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Thai-Myanmar Friendship Bridge or the door that connects Andaman with Indochina is located at Tambol Ta Sai Luad at the end of highway number 105 (Tak-Maesod). This bridge was built to cross the Moey River between Amphur Mae Sod, Tak province and Muang Myawaddy, Myanmar with the length of 4.2 meters and width of 13 meters. It was also built to connect the Asian Highway from Thailand to Myanmar throughout south Asia to Middle East and Europe. It is compared like the door to Indochina and Andaman. Moey River is the boundary line of Thailand and Myanmar and is 327 kilometers long. This river is unique since it flows up north with the origin at Baan Nam Don (underground water), Amphur Pobpra. This river flows pass Amphur Mae Sod, Amphur Mae Ramad, Amphur Ta Song Yang, Baan Sob Moey, Amphur Mae Sariang and combines with Salawin River and flows to the Myanmar border at Mataban gulf.

The residents of Amphur Mae Sod can bring their cars across to Myanmar by applying for a temporary crossing card at the Mae Sod Immigration Center. The fees will have to be paid both for the Thai immigration and Myanmar immigration. For more information, contact Mae Sod Immigration Center at 0 5556 3002, 0 5556 300.

However, the Thai citizens who wish to travel there should check with the Immigration Center before travelling since there may be some changes. For foreigners, passports are required for stamping together with 10 dollars admission fee (subject to change) for 1 day trip (6 a.m. to 6 p.m.) Foreigners can not walk access more than 2 kilometers from the border. For more information, contact Mae Sod Immigration Center at 0 5556 3000, 0 5556 3002

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Park. Taksin

King Taksin National Park Ward 2 is located in the districts of Tak. And Mae Sot Road to Highway 105 (Tak – Mae Sot) away from the district town about 35 kilometers, which announced the airing of overlapping national forest Mae La Mao District Phawo Mae Sot District, according to Regulation No. 954 (2524. ) and announced overlaps National Forest Wild caption – Huay Mae Tak right discourage District, Tak Province, according to Regulation No. 145 (2509) were published in the Government Gazette by area of ​​93 125 hectares but support Quebec students. There is a real area of ​​163 750 hectares from the calculation.

King Taksin National Park Originally named “National Krabak big” because Krabak the largest in the country, as observed by Mr. Sawat now ranks second telecommunication station mechanic at Nan province, which has been told by the Lahu tribe. A large tree about ten people around the tree. And a stone bridge that occur naturally. When the survey found that Spaptrrm. Beautiful country, deserves to be preserved. It sent a letter to the National Park Division No. 2, dated June 15, 2519 and on January 6, 2520 report, the nature of which is distinguished including major Krabak. Natural Bridge Creek Falls waterfall shells maternal grandmother, aunt. The forest is rich The water flows all year round And abundant wildlife
The National Park Division has ordered Mr.Somyod Piboon chief said Ka Lan Sang National Park at that time. Check to see whether the hearsay is true. It is appropriate to establish a national park. And to conduct a survey to determine the area Huai Mae La Mao – John Saudi Creek District Phawo Mae Sot and Mae National Forest tubes – Huay Mae Tak right discourage Muang Tak. A National Park Presented to the National Board of Directors Published in Volume 98, Part 210, dated December 23, 2524 designated the area as such. “National Krabak big” is ranked as the 40th National Park in Thailand.
The National Park Division, Forestry Department considers. To THIRDTHONG glory to the King Taksin. And a fortune to park As well as to commemorate the precious historical province of Thailand also agreed to change the name. “National Krabak”, the “King Taksin National Park” Forest Department has conducted respectfully royal royal permission. For his portraits of King Taksin National Park is named. And given royal permission by the Office of Secretary of books. Palace dated August 31, 2529 called. “King Taksin National Park”
In addition to an abundance of wildlife. And the unique topography ago. King Taksin National Park also has a unique history with, is mentioned in ancient times, this area was once a route march of the Three Hierarchs, the ruler rattle (Mae Sot today) to invade the city of Tak, an outpost of Thailand. at that time It is also a route march of Myanmar. By God, the devil tried Burmese kings. But the troops back from the siege of Ayutthaya while he was sick and on the way back. Died in this forest


The terrain is mostly steep mountains. There is little flat land At the park office High from sea level to about 1,000 meters along the mountain road through the middle of the park. A watershed which is the boundary between the districts of Tak to Mae Sot. The source of points, such as the Huai Huai Mae Sot, including nails, tapped her warm Huay Huay Huay Plu Moray Great Brook Valley Vegetable why God Crab Creek swing and defending the Huai Huai Sa Luang numb. Aggregate the Mae La Mao. The Muang Tak 7 Ah Pang Huai Huai Huai include carving Huay Huay Huay Bong raw elephant chasing a clear creek and the creek not far away. Creek, which flows down as the caption. Then flows into the river.


