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แผนที่อุบลธานี 2559


A City of Beautiful Lotuses, a Two-colored River, Delicious Fish, Beaches and Rapids, Thai Scholars, Devout Buddhists, Finely Carved Candles, and Pre-historical Rock Paintings.Located on the banks of the Mun River, Ubon Ratchathani is a large, provincial capital city whose history dates back around two centuries, officially in 1780 when King Taksin the Great appointed the region’s first ruler and awarded the city its name. The city was governed by four semi-autonomous rulers until 1882 when it was appointed a governor as part of the Kingdom Siam.Located in the lower region of Northeastern Thailand, 629 kilometers from Bangkok, Ubon Ratchathani province features plateaus and mountain ranges with the Mun River running through the middle. Sandstone cliffs along the Mekong River serve as a natural border between Thailand and Laos. This region, where Ubon Ratchathani borders both Cambodia and Laos and the Mekong flows into Cambodia has been coined “the Emerald Triangle” in recognition of its magnificent green landscapes. Adding to Ubon Ratchathani’s natural appeal, Phu Chong Nayoi and Pha Taem National Parks are two of Isan’s most unspoiled and unvisited natural preserves.

Ubon Ratchathani province features plateaus and mountain ranges with the Mun River running through the middle. The region where Ubon Ratchathani borders both Cambodia and Laos has been coined “the Emerald Triangle” in recognition of its magnificent green landscapes. Adding to Ubon Ratchathani’s natural appeal, Phu Chong Nayoi and Pha Taem National Parks are two of Isan’s most unspoiled and unvisited natural preserves. Ubon Ratchathani, the north-east’s largest city, is also a wonderful place to witness the annual candle festival, a charming Buddhist celebration.

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Sirindhorn Dam .

Opening hours: daily
Hours: 24 Hour

Details attractions:
Sirindhorn Dam A clay core rockfill dam. Lam Dom Noi River built to block a branch of the river. Kaeng little chat at Chong Mek district Sirindhorn District, Ubon Ratchathani. Construction began in 2511 for completion in 2514 is currently in charge of the Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand Sirindhorn Dam will facilitate the production of electrical energy and then. It is also a major attraction of Ubon Ratchathani.

Sirindhorn Dam The dam scenic The main activity here, so it’s inevitable that the views of the reservoir above the dam. In addition, the dam has a “garden Sirindhorn” The Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand created to honor. Devi Ratn Majesty the King’s daughter. Chakri Sirindhorn On that occasion, he had reached the age of three, around the year 2533 Sirindhorn Park is located on the left bank of the dam. Rim Reservoir An area of ​​about 40 acres of lush atmosphere with little vegetation. Ideal for relaxation The park has something of interest. Sculpture of three elephants twang a string of hit xylophone and flute, the instrument of this kind is the third instrument, the King’s royal gems Ratchasuda states. Chakri Sirindhorn gracious and is also a poem written by a point. Visitors can find each other.

Other services The Sirindhorn Dam organized for tourists. It has a restaurant Welfare A hospice of the Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand. Including a golf course for those interested in exercise.


Pha points .

Opening hours: daily
Hours: 06:00 to 18:00.

Details attractions:
Pha points as No. 74 of the park’s area is approximately 212,500 acres covering an area of ​​Khong Chiam. Si Muang Mai And Pho Sai Ubon Ratchathani Province The terrain is hilly and. Many of the steep cliffs The forest is generally a forest. A sparse Stunted trees But with natural beauty Key plants dipterocarp Hiang Du and various chopped banana flowers. The ground flora is the bamboo forest, grass and rocks Khoi addition, the corner stone generally has a beautiful flowering plants such as sundews angel ornament silver buttons, etc., depending on a number of scattered throughout the area.

Within Pha points There are many interesting sights like.

Balconies post before the cliff point about 1 kilometer monolithic nature caused by water erosion and wind for millions of years. There are many mushroom-like array. Quaint supremely

Conventional marking a steep cliff with a beautiful nature. A beautiful view It also points to see the sunrise before anywhere in the country. In addition, the cliff wall below. Also appearing prehistoric paintings lined the park, about 300 images. Has made way for a visit to the property.

Dong Na Na Tam Tam in the area. About 36 kilometers away from the park office, tourism is characterized by the Dong Na Tham nature hikes. By the way, will find something of interest, such as a porch pillar Creek Falls mask cliff erosion, but the ship rock cliffs, waterfalls, deer cracked rock rockers Stone Mountain Kom, etc.

Raft A large waterfall, the second line from the creek and the creek necklace Bamboo Creek flowing from the cliffs on each side converge. Looks like necklaces Getting there is Along the highway in 2112 when, at Km 20 will turn right. Turn into about five kilometers, then walk another 500 meters.


third wave .


