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If you wish to go to somewhere cooler but do not want to travel too far, we would like to recommend Suan Pueng which has many months of cool weather during winter. Suan Pueng is located at the west border of Thailand. It is a place of beautiful scenery among the hills. Once a mining area it is now filled with many boutique resorts. It is popular for wedding couples and many families bring their children to come and take photos with the sheep in the farm. The most popular activity that the tourists do is to watch the sunrise at the peak of Kra Jom Mountain. During winter, Suan Pueng has a candle in the winter festival of music.
Suan Pueng also has a local museum named Pawothai which is opened only on Saturdays and Sundays. This museum is a Thai style house that displays many antiques.
Suan Pueng still preserves a country living style. Tourists who travel here can get a taste of original Thai food. Many restaurants here still preserve the old way of cooking and all the dishes are freshly made such as tom yum pla chon fried fish-paste balls. We recommend the restaurant krua kareang which is located near the district office. The popular food to buy here is chili galiang, which is a kind of chili that used to be grown by the Karen hill tribe people. This chili is orange color, sharp tip, slender and is organically grown.


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home candle .


Landmark is one of Suan Phung, it’s not for “Home Fragrance Candles” about who to Phung, then do not go here is not up to me. It also has a pretty candle shaped and hand-made souvenirs chic shopping options. Browse now Activities include candle making, restaurant, coffee shop, the art, portrait and massage, Thailand, etc. But what is lacking is not at all the angles, poses shooting style pickers who have chosen to indulge it. infinitely

Rates: 40 baht
Location: Suan Phung district, Ratchaburi province.
Phone: 08 1995 8144, 0 2402 8032.


Floating Phung Veneto .


Floating Phung Veneto is ready to meet any lifestyle. Both those looking for a romantic getaway. And shopping extravaganza with the theme of buildings and shops designed perfectly. For fun in shopping And shop The stock market Veneto are designed with style and unique. Under the romantic aura of Santorin with its distinctive white building with blue trim, clean, fresh. Surrounded by lush mountains and the unique style like no other. It is landlocked and enjoy capturing the impression of a bell tower and fountain gardens will be open for touring from October 2556.

Rates: Call directly from the market.
Location: Suan Phung district, Ratchaburi province.
Phone: 09 1561 8848


He served .


He served up to the Powered takes place Only four wheels Because of that uphill path tents The steep and rugged range also have to wade through water up to half cars. Before going to win With its long high If no 4-wheel drive can valet parking mouth Hiking tents. Passenger car after serving 60 baht apiece.
He served on top of a flat (a small cabin) and the tent-intrusive service. The bathroom was a lot of tourists, but not very much convenient. If a group can contact the car, he served in the resort. Or use the services unit of Towers Conservation Group, he served as 087-1358-623,086-1028-386 call.


creek sty .

Scenic Brook sty edge located at the Land. Tenasserim York. Ratchaburi province of Ratchaburi is the operational base of gerrymandering. 137 is located on the mountain. Border area Thailand borders Burma A line beneath the watershed boundary.

Scenic Brook sty Above the sea level 800 meters, the channel of lumber at the concession trade between Thailand – Burma’s current timber trade between Thailand – Burma was canceled several years ago, this route has developed a path. Tourism in mountain views

On Scenic Brook sty tourists can see the beautiful landscape of the Tenasserim mountain range. Once overlooked in Myanmar to see big trees and rich rainforest. There are many birds Will be exposed to the cold weather. In the winter A dense fog Like a mist And in the sky Scenic Brook sty also watch the sunset. This beautiful region of the country, not ever.


From Bangkok, drive straight on to the province of Ratchaburi, but not to the city of Ratchaburi. Turn right at the fork Pagoda broken. 3087 Highway to the North. Chombueng through m. Lower Village, Chom. And passed Tham Chom Phon Do not turn to the cave Chom Phon it. Follow the main path To head to the North. Suanpung to the packet. Tenasserim, about 16 km (paved) and signs to be found. Most Thai border

More routes Scenic Brook sty A steep gravel path distance of nearly 10 kilometers requires a four wheel drive only. Most adventure travelers Four-wheel drive to drive up camper camping holiday vantage point offers amenities including bathrooms and toilets for tourists and visitors who have a four wheel drive to the viewpoint. Can also be rented in the area The rate of about 1,500 baht per trip


creeks, ponds, hot roll.


Streams, ponds, hot roll A natural hot spring pool, private. In the land of Ratchaburi, Mines and Agriculture Co., Baan Huay forehead Moo 7 Suan Phung district, Ratchaburi Province, about 74 kilometers away from the town who discovers she is Mr.Prayoon Moines University since 2468 glaciers in this heat. an average temperature of 50-57 degrees Celsius, or about 120-136 degrees Fahrenheit. Springing from beneath the earth’s surface to heat up the rock hillside Bacchus. Odorless No minerals that contain carbon, clean irritation. Salt and other minerals less than 1 g / liter of hot water throughout the year. Even in the dry season, the water flow will be less, but not to dry. A small stone-lined ditch along the way about 300 meters.

Currently improve the area and create facilities for maximum relaxation. Which is set to pipe hot water into the pool below. There are 3 swimming bath.
1. Swimming soil as well as water flowing down the river. Models like the natural pond Open space Shade trees Blue water like sea water But probably not as personal as it is outdoors. Ostensibly visible The water temperature is around 40-50 degrees Celsius depth at waist level.
Thailand’s fee – adults 30 baht to 10 baht for children.
Foreign fee – adults 30 baht and 50 baht for children.

2. Building a swimming pool on the other side. Walk into ornamental gardens With privacy Smaller than an earthen The swimming pool looks like a round, children. There are seats around the pool soaking The water level is about 60 cm to put shorts and shirt off in the pool. Temperatures around 56 degrees Celsius
Thailand’s fee – adults 30 baht and 50 baht for children.
Foreign fee – adults 80 baht and 50 baht for children.

3. Foot (free of charge) are two points) is well-mortar small rectangle. And to the mouth of flowing water The release of water from the soil into a large pond to pose for a plaster foot.
If you want to dip in the swimming pool. It offers a lap to go up about 50 meters from the entrance fees charged by the third turn right into restaurants selling grilled chicken salad a la carte service. And a ticket to the hot hand is moved to the point of origin, soothing hot water away from the pool, hot both for approximately 150 meters to explore water in the hot water to seep out of the ground. Sand This is the point where the water temperature is highest. Do not allow to soak your feet because. Hot water is the source of water supply for the home.
The distance is about 174 kilometers from Bangkok Phetkasem Road (Highway 4), or roads Pinklao – Nakhon Chai Si (Highway 338) to Nakhon Pathom. Then drive straight Ratchaburi. (Distance Bangkok – Ratchaburi 100 kilometers) off the highway along the original line numbers 3087 through the Suan Phung. (Distance Ratchaburi – North. Suanpung 53 km) through the District Suan Phung. Through and turn left nipple collapse. Cross the bridge over the River Phachi Suan Phung, from the ninth to the Jones Falls about 5 km and then turn left into the alley next to the intersection Phuphaphung distance of 10 kilometers to three separate police left. Ban Huai through the farmstead Tropical Depression similar to the creeks. Situated on the left-hand steering wheel for approximately 20 meters pay an entrance fee and walk 200 meters to reach the mineral water. (Distance North. Suanphung – soothing hot water tanks roll 15 kilometers).