King Taksin National Park The weather is cool all year round. The average temperature is 27 degrees, the highest temperature of 36.2 degrees Specialty Chelsea Chelsea Special low temperature of 7.5 degrees, Chelsea Financial rain in June and October. Average rainfall of 15.23 mm / year. During the winter months of November to January. You can see the mist along their common during the rainy season and winter crops. Flora and Fauna The forest consists mostly rainforest area larger Krabak. And the stone bridge Plants are the main cause tire Krabak Bahadur Mahat magnolias, cedar, cinnamon, etc. watershed forest area. A species is the red rubber and softwood species are mixed dipterocarp forests and are available online. A tree is deciduous Hiang a antimony Baek Du Afzelia xylocarpa sindora siamensis Premium Red Rock Geddes, red, etc. and bamboo species for wildlife survey found many species such as deer, barking deer, chamois, bear, monkey, langur, wild boar, gibbons, rabbits, snakes, squirrels, butterflies, wild fowl. Asian golden cat, clouded and birds etc.


Phra Kiew Hin .


Located at Ban Wang Takhian among the five. Tha wire terminal. Mae Sot. Tak Wat Phra That Doi Kew stone ground Jinan relics enshrined in the pagoda of people called “serpent cruise” on the hill. A small pagoda Mon. Built on a rock with a strong faith in Buddhism. A miracle of nature A large rock located on the ridge like a deflated Cod apart. The locals call this magic stone that. “Indra hanging stone pagoda”

Phra That Doi Kew rocky soil Jinan were told all along that. Karen Creator in the days of British rule in Burma. Mr. Blue was pretty cool enough Have much faith in Buddhism. Have penny rupees trucks elephant arrived to the Buddha for his negligence. And when it comes to a rock deflated (or soil NTC) has seen a huge rock leans office is located on a steep cliff. And resembles a pagoda in Burma hanging Indra. The construction contractor When completed, Saree Rick brought the elements contained in the pagoda. Golden Buddha with the number five.

Phra That Doi Kew rocky ground at gunpoint. Located high on a ridge Look down below to see the Rock River in Myanmar and views clear. It is near Stone was on this hill that looks black or brown burn so-called “Doi Din G”, which refers to the fire. In February The Mae Sot Myanmar is a holy mountain soil, rock, Jeanie contracted every year.

In addition, Wat Phra That Doi Kew soil stone pendant. There also is important Ancient boat found on April 5, 2539 by villagers Wang Showcase. Has recovered well preserved at the foot of Mount Dinky. The ship was excavated from the original timber. Measuring 126 meters long, 13.35 meters wide vessel of 0.52 meters high, 0.04 meters thick, the bow and stern. Are of equal length (about 1.20 meters) inside the boat has a slot for inserting a wooden board to serve as the seat number four channels are spaced differently. From the size of the vessel and Assumed to be a vessel used to transport food and goods between the two banks of the River Moei last about 200 years.


shrine Phawo .

Shrine Phawo Located on a hillside Phawo on the eyes – Mae Sot at Km 62-63 shrine is revered by the people of Tak and Mae Sot is huge.


Mother Temple Izod paddies .

Mother Temple Izod Sauna Crooked House is located at 95 Imperial Mae Sot, Mae Sot District, Tak Province under the ecclesiastical Maha Nikai. The area is measured in lowlands Esnasna building of a temple width 9 meters long, 10 meters wide, 21 meters long and 2518 hall 27 meters built in 2523 for a sacred object. Stucco Buddha Temple in four marble statues, brass first two elements derived from the Union of Myanmar.

During Lent each year. The measure Izod mother’s side. Held the traditional “pug then the temperature Ta ka” or. “Parade rice Buddha,” a great tradition of Thailand. Carried on for more than 100 years old (Saudi pug then the talents of the Gila. Thailand represents the largest language The worshipers flock rice Buddha) is a local tradition of the great Buddhist Thailand a major.


Thailand Bangkok Wat Ram .


Away from Mae Sot
3-4 km along the Moei River to the market. This measure was originally called Wat Mae Tao Shan Thailand Wat is located among the first. Tha wire terminal. Mae Sot. Tak is a Mahayana Buddhist temples of Thailand big. Cultural traditions, rituals Influenced from Burma. This monastery was founded around the year 2410 by Mr. nets (Burmese Shan immigrant families came to live at. SOT), a village headman’s first Mae Tao. Later King called. “Ten thousand may Cmแhg spirited” and was a pioneer in the construction of the temple called Wat Mae Tao Thailand bent or larger until 2500, the Ministry of Education has announced a tortuous Mae Tao. A Buddhist temple in the Department of Religion. And was renamed Thailand Temple Wattanaram The Maha Muni Buddha temple, where Buddha is a replica of the Maha Muni Buddha’s sacred city of Mandalay, Myanmar is a sacred Buddha image of the province of Tak faith together. In addition, a large reclining Buddha statue stucco. Marble statue Pink Pagoda Temple And hall, wood carving patterns Myanmar.