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History of Khon Kaen city, a city with a long history to look back upon the past. Historical records show that in the year2340 a group of about 330 people led by Thao Phia Mueang Phaen migrated from Ban Chi shaven. Road Suvarnabhumi Airport (now the A Samat Roi) to choose Chaiyaphum Ban Bon (old town. Click!)Of Phraya Nakhon Phraya Nakhon is the leaves that to the Rattanakosin period. The reign of King Rama I the world is graciously raised. Bon Bung Kaen is a city on MayProf.2340 The Holy Thao Which is only Thao Pan was the first ruler of the city name was called. Kaen Nakhon Sri Bori arch Rachpakdi names may be derived from the word Kham Kaen which is Phra That Kham Kaen is located in Nam Phong. Khon KaenPan town about 26 kilometers Thao Pier was named Kham Kaen is a sacred name, name city, Khon Kaen, therefore, is regarded as the founder of the city on MayProf.Later on in 2340 Bori’s Phra Nakhon Sri (Pierce City Pan) deceased ruler later had to evacuate several towns of Ban Bon Don Thousands evacuated to Chad (Non current home city.Ban Non Thun,Don Bom, Ban Thum, old town, home to the secret. Khon Kaen, and finally to the old town (Marsh Area) district, Khon Kaen today

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