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The land of elegant palaces, a magnificent royal garden, Koh Kret’s famous pottery, notably old and beautiful temples, delicious durian, and a gorgeous city hall.Nonthaburi has been inhabited for over 400 years, dating back to the time when Ayutthaya was the capital of the kingdom. The town was originally located at Tambon Baan Talat Khwan, a famous fruit orchard through which the Chao Phraya River and various canals pass. King Prasat Thong ordered the digging of a canal as a shortcut from the south of Wat Thai Muang to Wat Khema because the old waterway flowed into Om River to Bang Yai then to Bang Kruai Canal next to Wat Chalo before ending in front of Wat Khema. After the new shortcut was completed, the Chao Phraya River changed its flow into the new route that it follows to this day. In 1665, King Narai the Great noticed that the new route gave enemies too much proximity to the capital. Therefore, he ordered that a fortress be built at the mouth of Om River and relocated Nonthaburi to this area. While the fortress was demolished during the reign of King Rama III so that the bricks could be used for the construction of Wat Chalerm Phra Kiat, a city shrine still stands on the site. Nonthaburi is situated in a fertile basin on the bank of the Chao Phraya River, where many fruit and flower plantations are interspersed with a number of historical temples. The town is only 20 km from Bangkok and is conveniently accessible by road or river. The history of Nonthaburi dates back to the Ayutthaya Kingdom as it is strategically located along the Chao Phraya River. The provincial slogan sheds light on the attractions in Nonthaburi, mentioning the Grand Royal Mansion, acclaimed Royal Garden, pottery of Koh Kret, beautiful temples, tasty durians, and the magnificent government hall.

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AmpawanTemple .


AmpawanTemple building formerly known as the late Ayutthaya period, Wat Bang Muang, located along the canal, the river passes. The ancient canal Also known as Old Kings The interesting thing of this measure is to triple the water is the most complete architectural Thailand. It has a raised wooden stilts in a small pond built two storey tower is open and there is no ground cover. Upstairs is a gallery with two rooms, the lower propulsion Mullion board. Upper bars pole lathe wood door frame is a pillar ornamental knob door elephant carved wooden roof is pretty stacked two-storey terracotta-roofed wings, one floor below the eaves. Gable and ornamental wood carved watering. Mullion outer walls painted white with a red border private institutions and other cutting edge painted red. Ground white pillars painted red. It is quite noticeable The door to the hall is a wooden gilded trim Bin. Akela is a carved flower Poudean mullion. Above the door is a picture of birds on each side. Above is a picture of the sun, moon bite the Hall as a storage tray Taluem. And base carved Buddha image was produced. There is also a Buddha It has a metal Buddha statue on a concrete base.

For Buddha’s sacred temple is “sacred Sukhothai Buddha” statue of Buddha in a temple of the monastery. In addition, the abbot Phra Buddha Saduggmar headdress. Which looks like a hat Standing straight Originating from the Ayutthaya period. AmpawanTemple also very picturesque waterfront pavilion, where you can sit and watch the meter in a relaxed atmosphere.

To make a long tail boat to boat from the harbor front of Bang Yai. It takes about five minutes to reach the temple. For those who want to come by car. Take the Outer Ring Road, Bang – Chan. Turn, turn left at Bang Muang.

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Temple of the corporate Mataram Ratchaworawihan .


Located on the east side of the river. In the district head Away from downtown to the south, about 2 kilometers in front of the temple next to the river. The back road Phiboonsongkram. The measure of corporate Mataram is a royal monastery’s kind Ratchaworawihan. Built in the early Ayutthaya period. Formerly called “Wat Khema” Later in the Rattanakosin period, as measured within the Department of the Royal Katin account Baworn states. 2 in the reign of King Sri Suri yen Travel Mat Valley Queen had requested this measure to the Royal Patronage. Restored and re-called No chain measured by the same suffix. Later, King Rama 4 has ordered a new restoration of the monastery. And gave the necklace to that end. “Measuring the governance of Mataram” and this measure at the Chom Phon. Phiboonsongkram had studied childhood.

In the year.. In 2525 when the Chakri Dynasty between 200 and ceremonies Bangkok. The measure of the corporate Mataram is of the opinion that this measure is critical to the Chakri dynasty. Councillors gave their help care for. Therefore, resolved to build a pavilion multipurpose hall, 200 years Rattanakosin.

The temple is the Great Stupa 30 meters high is located behind the church. Use the relics Buddha Casting ancient art of Ayutthaya. Chan brought from the palace A palace red temple and the royal palace is located as well. The measure of corporate Mataram Ratchaworawihan a temple worthy of worship and a study of the history. It also has a relaxing atmosphere because the Chao Phraya River as well.

Traveling by bus can be performed using two-row bus lines Revadee – Wat Pak Nam. Or by the Chao Phraya Express Boat. At Nonthaburi Pier Then bus 203 or take the ferry from the pier in Bang Si Nonthaburi Pier to the shore, then continue with bus line 203.

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Koh Kret .


Ko Kret, an island in the middle of the lower Chao Phraya River. And as a parish in the District Pak. Nonthaburi Province An area of ​​4.2 square kilometers, or 2,625 acres of Thailand is a professional, Mon descent, mostly pottery.

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Wat Borom Racha Khanchanapisek memorial .


Wat Leng Nei Yee 2 Mahayana temple’s ward of Chinese Buddhist sect. Located at 75 Moo 4, Tambon Bang Bua Thong Jason Kantor. Nonthaburi Province on 12 rai established to honor His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej marketplace Cummins Navy Great. On the occasion of the celebrations for the 50th Anniversary June 9, 2539.

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Bang Khu Wiang Floating Market .


Bang Khu Wiang Floating Market Located Pak Khlong Bang Khu Wiang. Bang Khu Wiang The market will have the morning between 06.00 – 08.00. Villagers will be seasonal fruit cargo ships to trade here. It also provides food and other products essential to everyday life. Each morning the monks from a nearby temple to ask for alms using a small boat carries a picture of life in Thailand these days is rare.

    – A slow boat ride from the waterfront district, Nonthaburi takes about 45 minutes, the fare is 5 baht depart every 15 minutes between 05:00 to 20:00 hrs.

    – Boat from Nonthaburi Pier (Port Phiboonsongkram 2) takes about 45 minutes, the fare is 5 baht cases chartered boat takes only half an hour. The rent is 300 baht

    – Hire a boat from Tha Chang Bangkok Noi canal route – floating canal passes. Some pairs Weir takes about 1 hour boat rental for 300 baht.