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“Khao Kho” is a name which refers to all of the mountain ranges in Phetchabun Mountains, Khao Kho District. They are called “Khao Kho” because there were formerly a number of Kho Trees (Livistona Speciosa), which are in the same family with palm trees, in the forest. The weather on Khao Kho is comfortably cool throughout the year, even in summer, but it is quite cold in winter. The scenery is also beautiful; therefore, Khao Kho is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Phetchabun Province.
Khao Kho National Park is now in the process of survey and reconstruction. Its area of 301,698 Rai covers the local forest area in Lom Kao District, Lom Sak District, Mueang Phetchabun District, and Khao Kho District, in Phetchabun Province.
Khao Kho National Park contains a lot of biological diversity, various species of plant and animal, as well as natural tourist attractions and the breath-taking scenery, such as waterfall, cave, islet, cliff, and other view points. It is also a historical source of the battle between the government and the communist terrorists, which took a long time to the end. At present, there are many monuments, for those who sacrificed themselves, inscribing the names of the casualties in the battle. In addition, the villages and the bridges are always named after the names and surnames of those who sacrificed themselves as a memorial. The beautiful Khao Kho Royal Palace was built and given to His Majesty the King and Her Majesty the Queen when they stayed overnight at Khao Kho in Phetchabun Province.
Later, in May 18, 2011, Khao Kho National Park was announced as the 125th national park in Thailand. It was written on the government gazette, book number 129, section number 43, put a date on May 18, 2011. The area of the national park covers approximately 301,698 Rai or 482.71 square kilometers.
There are many interesting tourist spots in Khao Kho area, especially the ones involve with the battle against the communists; for example, Chin Hor Monument, Weapon Museum, and Khao Kho Memorial. In addition, there are the grand pagoda, Khao Kho Royal Palace, and the waterfall in the area.
There are a lot of accommodations on Khao Kho provided for the tourists to choose. Most of them are in Thung Samo District and Camp Son Sub-district, which are around 30 kilometers from the tourist attractions on Khao Kho. The nearest accommodation is the Cavalry Guesthouse at the 28th kilometer marker on the highway number 2196. The 28th Cavalry Division and the followers’ house are situated near Khao Kho Royal Palace and Khao Ya. Besides, there are many resorts along the way to Khao Kho.

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Phu Thap withdraw .


Phu Thap Boek is the highest peak in Phetchabun province. Visitors can explore the newly opened shortly. It can generate excitement for the people who visit a lot to become one of the UNSEEN THAILAND, you should not miss visiting. With an altitude of 1,768 above sea level. The coldest temperatures of the year on the mountain. And cabbage The vast sight Many children eat mountaintops

Phu Thap withdraw a name Hmong village over withdrawal The Hmong hill tribe village. On the high mountains of Phetchabun Lom Kao district in District Courts Committee. The distance from the district about 40 km away from Phetchabun province, about 100 km Hmong farming is the main occupation here. Most vegetable crops are planted. It is a cabbage Which has allocated land for planting cabbage thousands of acres atop a hill. It is the rainy season There are plenty of cabbage filled up the mountains. Especially during the months of July-August and early October – November of each year.

The most distinctive feature of the mountain over the issue is to surround a 360-degree view of the above the clouds that float around. And cold throughout the year. Since it is the highest peak of Phetchabun. And planted cabbage, but throughout the valley. Make no trees obscure the view and the wind on the morning the sea fog in some large. Eat a wide area on the east side next to. Lom Kao district Mist is close to most viewers. The fog all together at the side the tent itself.

Hmong village over withdrawal Situated in it from a vantage point. It is a source of cultural interest. Which retains the typical Hmong traditional way of life. There is also the Wat Pa Ban Thap withdraw. Tourist spots And major scenic spots in the village. Former Vice dew point at the sky. Leading to holy water. Ceremony to honor the King’s ceremonial key. The temple is located at the edge of a cliff. Next to Lom Kao district It overlooks a panoramic view lot.

Resort Phu Thap withdraw a small amount. It is ideal for camping, tent camping lots rented accommodation. For those wishing to stay overnight The cold exposure Or like the morning mist with restaurants and stores water to accommodate visitors. But if a major festival Bring your own food and water It is most convenient Because there are lots of tourists While stores are not sufficient to meet demand.

