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Krabi town

with a beautiful landscape. Is known as the city is a lovely person and it is a city with a long history
assumed the ancient settlements of the oldest in Africa since prehistoric times. There Krabi River,
which flows through the town, with a length of 5 kilometers into the Andaman
Sea at Pak Nam. He was flanked by water with a height of 100 meters on either Krabi
river front downtown. Is a symbol of Krabi. Visitors should not miss to take his
sandwich and landscape the area, this is a gift. There is also a minibus service
that is available online. Excursions The life of Krabi town, too.In the
evening the wind dropped shade. Good to come out for a stroll and
eat delicious food at the night market.

Ao Nang

beach A road along the beach is 6 kilometers, most popular tourist beach of Ao Nang.
Since there are many resorts to choose the price level. There are shops selling Diet
Supermarket Many souvenir shops Beautiful scenery, surrounded by majestic
mountains. Fascinating evening stroll along the beach to watch the sunset.
She had a little island in the Gulf of over 83 islands, some islands
are shaped like boots bark bird island with beautiful beaches
and snorkeling are popular to play Moe and Ko Poda army.

Poda Islands and the sea.

in the south of Ao Nang. About 8 kilometers away from the boat ride out to the end.
The island has white sand, crystal clear water in the coastal areas of the island is rich in coral
species diversity. Including small fish for tourists to swim with the fish playfully.
This is a shallow dive to welcome visitors throughout the year. Because it is not affected
by the monsoon very close to the site of Poda Island, Chicken Island Army pot,
which is connected by beautiful dunes are clearly visible at low tide. We called
the bank and was selected as a tourist Unseen in Thailand as well.

Phi Phi

is a paradise for divers and is famous throughout the world. It was named the islands
with white sand beaches.Clean water Creatures of the sea, they are abundant throughout the area.
The mass coral Anemones swaying, swaying the tide.And fish Phi Phi was originally
the fishermen called Pulau Piacenza Pisa word Pulau means island of the word Piacenza
Pisa that tree species of rhesus macaque and mangroves, later called the early years,
later. The distortion is the origin of the name Phi Phi Island. Situated 42 km.
away from the city can be reached by ferry and boat speed boat.
Phi Phi Island is comprised of six islands Phi Phi Don, Phi Phi Ley,
Bamboo Island, Yung Island, Bida Nok and Koh Bida in.

Hong Islands

.Islands, located in the National Park ThanBok from Krabi town 46 km with small islands
such as Ko Lao or Ko Sa Ka. He Pak Ka Island, Lao Orchid Lao La Ding, etc.
The island is the largest island in the south of the island. Characterized by a clear
water beach with limestone reefs and shallow and deep waters ideal for scuba
diving, fishing, the island is a nature trail for a distance of 400 meters,
diving and snorkeling. Visitors can also kayak
around the island is covered.

The National Park

the National Park with an area of 152 square kilometers. Koh Lanta Consists of several islands are important.
Koh Lanta Noi is a community of people in the past before. With the District Halls of school houses and lifestyle of the traditional vernacular.
Lanta parent Shaped elongated from north to south. The resort accommodations ranging from guest houses to five star.
The service, including numerous restaurants, shops. People are busy at the Pier. Launch the business on the island.
Western side of the island, the beach is lined with a different name to include Klong Dao Beach,
Lanta Klong Nin If the Klong Tob Khong Klong Nin Beach and Ba Kan Tiang. Situated in the south of the island.
A road cut through the beach north of the pier to Koh Lanta National Park. Situated at the southern end of the island.
The ideal time to visit Ko Lanta is from November to April.Laebeg island between the port of Krabi – Koh Lanta.
The island is a limestone. A small sandy beach and caves, which are visible only at low tide.
There are many birds live on the island. The event is popular on the island.
Rowing Kayak Nature.

