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Once a strategic military region between Thailand and Burma, Tak is now known for its bustling border markets, ethnic diversity, and natural beauty. On traveling to Tak Province, expect to discover a place with long history, where natural wonders are magnificently enhanced by ethnic diversity. Historians believe the city of Tak had been built prior to the Sukhothai era and later served as the western frontier of the Kingdom. Tak was also associated with Thailand’s former Great Kings, including King Ramkhamhaeng, King Naresuan, King Narai, and King Taksin, all of whom are thought to have assembled their armies in Tak. Tak is believed to have been the first district liberated from the Burmese Kingdom and that is why the seal of the province depicts King Naresuan the Great on the royal elephant, pouring sacred water on the ground. This is a symbolic representation of the declaration of the independence of the Kingdom of Ayutthaya during the war with Burma in 1584. Today, Tak is no longer a strategic military frontier between two great nations. It is however a trading gateway to Myanmar, particularly at Amphoe Mae Sot, where lots of economic activity takes place along the border. In addition, Tak is located at the nexus of three major highways that connect Thailand’s western border north, south, and east to Chong Mek and eventually Laos.Apart from Tak’s military and economic importance the province is also an environmental and cultural center with magnificent forests, spectacular waterfalls and caves, and fascinating hill tribes such as Karen, Lisu, Musoe (Lahu), Akha, Yao and Hmong.Tak is a beautiful province almost entirely off the tourist map; consequently, visitors looking for true Thai hospitality and a peek at everyday Thai culture, unspoiled by the influences of mass tourism, are in for a real treat. While there are few tourist oriented sights and activities, this does not mean Tak is absent of attractions; in fact, Tak features spectacular natural attractions, including jungle covered mountains filled with exotic animal life, many hill tribe villages living traditional lifestyles, and opportunities to go white water rafting, play golf, or visit a gibbon rehabilitation center

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Thi Lo Su Waterfall .

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Thi Lo Su Waterfall
Karen Black waterfall that cascades that originally Karen called Lor holds that the great waterfall. Located in Umphang Wildlife Sanctuary. 1.5 km away from the municipal office is a large limestone waterfall. Located on a high from the sea level, 900 meters from the river Huai circular pipes flowing lines radiating covered cliff wider than 500 meters before soaring into the steep tiers of higher than 300 meters resounding indication. greatness as Karen codename that Lor Chu (Great Falls) is surrounded by rainforest, abundant waterfalls are great and most beautiful city in Thailand Clear water wet season when the waterfalls. Most Beautiful The waterfall walk each floor have to walk through the water and up. Use extreme caution is special.

Travel in the rainy season Umphang Wildlife Sanctuary off the trail car. Because of the difficulty thoroughfare And to rehabilitate the forest for animal feed and breed without being disturbed. If the traveler wishes to visit Thi Lo Su Waterfall during this period. Should contact local travel agents The second route is a journey into a rubber boat from Tha Sai Umphang along the Mae Klong River takes three hours and walk to Thi Lo Su Waterfall. A distance of about 10 kilometers and takes about 3 hours, or walk the route from the Forest Protection Luang Lor Su waterfall. A distance of about 25 kilometers and takes 4-5 hours to tourists who wish to travel during this time must obtain permission from the authorities Umphang Wildlife before it.

Rafting, tourists can contact the tour company that organized rafting in Umphang be made by contacting the inquiry. TAT office line. Tel: 0 5551 4341-3 Umphang Wildlife Sanctuary. Tel: 0 5557 7318.


Bhumibol Dam Dam.

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Bhumibol Dam Dam is a concrete arch dam and versatile. Thailand’s first Formerly Yanhee Dam On 25 July 2500 the King. Majesty the King Bhumibol Dam is a dam that Lakษa of concrete arch dam only in Thailand. Building blocks Ping River near his glasses Sam Ngao District, Tak Province, with a radius of curvature 250 meters high, 154 meters long, 486 meters wide and 6 meters of the dam reservoir has a maximum capacity in Southeast Asia. Bhumibol Dam is a concrete arch dam large highest in the country. And Southeast Asia Rated eighth in the world.

His Majesty the King has laid the foundation stone for construction. On June 24, 2504 includes the construction in the first phase. Construction of the dam, powerhouse and transmission system, which was installed generator power machine manufacturers are 1-2 per 70,000 kilowatts of electricity paid on 17 May and 15 June 2507 respectively, King Bhumibol Adulyadej. presided over the opening of the dam On May 17, 2507 would have been installed generator capacity of 3-6 each, and 70,000 kW at 7 115 000 kW capacity. Can supply electricity on 11 May, August 9, 2510 on October 25 on August 19, 2512 and on October 18, 2525, respectively, to extend the lifetime of the generator out in the last year. Since. 0.2531 Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand has adjusted the generator a 1-2 lead with a power production increased by 6,300 kW each, can supply electricity. November 2535 and November 2536, respectively, while improving machine has improved from 3-4 am. Production equal to the The 1-2 finish was able to pay electricity in February. And August 2540, respectively, in the year 2534, EGAT has installed eight machines pumped storage power generation capacity of 171,000 kilowatts, and the lower dam Ping. Can supply electricity in January 2539. It hydroelectric dam has a total installed capacity of 743,800 kilowatts.

