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Despite being relatively unknown to most foreign visitors, Nakhon Sawan features a wide variety of attractions, from a celestial observatory to a large aquarium, as well as many natural attractions, including the largest swamp in Thailand, which contains many exotic species of bird and fish.Nakhon Sawan Province, also known as Pak Nam Pho, is where the rivers Ping, Wang, Yom, and Nan converge and form the Chao Phraya River, the most important waterway in Thailand. Nakhon Sawan is in the lower northern part of Thailand between the North and the Central Regions and as such, it is regarded as the doorway to the North and the hub of transportation in the lower North.Nakhon Sawan is located in the lower north of Thailand and is often referred to as “Pak Nam Pho” a name that refers to the big Pho tree that is located at the mouth of the Chao Phraya, the most important river in Thailand. In fact, Nakhon Sawan is located at the confluence of four rivers: the Ping, Wang, Yom, and Nan, all of which flow into the Chao Phraya. In addition to the mouth of the Chao Phraya, Nakhon Sawan is home to a number of unique attractions: Nakhon Sawan Tower, atop Khiriwong Temple Hill, contains a shop selling locally made products and features a rooftop viewing platform that overlooks Nakhon Sawan Municipality and has a number of telescopes for visitors interested in astronomy and celestial observation; Bueng Boraphet Aquarium, built in the shape of a traditional Chao Phraya commercial transport boat, was built to commemorate the King’s 80th Birthday and features more than 30 fish tanks, including a 24 meter-long main tank exhibiting more than 100 kinds of freshwater tropical fish; and Bung Boraphet, the largest freshwater swamp in Thailand, which is home to nearly 150 species of animals, including the white-eyed river-martin and tiger perch, and hosts a large number of migratory waterfowl from November to March.

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Wat Khiri Wong .

Opening hours: daily
Hours: 06:00 to 18:00.

Wat Khiri Wong is located on Daowadung. Muang. Sawan Wat Khiri Wong is the Great Stupa is the Chulamani sacred pagoda. The glittering brass base to the pagoda to pagoda on the 4th floor to see the beautiful landscape of Nakhon Sawan, looking in the distance of 10 kilometers to the east. To see the Horned Frogs Bungboraped and market Paknampho. If you look to the south The Paradise River above the town hall Sawan. He Chom Khiri Naga Prot. Facing west The small mountain Extends towered over by Mount Royal is a sunset scene. It is a spectacular picture in picture mesmerizing natural decoration.

Phra Chedi Chula Manee A large pagoda located on a hilltop inside the pagoda. There are four floors Front on the first floor of the altar candles. The second floor will The same size as the actual statue of Lord Buddha’s footprint as many as the 12 zodiac, and Accent Chan Buddha temple bells. , Grandfather Wat Chang Hai, pastor LIVE measured estuary and several episode. People worship and gilding for the prosperity for themselves considered. The statue, the pundits and the most important. And that it is a The top two sides in this. It is a sacred object that was placed inside the building to those interested. Rentals go to worship back to the house, there are several multi grace.

The third floor of the Pagoda Chulamani Buddha image of the city in the harshest Thailand. Public worship is worship of the Emerald Buddha. , Buddha , Sothon Buddha, the Buddha of Wat Rai Khing. There is much merit praying to the Master. In the other To the top of the Great Stupa. Pagoda inside the dome There will be painting murals. About Buddha is very beautiful middle to enshrine relics on the altar of a small pagoda. So that people can worship inside the outside is pretty much shaped. Father’s Bunrod Phra Maha Chedi hotel, which was built along with your resume. Invite the pastor and worship and bow down before you see great views Nakhon Sawan and good weather is very comfortable here.

Pagoda fourth floor overlooking the city of Nakhon Sawan across a wide area. It will be seen Bungboraped View the morning and evening should come see the beautiful view is an ideal place to practice another. Great Stupa was built big and beautiful, with wonderful art. As well as Important Buddha in Thailand many. The replica of the statue to worship the Lord is the Emerald Buddha. (Emerald Buddha) Buddha model. Buddha replica Sothon Buddha statue and Wat Rai Khing. Pagoda and the Dome Has painted murals on the Buddha to visit the Wat Khiri Wong is the center of Buddhism. Nakhon Sawan in the auspices of the Department of Religious Studies at the park. Honor and mental development of a provincial agency practice. 1 Wat Kiri – a family Sir King Vikram Muni (Maha Bunrod year contract Yฺ Rochelle Pali 5), deputy dean of Nakhon Sawan. As the first pastor from 2519 to the present.