Hot Thom (Unseen in Thailand)

is located at Ban Bang Kram – Ban Bang Tiao. Away from the Krabi Muang Road.
(Krabi – Trang), about 45 kilometers to the natural hot springs of one of the many hot springs
scattered around this area. The temperature is around 40-50 degrees Celsius, and water seeping
up from the ground. The shady grove covered River flows, as well as the slope of the area.
Some smoke smoldering. And plaque naturally accumulate a thick layer.
The beautiful scenery Only a stream of water flowing into the lower levels
Thom was a little like a waterfall of hot water to swim or soak up.
Relaxes muscles and fatigue.

Emerald Pool (Unseen in Thailand)

the only path to the hot Thom. Highway No. 4038 before the market Thom,
there is a village some 17 km ZHANG within a wooden bridge to walk.
The nature trails Through the rain forest for a distance of 800 meters
and an emerald. A pool of water that occurred naturally.
The water is emerald green. Can swim Crowded Rainforest
And is home to birds such as hornbill birds.

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Attractions .

He is flanked by two children about 100 meters high river front town of Krabi. The symbol of Krabi Can visit on a rented boat at the Port of Prince. It takes only 15 minutes and a Mangrove boat he completed a walk up to the cave. Within a stalagmite And a place where human skeletons ever found a lot more, but is not there already. It may be assumed that the skeleton of a group of people who came here and settled, but died due to sudden flooding. And popular for canoeing. This area is perfect to canoe because it is natural, lush with mangrove forests and waters. Interested parties can contact the company by canoe. Krabi Province
Furthermore, not far from a Community Attractions island. The island has a museum and a handicraft show in ancient times. Gift skilled people such as tail boat and to experience the lifestyle of the villagers weaving cotton fish farming. Visitors can rent boats from the port area. Area Attractions It takes about 20 minutes and costs 300 baht to rent a boat.

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Krabi Walking Street .

Pedestrian Walking street

Every Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Krabi tend not to travel shoppers use. And taste various foods pedestrian street. Which is within the district of Krabi. Walking away from Ao Nang Beach, about 25 minutes a minibus running between Ao Nang to the district town until around 4 pm Highlights of the pedestrian is 100% free foam.
Krabi is located on a pedestrian street.
. Paknam District. The city is located Rd., Soi 8 near the Great Mall Vogue.
Open: Tuesday – Sunday 17:00 to 22:00 hrs.

3 .

Tiger Temple .

About 9 kilometers away from the town of Krabi is located in Krabi Noi district, home to Tiger., Muang., Krabi area measuring about 200 square meters including a flood plain area. Valleys and peaks Measure the assumption that the former tiger lived. And also inside the stone. As a form of tiger paw Part of this is likely to come from pilgrim to pilgrim journey to find a place to practice quietude. Living in caves And faith-based villagers worship a lot. Become a later time.

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emerald .

Sights Unseen Thailand emerged early confidence that the emerald is actually really nice. And the need to find a little exercise But that does not exceed walking tete-a-tete (800 m). Admire its beauty. Forest Fields Teo (Wildlife Sanctuary, Khao Pra – some blue), which is still intact lowland forest horse … Maybe a lot of you may have seen. Gurney’s Pitta bird or other rare species from this point, it was enough to prepare an emerald Pond Berm size. A small waterfall poured down the emerald green waters for which the name is “sparkly glass as” pleasant swim as possible. The reason for this is because the water came up from underground is filled with calcium carbonate. Alkaline sand, silt, making it easy though, eh! Julien doubt that the real fountain where? Advice to walk 500 meters. By nature trail, you will find the pool sprung a pretty amazing so stunned it.

5 .

Tha Pom Klong Song Nam .


Open the door to the classroom, nature Tha Pom Klong Song Nam Learning eco-town. You will experience the amazing natural beauty of the stream a short (about 5 km) which originates from a pool of him surfaced on the glass. Runs through swampy forests, etc. before entering the sea. The Klong Tha Pom is located at the junction of freshwater. And saltwater fit her case, The miracle is phenomenal during high tide. Water becomes salt During low tide, but the water will become fresh water. Is the origin of the word itself, two water canals.