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KhaoLak Beach is estimately 32 km. away from Ta Kua Pa district. It is among many popular seaside attractions in Thailand. KhaoLak shore is a wide spread land of sand, small pebbles and varied size of rocks mixed together. The scenery is pleasant and a great place to relax. Along the shore, travellers can drive to see some shallow water coral reefs. Local people like to watch sun set on the beach. Moreover, there’s a splendid view point on KhaoLak Cape.
Around KhaoLak beach are hotels and resorts. Many of them are decorated in harmony with the seaside view; Peacefulness, pine trees and coconuts. They are natural beauty, perfect without any additional man made adaptation. It is no doubt that the place is very popular among both Thai and foreign travellers. On the opposite side of KhaoLak – Lam Ru National Park, Chao PorKhaoLak shrine is located. It is respected by the locals.
It rains in KhaoLak almost whole year long. There are only 2 seasons here. Summer starts from January to April while it begins to rain from May until December.

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Kohkhokhao .


Off the coast of Takuapa to the north of Khao Lak. He is the island’s west coast at the far end of the beach. Lined with pine trees and grass along the beach on the Daya trouble to the beach. There are many wild animals which live in the island and in November – February. Sea turtles lay their eggs on the beach. The experience was interesting that tourists can observe turtles come to lay their eggs. Should contact the park office before the survey should not travel alone.


Khao Lampi – Hat Thai Muang .

Khao Lampi – Hat Thai Muang. Located in the District, Thai Muang, Phang Nga has two parts: the area is forest, the trunk, which has a rich forest. A uniquely beautiful natural attractions such as waterfalls, peaks b Nimrod, a viewpoint overlooking the Andaman Sea. And views of the river meanders and the Andaman Sea. The other part is Thai Muang beach is wide and sandy beach. The quiet Total area of ​​approximately 45,000 acres of National Park, or 72 square kilometers.

This national park Formerly was known as the “Lampi Waterfall” and the Division of Land Management, National Forest, the Forest Service has recorded a CAT 0711/973 dated June 6, 2523 draft ministerial regulation, Phang Nga, Khao Lampi is. National Forest and Dr. crowned Thamrongnawasawat. Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Agriculture I have dated August 11, 2523 to the Forest Department, “Mr. Banharn His Excellency the Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and policies that will preserve it. If action is delayed An intruder or land use, and much more, consider using the benefits in other areas related to forest conservation. The remaining and no problems, consider that. Has declared a national park or not. Comments by the Royal National Park. ”

Park Royal Forest Department has ordered the 1617/2523 dated September 15, 2523 to Mr Chu’s academic rank fourth forests to continue to explore such areas is found. Khao Lampi wilderness, which the Cabinet on November 14, 2504 to maintain a permanent national forest. There are waterfalls, lush natural beauty is Lampi Waterfall, where in 2498 the Chom Phon. Phiboonsongkram ever visit this waterfall as well. The forest is rich Stream water, Abundant wildlife Appropriate to establish a national park According to the survey report, the CAT 0708 (AP) / 12 dated February 27, 2524 Royal Park has offered the National Conference in the second on July 22, 2525, which approved the Forestry Department. consider declaring a national forest for the time being. And while the Forest Department to manage the park. National Park Division, Forestry Department has proposed statement 894/2526 dated June 7, 2526, Mr. Bravo, the vessel served as the Chief Forestry Officer 4 to Khao Lampi.

Later Khao Lampi sent a letter to the Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives 0712 (LP) / 17 dated October 17, 2526 to submit its initial exploration forest Lampi and the beach, Thai Muang, to establish a national park that the area will be. Lampi Waterfall The waterfall is beautiful natural landscaping. Ton Sai district, the survey found. (Ton Price) vantage point atop the Nimrod. And beautiful beaches nearby, about 40 meters long and about 14 km of white sandy beach with calm wild Melaleuca. And numerous species of sea based. As well as a nesting sea turtles and the habitats of many birds. The Forest Department has announced the implementation of a forest Lampi National Forest. According to Regulation No. 1023 (2526) issued under the National Forest Act 2507 published in the Government Gazette Volume 100, at 192, dated December 9, 2526 and the Royal National Park, was presented in the National Park. Meeting No. 1/2527 held on January 23, 2527, which has agreed to issue a decree requiring land area of ​​Khao Lampi. Thai Muang Beach In Tambon Lam Kaen Coconut Thung Thai Muang district of Phang Nga province and Na Toey District National Park. Published in Volume 103 at 59 dated April 14, 2529 marks the 52nd national park of Thailand.

Khao Lampi – Hat Thai Muang. The area is separated into two parts by a dividing line Phetkasem Road, Tai Muang area is located along the Andaman coast with a length of approximately 13.6 kilometers of beaches, mountains and boats, which have a rainforest. All meat, including about 72 square kilometers. District is located in the coconut fields Tambon Bang Na Toey Thai Muang Thong Lam Kaen, Thai Muang District, Phang Nga, at latitude 23 degrees 8 Talib Talib da da -8 ° 33 North and a longitude of 98 degrees is between 12 -98 David Libby Libby’s 20 degrees East. The office park is located in Thai Muang Beach. The Northern Territory Land Registration Navy. South end of Klong Hin Lat Thai Muang district eastern border public land. And the western Andaman seaboard The mountainous territory north Lampi take home pay in his banana and Nin. Coconut Thung Thai Muang district The south end of Ban Ta Klang and Ban Bang Muang Thong district. Eastern border at Huay Sai Na Toey Thai Muang district. West and take home a pond stone house Lampi Thai Muang district and Ban Thung b Nimrod coconut. Thai Muang district

Thai Muang Beach is located along the Andaman Sea. Long Beach is approximately 13.6 kilometers with a width of approximately 1.6 kilometers of the narrow end of the beach about 350 meters, a cape called Cape Bay Kham (his giant face) on the east side of the canal is a large brackish water. Coconut Creek Field And Khlong Hin Lat Most water which flows from the mountains Lampi. And the mountain Lampi a mountain complex arrangement along the north – south comprising the Nimrod his body, he Ton district, Sai, and his body after the peak is the highest peak of the Nimrod height of 622 meters. sea ​​level Mountains are mainly igneous Type Granite In the Tri Classic – Shea Creek State. In the range between 60-140 million years, these are highly resistant to corrosion. Mountains, rivers, caused by years of canal boats Nimrod ship canal in Khlong Bang Po Klong rocket ship canal after canal and canal Inthanin etc. into account.