He Daowadung Wat Khiri Wong Street and Lee Street Daowadung mother. Vocational colleges across the district Paknampho Muang Nakhon Sawan. Way up to the top of the concrete is very wide streets. A distance of about three kilometers comfortable. The entrance to the opening 7:00 to 18:00 every day, it has a large bus. For more information, call 056-222009, 056-226199 or call 056-514982 to travel the road that I first headed downtown Sawan. Take the road over the bridge de genealogy Sawan – Phitsanulok. Intersection, turn right and go approximately 1 km to Hiking Daowadung.

Travel by Bus A transit bus runs from downtown Bangkok, Nakhon Sawan. Bangkok – Nakhon Sawan And several lines in the north every day, then a local bus up to him Daowadung.

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Bungboraped .


Tourism is one of the most beautiful in the country. Freshwater ponds, lakes and the largest in the country. An area of ​​132 737 hectares, covers three districts: Muang district, Nakhon Sawan Tha Tako and Chum Saeng. There are many animals and plants. The survey found that the animals lived about 148 species of plants, 44 species have been found here, including rare birds, fish eyed Tiger November to March there will be a lot of teal migrated to the wetland area. There are many species of birds endemic birds such as teal, kayaking, bird Openbill Aiokgg birds which lay eggs in the months from July to March. Highlights include the lotus plant, water lily, lotus eating late Palas line.

Another major attraction is. Building Aquarium 80th Anniversary Commemoration Bungboraped a boat-shaped building canopy. Inside a tunnel 24 meters long fish showing more than 100 species of freshwater fish, saltwater fish and many species of fish are close to the Touch Pool, touch sharks, frogs, sea urchins is open daily from 10:00 to 18:00 hrs. You can watch a dive. Fish Monday – Friday 11.00. Saturday – Sunday at 11:00 am. and 15:00.

There is also a crocodile show. Monkey Prakit The sightseeing cruise Look at the birds, which rent boat dock Bungboraped. An artificial beach for swimming, banana boat, jet ski center OTOP products and service tents. Hospice Thai Lanna style Who can look out over the Bungboraped. And Sabai
For more information, County Hunting Bungboraped. Or station development and promotion of wildlife conservation Bungboraped Tel. 0 5630 or visitor center Bungboraped Tel. 0 5627 4525 or visit

From the center of Sawan to Bungboraped. Can go in several directions
Market boat from the pier in Nakhon Sawan municipality along the Nan River, about six kilometers to the north through the canal catfish ponds. When passing under a railway bridge into it to wetland areas.

The car can reach Bungboraped has two aspects.
1) The northern route to Nakhon Sawan – Chum Saeng. Highway 225, about 9 km to 2 km turn right into Station Inland Fisheries Development Bungboraped.
2) south of Bungboraped. From downtown, take Highway 3001 line Sawan – Tako about 20 kilometers, turn left and follow signs for 4 kilometers to the park waterfowl or wildlife sanctuaries Bungboraped.

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He shoots – he glass .

He shoots – he glass
He shoots – he glass Located along Highway Road During Sawan – Kamphaeng Phet in the local parish house. Banphot Phisai District Salokbat adjoining areas of the district. Khanu Woralaksaburi District Kamphaeng Phet Province (From Salokbat 10 km) distance from the Province about 45 kilometers about 18 kilometers from the district office Banphot Phisai.
He shoots, he limestone temple and school in the foothills. Currently the school is divided into two parts separated and then is important.
1. Genetic him her amorous or his children. The stairs up to the hilltop viewpoint 60th stage on the way up the hill. Caves are one of the small Buddha image in front of the large bed in front of the cave. And 4-5 small Buddha Buddha cave will have to walk behind the statue. The cave looks wet Visitors should take a torch Local people believe that the serpent cave. When walking into a cave passage is gradually narrowed down and can not walk on it. To walk back to the original. Then walk through to the other hand to walk up the hill to the patio overlooking the temple was burnt her red varieties. Climbing for young children and the elderly who do not physically strong.
2. Sunflower or his balls. The front has a landmark abandoned school. Stay away from him, her red varieties, about 300 meters above the Buddha statue and a pagoda about 400 years old that was built in the late Ayutthaya period. A bell to hang approximately 20 leaves a staircase that leads to the worship of the Buddha, 700 steps before reaching the top, he had to climb the ladder, another five during the past used to be held Walking Rally Race climb shoots first. Climbing is ideal for young children healthy.
He shoots get one in place at the King Rama 5 had come aboard. Northern Route contribute to the Ping River on the year 2449 and later, in 2452, has given substance to the Father’s house are few and far between.
The glass he shoots him in the same area. The current road sandwiched demarcation clearly. There are many caves, caves, where thousands of bats. In the evening, near dusk bats fly out to bring together millions of living. Bats fly out of the cave, living 30 minutes from the caves was not present before treatment. The house’s development as a tourist attraction. By building a pavilion to watch the bats tourists. Especially Saturday – Sunday There will be people from other place to watch the bats and dinner. The villagers brought food distribution service.