For a tent on the lookout. And cabbage Enterprise Community withdrawal over Are charged as follows:
4 people sleeping tents with bedding 650 per night.
2 people sleeping tents with bedding 350 per night.
Bring their own tents fee charged at 40 baht per person per night.

The bathroom has a shower and toilet to accommodate large numbers. But with the cold weather. And no hot water Many people could not bathe. Salted keep them safe at home. In the winter Ice water is cooler than me. I stayed here for a night It was a wonderful experience to never forget it.

A trip on the mountain drawn over a steep mountain. No bus Can travel by car only. This can be an uphill both sedans and pickup trucks to the mountain over the big bet. To check the availability of the engine, clutch and brakes well before. And there should be stronger than 1500 cc., And the driver should have experience of driving up the hill and then some.

From Bangkok to Phetchabun Through the town, heading to the North. Sak. Before the junction of King, about 10 km turn left onto the bypass line 21 (at the Caltex petrol station to 200 m.) >>> Drive to another 6-7 km to the intersection of Reed’s. Mon’s left to Phitsanulok >>> straight about 1-2 km to the intersection. If you go straight up to his neck, Phitsanulok and turn right onto road 2372 >>> straight about 13-15 km signposted Phu Thap Boek – PhuHinRongKla. Turn left onto Highway No. 2331 to Phu Thap withdraw a driver along the route. The Hiking The total distance of 17.7 kilometers hairpin bends diagonal – down to about 111 curves (in the North. Sak – North. Kao. There are signs along the route to the mountain top pick).

During this time you will be thrilled with the natural beauty along the route. Pretty much higher At the intersection with a sign Phu Hin Rong Kla National Park. And toll fees Traditionally the park, turn right to enter the park. Go straight for about 1.5 km and then turn right up to the scenic drive about 300 meters to the parking lot. Then walk about 100 meters to reach the viewpoint … Phu Thap withdraw.

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Nam Nao National Park .


Another famous tourist attraction of Phetchabun. Is popular among travelers who like hiking and nature study. Declared a National Park on May 4, 2515 covering an area of ​​forest the boundaries of two provinces is in the city and province of Phetchabun Lom Sak district Cansan. Chaiyaphum Total area of ​​603 750 hectares of terrain is mostly mountainous complex. The coldest weather during the months of December to January. Temperature 2-5 degrees Celsius watersheds of major rivers such as the River Pasak River Phong River’s abundant wildlife including birds of different kinds of trails through the forest on the high cliffs along the beautiful scenic spots. then, if the final rock climbing cliffs surround the pile, but also the many beautiful waterfalls and caves.

Attractions in the park.

    Hong cave entrance at kilometer 39 of Highway 12 (Sak – Chum) walk about 300 meters to the caves with stalagmites and stalactites. This area is the high mountain A walk up the hill for about 100 meters, the view and the sunset in the evening.
    Pine Manor houses spanning the entrance at kilometer 49 of Highway 12 (Sak – Chum) distance to walk about five kilometers with a two pine forest. Based in large groups only natural. Ground consists of grassland and trees Hygaepek a lot.
    Suan Son Phu Kum Rice Entrance on the kilometer 53 of Highway 12 (Sak – Chum) have to separate the gravel from a distance of 15 kilometers with a forest of fir. Size large trunk Depending on the nature of massively An area of ​​approximately 10 square kilometers When standing on the hill Phu Kum rice, pine’ll see at eye level is the same on all four sides of the south is visible Chulabhorn Dam.
    Sum savory vegetables, Waterfall A small waterfall upstream of sand courts. A walk through the kilometer 64 road Sak – Chum. Waterfall with a height of three meters.
    Saithong Falls is a waterfall that is approximately 30 meters wide, 4 meters high with a perfect ambience for relaxing recreation. A walk through the sand pit falls. About 1 kilometer away
    Falls sand pit entrance at kilometer 67 of Highway 12 (Sak – Chum) You walk one kilometer is the highest waterfall formed by Sand Creek field, which is the natural border between Lom Kao district. Phetchabun Province And Khon Chaiyaphum has a height of 20 meters below the falls is a marshy creek. You can swim Falls below a rock ledge into a shed. It can shelter or bivouac. The atmosphere along the Huai River’s promenade. Because of the tree cover
    Water sprang from the golden sand falls away. To discover the wonders of nature. Water flow is pop rock look similar to the hot springs.
    Tat Rangers Ba Cold water near the entrance to the district, 20 kilometers along the highway in late 2211 Sand Creek golf – Lom Kao district. Cars can be accessed A large waterfall Water throughout the year, water flows down from a high cliff about 20 meters of water gushing into the body beneath. Divided into two classes The water flows all year round The Rangers called Tat Ba Ba came from hunters who were the first to find this waterfall.
    Cold water caves (Phu Nam Rin) entrance at km 60 along Highway 2211 Ban Huai sand courts. Lom Kao district Upon arrival home, rocky slopes A gravel access the park protection unit. Cold water caves in the hill about 955 meters high, a large cave in the limestone hills. A strange and peculiar stalactites possible. Water flows inside the cave The crater natural sunlight can shine into the cave intermittently. The cave is inhabited by bats. This cave is very deep, yet none can be thoroughly explored.
    Scenic mountain Cod Located at km 46 on Highway 12 line Sak – Chum. A vantage point overlooking the most beautiful sunrise in the mist. Especially during winter Overlooking the mountain spirit that lies ahead and guess addition, the park has hiking trails, a nature neck with Mountain Scenic Area.