For the area around the dam is a source of relaxation. And freshwater fish farming There are also Nature Trail Two banks of the Ping River above the reservoir dam in the national forest mother awake. Nature is walking down a variety of mixed dipterocarp forest, rocky ravines and waterfalls, as well as reforestation. To give travelers a chance to experience nature up close. It also helps promote ecotourism. The attractions include the reservoir dam. Rafting and boating Reservoir dam The activity is popular with tourists. Rafting using a tug boat. Or travel by cruise ship To experience the natural landscape and the mountains. Through various attractions, including the Buddha, his barbs. Valentine Island Doi Luang Pho Phra Nang Cave, he remains a barrier chain to Doi Tao of Chiang Mai, a total distance of 204 kilometers further information, contact the TAT. Tak Office. Tel: 0 5551 4341-3.


Doi Hua Mod .

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A point of view which is great to see the sunrise – the mist and see the mountain complex. In the morning, especially during the rainy winter time. Should look up, the mist around 05.00-06.00 FREE FREE pm. The mist in the morning to go to the viewpoint before sunrise at 05.00-06.00 FREE FREE hrs. To experience the fog. Now another beautiful sunrise in Thailand. Weather on the mountain cold with the wind blowing all the time.


Phra That Doi Kew rocky soil Jinan .

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Phra That Doi Kew rocky ground at gunpoint.
Located at Moo 4, Wang Showcase. Tha Wire The pagoda is situated on a large rock. The natural wonders A large rock located on a ridge with a base Cod deflated like apart. The Mon pagoda built to fit the width of the stone. The locals call this magic stone that. “Indra stone pagoda hung” inside the pagoda relics are enshrined. People called “serpent cruise” is respectful of the province. And nearby provinces to take Highway 105 toward Rim Moei Market. You could turn right through the village. Showcase Wang Pha village and the distance of three kilometers.
Phra That Doi Kew rocky ground at gunpoint. He passed on that Karen Creator in the days of British rule in Burma. Mr. Blue was pretty cool enough Have much faith in Buddhism. Have penny rupees trucks elephant arrived to the Buddha for his negligence when they were at a rock deflated (or soil NTC) has seen a huge rock leans office is located on a steep cliff. And resembles a pagoda in Burma hanging Indra. The construction contractor When completed, Saree Rick brought the elements contained in the pagoda. Golden Buddha with the number five.
Phra That Doi Kew rocky ground at gunpoint. Located high on a ridge Look down below to see the Rock River in Myanmar and views clear. It is near Stone was on this hill that looks black or brown burn so-called “Doi Din G”, which refers to the fire. In February The Mae Sot Myanmar is a holy mountain soil, rock, Jeanie contracted every year.
In addition, Wat Phra That Doi Kew soil stone pendant. There also is important Ancient boat found on April 5, 2539 by villagers Wang Showcase. Has recovered well preserved at the foot of Mount Dinky. The ship was excavated from the original timber. Measuring 126 meters long, 13.35 meters wide vessel of 0.52 meters high, 0.04 meters thick, the bow and stern. Are of equal length (about 1.20 meters) inside the boat has a slot for inserting a wooden board to serve as the seat number four channels are spaced differently. From the size of the vessel and Assumed to be a vessel used to transport food and goods between the two. Moei River for about 200 years.


Tham Mae Usu .

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In the Tham Mae Usu 4 th House District A. Kono Ko away. Thasongyang northward for about 12 km on the road to Mae Sot – Mae. (Highway No. 1085) at km 94 there will be a slight left turn. Laterite road about 1km.

  Tham Mae Usu is a vast cave. High ceilings cave The airy and not too dark A creek runs through the Mae Usu When this cave will be wading into the Mae Usu. Cold water flows and high knee. If the rainy season, the water level is very high inside the cave with stalagmites and stalactites in the western holey large rocks. In the afternoon sunlight came into the trunk. Make the cave more attractive A troublesome passages in the cave. Even if you have to climb up on the rocks and boulders extent than the non-slippery and even more to higher even more beautiful. If there is time to climb, burrow through the rock to the next also. When walking into the cave for a while, then look back to the entrance. To visualize the creek that meanders out of a dark cave. Into the mouth of a cave behind a bright and beautiful green meadow.


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