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The formation of the community in the province. Nakhon Ratchasima, starting in the upper river basin. Phillip Chakkarat Phimai area and found the community prehistoric castle home was about 2500-3000 years as evidence that confirms the hypothesis very well until the 16th century building Phimai. To be a center of Mahayana Buddhism shows the growth of the community in Nakhon Ratchasima. That is continuous as well. The influence of the state began to spread into Thailand in Ayutthaya, Thailand. Nakhon name began to appear in the enacted legislation concerning the prosecutor’s office, civil and military districts was adopted in the year AD 1998 period Trailokkanat. Given that the city is Bangkok’s inner city. The city is titled Phraya Mutiny War Ram loyal vassal pharyngitis John Pirie 10 000 hectares, but the most interesting. Bangkok is a city that lies in the northeastern city of just one. Was listed in the name of the law.

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