The weather in the area is Lampi – Hat Thai Muang. Influenced by the southwest monsoon. This strength between May and October. Borne moisture from the Indian Ocean to the land. The wettest such period. This area has been less influenced by the northeast monsoon. Because of high mountains lying in the north – south barrier. Winds weaken However, in early November, the northeast monsoon strength. It can result in some rain, but not much volume. During the months of December to April is the dry season. Cloudy skies less Temperature rising While there is little rainfall. The average maximum temperature of 34 ° C., In April. And a minimum average of 21 degrees Celsius in January. Average annual temperature of 27 degrees Celsius and average annual precipitation is in the range of 2800-3000 mm.

Flora and Fauna
The forest in the mountainous Lampi is tropical rain forest tree species found are tires Hlumpa princess Showcase steep photoelectric Krabak Etptaor cedar aroma mosque Adrian blue field pole snatch etc. ground flora including stitch Erew Dong Wai bitter rattan the ring rattan. Kamphuan bamboo Hmakผoghmakemii groping bananas and wild areas near streams to a fern tracked Prong Thong Lam Peng fern and fern feathers on a residential area of ​​key species such as hawks, bees, crested serpent eagle, pheasant Green Argus birds. Red barn brown wood owl Barbet bird Phaya Fai lar gibbon, macaque, langur monkeys, tapir, deer, Larsen and chamois, etc.

Thai Muang Beach is a sandy beach on the western coastal plains. The eastern stretch of mangrove forest that grows along the canal. Plants found include large mangrove Mangrove leaves ToPooon Tabun white beans, black beans Lamphu mangrove forests and white SMD part of all. This is a mangrove nursery aquatic larvae. A reproduction And a nesting site for terrestrial and aquatic animals such as shrimp, crabs and fish such as habitat and food sources for birds and animals of various kinds, such as cormorants, small birds Sea Hawk Pitta Mangrove monkeys, mongoose. Crab damn mouth water snake krait snake nest and grunt fish, rice, Java, and so on.

The beach is a wild beach with pine Peck Lake Malabar Yee Sea Sports Sea Mount Lemon ghosts and love the sea, and ground flora including Sang Yu Bitter bush planes Ten cycads Sea Pine Beach Ipomoea nuts and seafood is housing. A variety of animals such as hawks, white-tailed grouse, a bird’s head with a small sand rail spotted dove Bird swollen big Reel Big Bird cut. Step outside pattern quail Jay Dong Lin Javanese gong black drongo bats under the tiny white ears. Large-spotted civet, mongoose, a small iguana iguana home and so on.

Thai Muang Beach area of ​​about 1,000 acres, it is the swamp with freshwater trapped all year round. The soil is clay, sand and white. Plant communities prominently in state forests is Melaleuca area where Don is Samet red Chamuang wild persimmon swamp trotters and Wa water mixed epiphytic plants growing around the tree trunk as large as Kraแtateamg shawl black scales serpent fern claw and fern. The governor, with big silver buttons Ramon wild pitch Plaahleผืak needles, candles, wicker Katืa Yanang it means monkeys and orchids field. Ground cover plants Explore wildlife and wild in the situation. Chinese breeding birds fill watercock Kraแtแtgแwgd birds. Long-tailed birds Tbiug Limited off-white quail hog badger smooth-coated otter, wild boar, bear, squirrel pattern red belly request malayemys lizard, python, python platypus frog fish Hawtakaew clarias nieuhofii and so on.

In the area of ​​water in the rivers, and canals. The survey found freshwater fish, 31 species of fish ramp fish bamboo fish freshwater rock clarias nieuhofii fish, rice undersized fish fish fish bone fish or fish found in coastal Tai Muang include fishing, sand mullet Hawksbill turtle grass. crabs crab shells, cigarettes, betel striped clam shrimp, shrimp, jellyfish, etc. Jinga.


Khao Lampi .

Located at Moo 6, Tambon Mueang. Phetkasem Road (Highway 4) between 32 and 33 kilometers on a gravel road for approximately 1.5 kilometers to the waterfall has six floors flow throughout the year, especially during the rainy season. People inside and outside the province travel to popular tourist attractions.


Waterfall Price .

A large waterfall The water flows all year round Located at km 28-29, then turn left into approximately seven kilometers to the parking area of ​​the park. Walking along the sidewalk for about one kilometer to go to the waterfalls in summer because it is easy to trip over the rainy season.


Hot Springs Bo Dan .


A hot spring with a mixture of sodium, calcium, iodine and chlorine in large quantities as a result of natural mineral water. Hot Springs is the home of Dan’s private pond. Around a lush tropical gardens. A warm mineral water The sequences in the pool for a dip to relax stress. Bone pain, numbness, as well as skin and hair. Open every day Fee of 10 baht mineral baths, hot springs located at Bo Dan. 43 km route from the town of Phang Nga – coke float. At the intersection Yam Kok Go straight for about two kilometers, you will see the sign, turn right into another thermal springs three kilometers.