Business Day
Daily from 08.00 – 16.00 FREE.
Contact us for more information. Tourist information Province Building Sawan Provincial Administrative Organization, Tel. 0-5622-1602, 0-5622-1034, 0-5622-1656 Fax: 0-5623-1841 114, 111 0-5622-162.

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Paradise .

Paradise Park
Paradise is like a huge lung downtown Sawan. A large park in the heart of the city. Nakhon Sawan municipality Near the intersection of Chiang Mai – Phitsanulok. On the Asian Highway Situated on 314 acres with a fence around it. Road paved with two layers 3200 meters long, 6 meters wide at the center of the island. An area of ​​3 Rai has a large celestial dragon, stands in the middle. Surrounded by four small dragons facing in different directions. The circular base with a pavilion decorated with clouds around 4 Bridge architecture is the Chinese dragon has entered heaven. Below the bridge is curved lotus pond. The island also has a fountain stage Waterfall, large lounges and gardens.
This same area is a paradise, large swamps. The locals affectionately known as Nong Somboon. In the past called Nong Sarai There are interesting legends Nong Somboon as recorded in the book of a dam Khoi red as the source of a river. As a result, the park is also known as Nong Somboon. When standing on the dragon, we will see the area surrounding Paradise. This is a large swamps around the pond, it is grounds for leisure. A large tree providing shade in the morning and evening are the thousands of people use this place to exercise. Daily
For Paradise There is a wide selection Suitable for all ages follows.
1. Walk – Runners can choose the distance you want. The majority, about 3.3 km around the center for about 2 km and around a 1 kilometer route counterclockwise.
2. Ride the bike to the bike itself. Or lease of the park has A lane for bicycles Riding a clockwise direction.
3. Exercise Machines But scattered around the major points that have many players.
4. Water Cycling Available at the port near the hospital. Sri heaven.
5. Aerobics – takraw – Petanque – Volleyball – Battice tons – tai chi – Dance – a playground, sports ground near the hospital. Sri heaven.
6. selling bread to feed the fish’s mother. And fish are near the hospital. Sri heaven and back labels park.
7. dolls coloring You can take the kids to activities near the hospital Sri heaven.
This paradise The park is an award-winning park is very good with the Department of Health. The front of the park nicely built with bathrooms, dressing rooms for the tourists. As well as a large parking lot. A concrete patio outside Because the park is not allowed to bring a car.
Business Day
Every day from 07.00 – 18.00.
Contact us for more information. Tourist information Province Building Sawan Provincial Administrative Organization, Tel. 0-5622-1602, 0-5623-1841 Fax 0-5622-1034,0-5622-1656 114 to 111.
Paradise Park is located next to the Asian Highway near the junction of Chiang Mai – Phitsanulok. If from Bangkok Driving towards the province’s paradise. Faculty history through camp (Military Circle 31) to bridge de genealogy. It is this intersection clock tower to the fortified police Incheon west of driving straight for about 500 meters to reach the paradise. Which is to the right.

5 .

Paknampho .


  The origin of the word Paknampho assume two factors may emerge from the Gulf into the Gulf since the Yom and Nan Ping appeared together. The River Or another is a large oak tree in the Bay Area Wat Pho. Guan Yu shrine which housed today. Pak Nam Pho is known as it could be.