Wat Su-Tone Loknimit burial ceremony of the year 2540 by His Royal Highness’s stead. It is joy to the people of Den Chai district. And the province as well.
Wat Khiri Mongkol said tone. The measurement is based on the beautiful Lanna architecture blended. Pastor Council’s model from the temples of the region. And other regions, Myanmar, China and Laos to take advantage of each to collect on this measure. A perfect combination Making it look different from the measurement. In addition to the culmination of the Buddhist art of Lanna. Eric has been combined into a single. To mobilize the elite craftsmen called “hunting” of the North come together. Construction completed The pastor Council embarked design and construction of self-control on the part of the important work on. There are often seen working on scaffolding pastor the church roof. Buddha statue or frame before giving artisans continue. Ability Buddhist art Has been echoed by many onlookers. Even officials from the Department of Arts, had come to see. And amazed at the many craft Specifically, the pattern had no master without a Draft stretch pencil drawings on paper, it instantly. The principles outline pattern Thailand in general. Pastor Council have knowledge in mechanics came from. And why to do this ….. History Pastor Council, formerly the Council favors a boy born in 2503 has attracted attention and Buddhist sculptures, but children. Like the statue since the age of five years old when I was 9 years old molding the width of three feet to center field in the forest rattan. Den Chai molding takes one day. When the sculpture was ordained by senior technicians. The Bible teaches casting foundry bells The eyes of thousands Boonyapakdee Magic ages 85 and 80 years of age, the eye is not considered Levante won the province. Then inherited. Buddha statues and temple building By Rabbi cumbia Kumpeera intelligence measured overgrown bank’s province of Nan, creating a pastor Council has to take advantage of the many temples to apply the measure from being scouted by various temples in the North and Lanna County. Yunnan, China, Kengtung, Myanmar and Laos. To study the form of Lanna ancestors had created the carvings and sculpture, including the mural. In addition, seek Lanna artisans doctoral work. Wat Phra That Doi Suthep scheme on land, 25 acres of lemon gold was donated by locals. This used to be a cotton plantation before. Best of Lanna art of the 11 applied to build churches. And the different buildings inside the temple are the arch-tone bow front of the church – from Wat Phra That Lampang Luang. The east arch – from Wat Phra That Doi Suthep. The western gate – the Wat Phra That Luang in Vientiane, which is generated. The God of craftsmanship Mai Chai Setthathirath leadership of Laos to build. The zigzag-shaped temple – Wang Mang prince sat province of Chiang Rai, door and window carvings. – Cathedral marking the Wat Phra Singha Pagnlm pattern old art north – from the temple Gwen’s. Post Thank Mai Naga seven heads Khmer / goddess stucco – from Wat Jed Yod Chiang Mai Hall – Wat Phra Singha tower. Bell – from Wat Phu major creeks finish. Large cubicle built of teak wood – Thailand home Xishuangbanna China. 30 Tuscan art and relics of Chiang Saen – Wat Phra North (Bud) God of thy father Meng Rai. The Xishuangbanna region itself.
Travel is adjacent highway 101 away from the Den Chai district, only 3 km.

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Wat Phra That Cho Hae .


Wat Phra That Cho Hae monastery is a holy temple priceless ancient province. The temple was the year of the Tiger. Located at No. 1 among the 11 streets Cho Hae Cho Hae Sub district on an area of ​​175 hectares Phrae any person visiting Phrae must worship Phra That Cho Hae. To a fortune for themselves It is said that If you come to Phrae But not holy, not like Cho Hae Phrae.

Travel to Wat Phra That Cho Hae Cho Hae Main Street is the street from the intersection Field House. Muang Phrae This intersection is the heart of the city. Access roads Chohae And straight on to Chohae. Spread through the hospital Airport Phrae These villages Queries the village, but the village (poet Martin) village nets on the location of Wat Phra That Cho Hae Cho Hae municipality in the area with a distance of nine kilometers from the city of Phrae.

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Kaeng Sua .


Kaeng Sua Ten dam Construction of a dam blocking the river, the two provinces spread to store water for the benefit of agriculture in the upper river basin. The villagers believed to help prevent flooding in areas such platitudes. But residents in areas affected by the dam. Non-governmental organizations (NGO) and civil society. Has objected out Because that will destroy forest resources which are still plentiful. And questioned the ability of the dam to prevent flooding. As well as the risk of the dam, which is located in close proximity to areas with active tectonics across.

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Value ruler of Phrae .

  Ruler’s worth of mostly old houses in the city. It is not made of wood, but a two-story brick building with 72 doors and windows decorated with stencils beautiful both outside and inside the building, but not buried pile of timber logs laid the foundations instead.
       The year 2501 was a good ruler of the city for the residence of His Majesty the King and Her Majesty the Queen. When I visited the people in the province in 2536 was awarded the Outstanding Conservation. From the Association of Siamese Architects under Royal Patronage. And Architecture Awards for Excellence in 2540.
       The current ruler prepared for museum city. Divided into different rooms, including rooms Pirii landscape art. Offering local heritage facilities) Pirii storehouses. Attractions offered in the province. Allegiance room Pirii It is a honor Pirii lamented room presents the history ruler.
It also has one of the most interesting and unique than any building that is. The prison or jail in the basement. The prison is divided into the left wing and the right wing is equipped with a light on it. It remanded the wrong place at lightweight (misdemeanor) by the prison wing with “Ghost Dog” squares smaller slack out food to the prisoners. Those who made a serious mistake Serious crimes are confined in a dungeon at the center.
       For visits in the dungeon. He offers advice on how Do not go to prison but turned to walk back to jail instead. When the issue came out, do not turn your back to a prison. He may be sentenced to prison in the future.
       The atmosphere in the prison guards’ Roam Tour “to walk the lonely. No less sinister But this fruit is not a charming old house in the city. We still have to see to that. Those old houses in the city. As well as other locations around the sky in Thailand to get their attention and remain steadfast against the demolition have much.