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Sriracha was originally a small fishing village located on the South side of the province Chonburi. The majority of the profession the way fisheries in the year 2443 Government officer Admiral and Ambassador to Chao Phraya surasak montri. Secretary of State, Ministry of agriculture, commercial (the Ministry gate to sotra) While it has resigned from the Government came a career forestry Nong prue, development and progress, always with Nong prue. From a small fishing village and community. One of the most important tourist destination in Eastern

When June 19 has been lifted 2488 Nong prue as the sriracha municipality, established a Royal Decree establishing sriracha Chonburi municipality (published in the Government Gazette Volume 36, Episode 36, down July 3 2488), using the House of field marshal Chao Phraya Maha Amat Beach & surasak montri protagonist as Office and home use, this property until 1933, so the building has moved 2513 permanent offices in the current location.

And later, when the September 24 2538 has been changed as from municipal municipal, sriracha, Chonburi, sriracha,

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