Third wave of Grand Canyon of Thailand. The beauty of a large rock in the river. And way of life along the Mekong canals on both sides was magnificent. And marvelous as well, Not Grand Canyon. Arizona United States Sightseeing third wave, you can choose two ways: a scenic boat ride indefinitely. A distance of about 4 kilometers to the third wave. Or to drive to the third wave at all for people having less time traveling. But most tourists to popular boating scenic banks. There are also interesting places to visit before the third wave to be enchanted by the beaches of Dimes is not only an embarkation point. It’s also a beautiful tourist destination. It also has accommodation and full service restaurant called The trip started flights three wave starts here, it is that of Dimes Beach is a sandy beach on the banks of the river. In the dry season, the Mekong River down to reveal a beautiful sandy beach. It is best to chill. When the waters of the other It’s long sandy beaches along the 860 meters.

After a beautiful view of the beach and choice of Dimes it. Any time a boat The boat will take you on a cruise along the Mekong River, a distance of 4 km on the way to the mouth of the river flowing across a bong hit Phu Phan mountain range at the end. The collision of the forces of nature Causing wondrous landscapes Looks like the bottleneck is the narrowest river. The narrowest width measuring only 56 meters away from the mouth of the pipe to the north about 500 meters to the stone head firework. A large rock blocking the river. Mekong river splits into two lines. Or two in the local language is the source of a two-unit house. Stone head shaped like a Roman candle accessories wooden plow. (In iron plow) were called. Rock head Firework

Det rock stone marks historic French power in Indochina. French power in Indochina. France has deployed aboard the steam engine cargo between Li ghost – Vientiane to Thailand through a number of carved rock that the water level in the Mekong River. For the safety of navigation next to the beach, dunes Mekong giant swans caused by water borne. Sand and sediment deposits that. The area is a vast sand Swan Beach, a popular time to visit is before sunset. Light yellow-orange light Reflecting on the glistening white sand beach next to the most beautiful swan is the third wave ago.

Third wave of rock beneath the river. Since the flood season, the rapids are submerged underwater. And with a strong vortex erosion. Make a big rock into a pool of more than 3,000 wells or third wave by the wave pool of the local language is translated as well as the source of a third wave. During the dry season, third wave will emerge from the water as a similar mountain in the Mekong River. Fine beauty of the stone mills that were seen as large a pool of visual art, some pool. Some small basins Different shaped according to the imagination of the star-shaped oval, and more than 3,000 wells, beautiful and amazing. It was also the source of breeding in fresh water of the Mekong River as the largest natural causes and fascinating traditions of two Connecticut residents. Fish is traditionally dip during January – February Pak Bong go fishing bizarre than the other. Using a long-handled nets are large scoop the fish to swim upstream to the mouth of the pipe to lay a fascinating traditions. For visitors who want to experience the beauty of the rapids third wave of early morning and evening sunsets. It is necessary to find and book. The property is located on the beach of Dimes. The boat tour itself Both styles are pretty accommodation overlooking the beach and the river closely. Or budget accommodation is available. In terms of food, do not worry. Because the beaches of Dimes also has many restaurants serving both fish the river. Thailand typical food order Local food Food tasting and plenty to choose from as well as supplying.
Location Located at Ban Pong district, these targets Pho Sai Ngam. Ubon Ratchathani Province
Travel Period From November to June period, less water will be able to watch the rock beautifully.

From the city of Ubon Ratchathani Highway driving a 2050 sqm Ubon Ratchathani – Trakanpuetpon – Pho distance of about 120 kilometers to the third wave. If you choose to travel with three wave sailing. Parking at the beach is also home to two of Dimes Connecticut Khon Pho Sai district. Prior to the third wave of about five kilometers.


Moonlight Falls .


 Falls is one of the most in Khong Chiam. Take Highway 2314 (Sri Muang Khong Chiam) and turn right on Highway 2112 to the North. Khemarat the way through the Pha points. And raft 1 km before the city falls to the field & nbsp; In front of the waterfalls accessible by car The waterfall is very beautiful. Water from the creek in Talladega Chimney Rock will fall downwards & nbsp; similar to moon full moon shines down.


Wat Thung Si Muang .


Located on the road Municipality Ubon Ratchathani province. East of Ableton. When an area of ​​19 acres and 23 square wah second assumption was constructed in 2356 with the reign of King Rama II Rama 2 in the reign of Prince Sappasitthiprasong. Governor of him Many landowners have agreed to lift the land (the farm) With respect to the first inhabitants called. & Quot; Ableton & quot; However, because this field The exhibition, a collection of major works such as Celebrations & nbsp; Work on the constitution and is ornamented field of so-called & quot; Ableton & quot;