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History of Phra Nakhon SI Ayutthaya

Phra Nakhon SI Ayutthaya As a former capital of the Thai evidence of
as cities in river basin. Since the 14th century, about 16-18 with
.Traces of the ancient city area attractions, events, stories and artifacts in a way
legend Chronicles until the stone inscription, which is considered the closest contemporary evidence most of the event, which the city
.Ayodhya or Sri Ram Ayodhya, Rama or city thepnakorn. Is located in the East of the island of Ayutthaya. Home
City politics Governance and culture flourished. The law has been applied in the governance of our country is the original
3 total effects Attorney. His attorney characterized slavery. His attorney debt look

King ramathibodi I (Chulalongkorn) established as the capital of Ayutthaya. When the
, 1893 Ayutthaya is the center of a long call to 417 years of monarchy to rule 33
.He was from the House, “royalty is 5 u-thong. Sukhothai dynasty Qing Dynasty landscape Association Dynasty dynasty Royal Gold Castle houses PLU
ayudhya lost independence to Myanmar, the first 2 times, King naresuan 2112
.Maharaj had recovered its independence, returned in the second period and 2127 2310 (1767) Taksin Maharaj did salvage tank
independence at the end of the same year, he established a new capital krung Thonburi herd people from
.Ayutthaya to thon buri, to create a new town house, a stable, but Bank of ayudhya was not deserted cities have become a people
.The original house was home-loving and living people who fled are trekking back to live together around the city into the city until the city raised political
rising, called “adorns.



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