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Chiang Khan
Loei is the first province in the northeast of Thailand which the Mekong River flows through. The small district of Chiang Khan is located here. The river flows through Chiang Khan District, Pak Chom District, and then Nong Khai Province. The Mekong River marks the boundary of Thailand and Laos, and sustains the lives of both populations.
Chiang Khan is a very old city with a unique culture and way of life. The most impressive scenes of Chiang Khan are the simple wooden houses adapted to be guest houses, coffee shops, and souvenir shops. On a beautiful day with nice weather, Chiang Khan provides a peaceful local life with a warm welcome for all visitors. Why not hire a bicycle and ride around Chiang Khan. Your ride can take you to all attractions because Chiang Khan is a small town. So, you can travel around easily by bicycle. Riding a bicycle is not only for travelling but is also healthy exercise and reduces pollution.
For Buddhists, there are several temples presenting the art of Lan Na and Lan Chang. You can pay respects to the Lan Chang Buddha statue made of carved wood at Sri Khun Muang Temple. The pulpit of this temple is also carved and gilded. Not far from the first temple, there is another called Pon Chai Temple. Here you can experience the combination of Lan Chang and Rattanakosin art. The local culture of Chiang Khan has been preserved until the present day. The local people wake up very early in the morning and stand in line to give alms to the Buddhist monks. This is a beautiful scene which typifies Chiang Khan.

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Sri your city .


“Si your city” or “Temple of Heaven” among the many religious sites and considered the heart and soul of people here. Street Chai Khong Soi 6 and Soi Sri Sri Chiang Khan 7 This temple was built in 2485 and is the oldest temple in Chiang Khan is invaluable so long. And every day, including the day the most important Buddhist. This temple is crowded with people. Khan, both personally as well as visitors. The monks were gathered together listening to sermon to the universal.

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Phu Thok .

Phu Thok scenic mist famous and popular destinations. Visiting Khan It is a high mountain Located along the Mekong River On the hill was the site of the station, telecom Khan. The scenic mountain views. Of Chiang Khan Mekong River and surrounding Located on the same road with rapids curve, which is about three kilometers away from the district Khan who had come to visit Khan. Do not miss to watch the mist in the morning here. In addition, Phu Tok viewpoint. The beauty of the Mekong River for the city’s Threat and rapids curve clearly.

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rapids curve .


 Khan is about 3 km away from the district if anyone came to Khan. Often not miss the trip to be immortalized. The beauty of the rapids curve bowed large part of Thailand. Resulting from the reef stretches of the Mekong River contains a number of large stones from these rocks under water for a long time. Make these colorful stretch of rapids nearly two vast Mekong River. Water flow into a narrow channel near the shore of Thailand only. The torrent The ideal time to visit the rapids curve. February By May This is enough water Clearly visible islands You can walk down to the atmosphere. The Mekong River has closely. This area is wide sandy beaches and rocks. Nodular shadows lined with hundreds of thousands of cubes.

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Wat guests .

From Chiang Khan Or from Khan Hospital Take Highway 211 (Rd., Si Khan) heading east or heading rapids curve about 2 km guests will find the access road to the temple on the left. (Roads, provincial administrations at all) follow the road for about 200 meters, guests will find the temple on the left.

Old temple located on the banks of the Mekong River is the Atmosphere ice cold. Inside Buddha-old.
300 years that there is respect for the sanctity of the faith of the people. Records related to the historical town of Khan believes “Tha guest” Create coincide with the finishing beams create Khan. It was assumed to be built in the year 2020 because of the recalls. When Yuan Battle Lord Aberdeen imperial courtiers sheet spotless with a group of fleeing war and settled on the banks of the Mekong River, is dead. Golden Throne of God standing up days later rebuilt the temple bodies were extracted from the rock ฮd and has created a “temple” guest along well. Guests at this temple to the man. Collaborated built

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Cultural Village Tai .


Textiles province is an old city with a cultural heritage of wisdom and healing ethnic groups. In addition, the Thailand yet Then there are various ethnic residents is black ethnic groups. A group of a close relationship with the local yet. The settlers mingled In the district Khan Just a Time For a village of black. Since the days of the competition over land regions. Northern Laos Thailand 12 regional capacity, which is called the Tai Puan black immigrants from the region. Laos into Thailand today in the year 2417.