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The city of sandstone sanctuaries, the land of volcanoes, beautiful silk, and rich culture.Buri Ram, which literally means “city of happiness” or “peaceful city”, is situated in the lower part of the Northeastern region, about 410 km from Bangkok. Buri Ram Province is the location a number of archaeological discoveries of pre-historic human habitation and ancient ruins from the Dvaravati period (6th-11th centuries C.E.) The most important historical evidence found includes more than 60 sandstone sanctuaries scattered around the area. There are also discoveries of important Khmer pottery kiln sites that date back to the 10th – 13th centuries and Buri Ram contains abundant sandstone sanctuaries built by the Khmer Kingdom at Angkor, including Phanom Rung, easily Thailand’s most stunning Khmer monument.After the fall of Angkor, habitation and development of Buri Ram resumed in the late Ayutthaya period as a protectorate of Nakhon Ratchasima. The city was also inhabited during the Thon Buri and early Ratanakosin periods. Finally, in 1933, there was restructuring of the regional administrative system, which turned Buri Ram into a province as it remains to this day.The town and province of Buri Ram are excellent places to experience authentic, rural Thai life and are ideal for immersing yourself in no-frills Thai country culture or an authentic Isan city atmosphere. However, while the town itself has limited attractions and activities for visitors, the provincial countryside is filled with ancient ruins, many of which are no more than rubble, but include the Khmer sanctuary of Phanom Rung, one of the best preserved Angkorian temples in Southeast Asia and a premier destination for witnessing sunrises and sunsets when the sun is aligned with the doorways of the temple.

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Tha Pai .


People in Pai began bustling with tourists, both foreign and Thailand do Pai. For foreign tourists were rafting on a rubber raft. Relaxing by the pool Pai read a book or rent a bicycle, motorcycle, the driver. Staying guesthouse Marist cheap. Row samples Pai Walking Street

For the tourist in Thailand Last Huai Nam Dang Rafting rarely because it is too dangerous. Driving play in the Main Street Bridge Historic Landmark Commission waterfalls, hot springs mineral bath Pai Wat Phra That Mae Yen Texas Water House Yunnan and was loitering in the street, people walking at night.

The appearance of the street. Tags originally released with only a small roadside souvenirs of villagers in Pai. Local products such as handicrafts, various types of clothing, such as hats, shoes, beaded bracelets, necklaces dr the light a little from the road. Some say the gaslight Or the lighting of candles Customers mainly focused on foreigners over. Villagers started selling local foods The European Food stores open water drinking beer, Manchester City Council’s Planet enough tourists in Thailand increased in the last 51-55 years, is starting to stores such as Postcard hawker noodles, roti it burned white bakery. Store grilled octopus Dependency will be sold. Mixture until it does not have the same identity.

For those who never or rarely Pai did not see much of a difference. But the charm of the pedestrian another phone. Postcard shop here. Pai is considered reliefs Whether it’s midnight or lunch makes it a classic. No less fascinating


Pang Ung .


Pang Ung, or villages, including Thailand. Pang Tong is a village within the Royal Project 2 (Pang Ung) Royal Rachinuthit the coverage of the Queen Brampton area features a large reservoir on the high peaks. Along the reservoir into the pinewood lined harmoniously to reflect on the water at sunrise, a golden light through the pine greenery, picturesque and regarded as the most beautiful lakes in Thailand comparable. New Zealand, Thailand When exposed to cold Plant colorful ornamental plant at the project, which is like the Pang Ung. Switzerland Thailand

Pang Ung … when a New Zealand side. And the other side of the Switzerland


Texas Water .


The Moo 5 Tambon Wiang Tai. Away from the district to the west, approximately 3 km is enshrined. I warm city This is a sacred Buddha statue made of bronze metal width of 30 inches, 28 inches tall Buddha head is hollow. Top off with water and trapped. Buddha is about 500 years old Leo III 2515 A pilgrim from Chom Thong. Chiang Mai Province Worship and wonder what in the Bible is open water so that the water really is. This news spread like flowing water, there are people to worship as his head out of the water, it will flow out again in Denotes out all the time.

Behind the pagoda As history recalls King Naresuan the Great was built to contain Praaaฐi was actually Supangkanlaya.


village peaceful lakes. Shun Shun China’s Yunnan .


The highlight of this is the Cultural traditions, indigenous people in Yunnan, China. The treatment by the Chinese Yunnan residential home soil and food processing in Yunnan, China. When we arrived in the village atmosphere models. As we step into China. Due to the nature of the decoration is Chinese Yunnan all. A cultural center will be a building that is striking. Thousands of colorful dragon on a pole located on the slopes of the dark. The front of the Chinese stones. When walking into the soil to find a home with the clear blue sky, the bright orange lining. A shop selling souvenirs such as shoes, clothing, native tea, fruit preserves and dried. Various kinds of processed food Available to travelers


Bridge. (World War 2) Pai .


Bridge Built during World War II. While Japan has arisen in the country. The raw materials intended for use as a troop transport. And weapons to Myanmar, the Bridge Over the River Kwai In the past, this bridge was used as a travel route of the general public. Until now, it has built a bridge to replace standard concrete. And is a major tourist spot of Pai away. Visitors can walk on the bridge And take photographs A novel microscopy with respect to the history of the bridge and Pai Tang in front of the bridge as well.

Most visitors tend to travel photography. And walk across the bridge. A memorial in the city. Pai current bridge has been renovated as a tourist attraction. An exhibition Awareness Of Pai and the bridge to take a very beautiful evening.