 Wild colors located at km 67-70 Highway 12 line Sak – Chum. During the months of December to January of each year are deciduous forest area changes color, a beautiful natural phenomenon.

    Spirit Mountain (Phu Dan E. Ward) entrance at 69 Highway 12 line kilometers Sak – Chum. Walking distance of about 10 km trail is quite difficult. Walk takes about 6-7 hours a beautiful forest. Features a flat-topped mountain peaks are similar to but smaller than a guess.

    In addition, the park has a nature trail. For tourists who like hiking trails, including the first 5 kilometers, starting from the intersection near the park. On the way to see different species of birds, especially during the rainy season will see a lot of elephants. The second path From the corridor opposite the park. Winds through forest Pond salt marsh, which has elephants, deer and other animals to the line to end the ranger Sam Bon 8 kilometers away and if you walk back to the hotel to walk for about five kilometers, tourists who wish like nature walks. to be walking down the park. Has placed starting from the ranger Sam Bon through the center of the park. Best will be featured among the pine plantation. When standing on the Phu Kum Rice will see a pine in a pine plantation at eye level. During the walk to find wildlife such as elephants, deer distance protection unit Sum bond to the pine plantation about 12 km.

Admission park Thailand tourists adults 20 baht for children 10 baht to 200 baht for foreigners adult children 100 baht.

Accommodation in the park is home for tourists. The number of persons allowed 800-3200 4-30 baht a tent rental sleeps 2-3 people for 50-250 baht in case travelers bring their own tents Tents charges 30 baht / person / night inquiries. More details on Nam Nao National Park, Tel. 056 729 002 or the National Bureau. National Park, Wildlife and Plant Conservation, Bang Khen, Bangkok, Tel. 02 562 0760 Monday – Friday 08.30 – 18.00 hrs., Saturday 09.00 – 15.30 hrs. Or http://www.dnp.go.th.

    Nam Nao National Park trip Located at kilometer 50 of Highway 12 line Sak – Chum Travel Phetchabun province. Take the Highway 21 line Phetchabun – Lom Sak. Sak intersection about 39 kilometers, turn right on Highway 12 to km 50, turn left into approximately 1.5 kilometers to the park office. If traveling by bus can catch a bus from Khon Kaen. Or the Municipality, which used to be the entrance to the park.

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The magic .

Through a small spot on Highway 2258 Na Ngua – Sado Phong distance of just 10 meters that create magic to experiment with the illusion that became low. Car runs up high, how to try.

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Tat Mok National Park .


Located minutes from downtown Phetchabun to the east, just 37 km of territory of about 290 square kilometers. Forests, high mountains, fertile contain complex. A major watersheds of streams and rivers wild species and wild areas wild-thirds of the bumper to the Nam Nao National Park. Phu Khieo Wildlife Sanctuary Wildlife sanctuaries and Tabo – Big Creek. Within the area, including two waterfalls cascade waterfall mist and her second.

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Wat Pha Kaew .

Wat Pha Kaew , Formerly known as Wat Pha hidden glass Located atop a hill. Perched on the cliff of the mountain, titled “Conventional Glass”.

The beautifully landscaped, quiet and most distinguished 12th Street Phitsanulok – Lom Sak. The striking beauty also be added additives to more magnificently tall pagoda.

The Chedi containing the relics inside.