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Tiny “turtle island” Koh Tao is a top destination for scuba divers though even non divers are easily drawn in by the island’s beauty and its inhabitants charm.The tiny island of Koh Tao (“Turtle Island”), 45 km north of Koh Phangan, is one of the top scuba diving destinations in Thailand, if not the world. In fact, only Cairns, Australia issues more PADI certifications than Koh Tao. While some globetrotting SCUBA snobs may express disappointment, the shallow, crystal clear waters of Koh Tao feature abundant marine life and considerable coral that are certain to please both beginners and experienced divers, particularly as the island itself is so spectacular and the atmosphere on Koh Tao is so relaxing. What’s more, the island, which is the site of important breeding grounds for Hawksbill and Green turtles, is now a center for environmentally friendly diving practices, including the reintroduction of hundreds of juvenile turtles to the island’s ecosystem and efforts to preserve and grow coral reefs.Non-divers can appreciate the beauty of Koh Tao, which seems relatively devoid of inhabitants while the majority of visitors are spending their days underwater, by taking a boat trip around the island to visit Koh Tao’s many gorgeous beaches and bays, hiking to the summit of the island, studying yoga, or simply relaxing in a hammock and enjoying the view of nearby Koh Nang Yuan, a spectacular attraction in its own right.Over the past decade Koh Tao has transformed from a sleepy, yet popular place to get a scuba certification to the second most popular place in the world to do so. Once a destination almost exclusively for scuba divers and those looking to get away from it all, Koh Tao is now also a destination for wild 20-somethings to warm up before or unwind after neighboring Koh Phangan’s Full Moon Party. Fortunately, despite its quite small size, most of the beaches around Koh Tao have retained a charming, laid back atmosphere and bungalows ranging from ultra-basic thatch roof to chic and boutique are available for those on any budget to enjoy the beauty of one of Thailand’s most spectacular islands.

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Scenic John – Gold .

Scenic Ridge area near Kut. In the south of the island The origin of the name John Suwan is a dear friend, one going to the house on a hilltop, the Kut. Well, climb, rock climb up to a ridge ball. Found themselves on a ridge views. Two beach overlooking the beach and land encirclement curved ridge separates a similar viewpoint on Phi Phi Don. So named to honor the friendship of Mr. Gold and Mr. John.
Hiking during a coconut plantation. After a distance of 300-400 meters from the rocks takes about 15 minutes for regular walks away as the rock looks like a large stone patio. A small tree Scenic view, there was not a lot of people standing areas.


beach .

Away from the field Municipality County to the southeast on Highway 4119 and 4098, about 20 kilometers buses run from downtown to the beach, a sandy beach is long and sandy white with accommodation and restaurant on the beach near the line. Beach was the site of the monument of Admiral Krom Luang Chumphon Khet Phra Udom Sak, who established a modern fleet and a god of Chumphon and nearby provinces.


bay Kut .


The rear bays from the old to the north before entering into sharp eye table. A large pile of stones If this angle is going to stand to see the curve of the bay all along the beach and walk up to the main road through the resort bungalow behind the Kut Beach. If you like the atmosphere high I recommend the last paradise or LAST PARADISE is a party here every Saturday. On a hill, the park helicopter. Overlooking the bay and the Gulf of Kut side. Beautiful evening atmosphere And a whimsical in nature, it is a giant cycad. Many trees are ancient trees high overhead.


Gulf mango .


Mango Bay, a shallow bay on the north side of the island. Surat Thani Province The diving is popular with divers as well. The dive has a depth of about 10 meters a beautiful shallow reef. There are rocks along the shore, deep water sponges, nudibranchs purple Joe’s run. And may be met with a sea turtle.

Advantages of Mango Bay is a quiet away from the partying on a beach. The bay is not adjacent to another bay. The landscape is forest green with a high cliff. And is close to amenities on a beach. Mango Bay is a great option for families.


Laemtien .


Birch Bay is a slender, rounded canopy high overhead in small groups over the candle. Naturally, it is up to the Laemtien. Laemtien beauty of the beach is a small list of important deep water fish, surpassing even the beach was shallow reef fish.