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Khon Kaen is the commercial, administrative, and educational center of the Northeast that is often used by travelers as a base for visiting many parts of upper Isan.Khon Kaen is the commercial and political center of Northeastern Thailand and is well known for the high quality silk that is produced in the province. Located in the heart of Isan, Thailand’s northeast region, Khon Kaen has been one of the fastest growing areas in Thailand. The Thai government nominated Khon Kaen as the export center for trade throughout the Indo-China Region and both Laos and Vietnam have consulates in Khon Kaen to process visa applications. Khon Kaen also contains the largest university in the northeast, Khon Kaen University, a major center of education and technology.Historically, Khon Kaen is quite a new town, established a little over two centuries ago during the reign of King Rama I. But prehistorically, this town on the plateau has been home to various cultures as well as other fascinating creatures, heretofore unknown to the modern world. Artifacts have proven that millions of years ago the area was occupied by gigantic dinosaurs, several of which were endemic to the region. People in various cultures later occupied the plateau for thousands of years until the Ancient Khmer Empire expanded its presence into the area in the 12th century and ruled it for some time. The ancient cultures, traditions, and historical sites in this area have all contributed to shaping the people and culture of Khon Kaen.A major source of local wisdom regarding the production of silk is in Amphoe Chonnabot, where excellent Mudmee Silk is delicately woven by hand using a special tie-dye technique, and Khon Kaen features both creature comfort, in the form of fine eateries and swanky hotels, and beautiful nature, including a variety of animal parks and a number of spectacular national parks.Khon Kaen is the commercial and political center of Northeastern Thailand, featuring a number of upscale restaurants and hotels, the largest university in the North East, and a busy airport.In addition to containing some fascinating historical and archaeological sites, Khon Kaen is also an excellent place to watch the production of Mudmee Silk or participate in outdoor activities within one of its several animal reserves or national parks.

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Phra Nakhon kernel .


SMF relics Located in measuring longitude, which is the oldest temple Lord. Create art Indochinese mix art and Thawarawadi East. The pagoda on the Central Bank refers to dry to dry after use. Triangle-shaped spire Within a nine-story pagoda, collect relics. Relics of the saint and his followers are full.
The location. The city. Muang Khon Kaen province of Khon Kaen.

The museum also displays Buddhist and monks such as Luang Pu Deputy Provost flower pot concept within the atmosphere. It is located lakeside city core. The beauty of the city and the center of the swamp floor balcony atop a pagoda. Besides the Buddha image and allegory as shutters adorning it. Folklore also has pictures East Which was originally written by popular Sim, such as the four original Champa. Horn Aberdeen Art Gallery and the fragrance if I ask him. Or the older story to listen to. It was a fun experience another form. If traveling during the summer will be multiplied yellow flowers bloom. The lakeside amphitheater under a small museum. But modern city history during Saturday evening a pedestrian street and buy souvenirs such as dragon beard candy reckless coconut sweets such as candy comfit throbbing nuts, studs on the glass to pork sausage, crispy sliced ​​pork.

The name of shopping The native of eating pork, sausages, including equipment such as Weave suggest such a prosperous Ming Rd., Shiraz, love the pork store first. Mother extra merit shop Near School Available sausages, pork sausage and Arts and Crafts Centre for Women Development northeastern Khon Kaen buy silk hand back home.

A source of delicious edibles Veritably encourage Amporn sour due. School Khon Wittayayon Racha Noodle Shop Market Store Guay capture Charoen Thani. Store eggs pan OCH Krua fertility The lakeside city core Pad Thai prosecutors Thailand Chai’s shop, bakery.

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Ubon Ratana dam clamp or an inflatable dam .

Ubon Ratana Dam Building blocks Phong Located in the area known as the inflatable clamping District Ubon Ratana Dam. UbolratDISTRICT Khon Kaen Away from the city of Khon Kaen, about 50 kilometers along the Friendship Highway, Loei, about 25 km apart along Highway 2109 for about 25 kilometers.
Ubon Ratana Dam The purpose of the second dam of. Which was built next to the dam. Dam and Hydro Power Generation is the first in the Northeast. Located in the district of Ubon Ratana Dam UbolratDISTRICT Khon Kaen The Phong block branch of the Chi River. A rockfill dam clay core length of 885 meters high, 32 meters wide and 6 meters dam reservoir with a capacity of 2,263 million cubic meters produced 55 million kilowatt – hours.
Dam began in name. The project on the Nam 2503 by the cooperation of the United Nations Special Fund. Foundation Stone Laying Ceremony On 10 May 2507 the building was completed in 2508 and because of the dam. The terrain is the river that runs through the gorge. The Phong, which appears to be clamping The locals call this dam. Inflatable dam clamp According to the original name of this area
On March 14, 2509, His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej supreme proceed with Her Majesty Queen Sirikit. The Queen and Her Royal Highness Princess Ubon Ratana Kanya King Wadi Ubolrat (Dignitary at the time) to the opening ceremony of the dam. This dam was conferred the title Ubon Ratana Dam
Watershed Dam Ubolrat The third line consists of the river is a tributary Phong Lam and Shen firework which are upstream from the Phetchabun mountain range. Shen rivers and streams carpet West flows converge. Before flowing north to the confluence with the crossings as Phong Phong River flows eastward through the Strait of Phu Phan called “inflatable gripper” that the dam Ubolrat. Phong River flowing eastward. Until via Highway 2 (Friendship Road), then turn south into the Chi River flows into the southeast of the province.

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Khon Kaen Phu Wiang Dinosaur Museum .

Phu Wiang Dinosaur Museum District located in the city Wiang old As part of the Phu Wiang Dinosaur Fossil Study and Research Centre. Founded by a partnership between the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT). Khon Kaen and the Department of Mineral Resources. To study and disseminate knowledge on mineral resources to the public. Conservation For the benefit of society and the promotion of tourism to sustainable development further. The museum building is divided into three parts include shops, souvenir shops, restaurants, lecture halls and laboratories, academic library, studio and exhibition include exhibit downstairs and upstairs. Exhibit terraforming rocks, minerals, fossils. Dinosaur models The museum is open daily 09.00-17.00. For more information on. Phu Wiang Dinosaur Fossil Study and Research Centre Department of Mineral Resources. Tel: 0 4343 8204-6.

    Travel the same route as the way to Phu Wiang National Park. From Nottingham travel along Highway 12 (Khon Kaen – Chum) through the Fang district. Nong Ruea The junction to the Phu Wiang A distance of about 48 kilometers, according to Provincial Highway No. 2038 for 22 kilometers to Phu Wiang and travel another 10 kilometers to the museum.

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the Kham Kaen .

Phra That Kham Kaen Located at Wat Ban Kham Ehtii landscape Moo 1 Tambon Kham Namphong. Sanctuary of the province Ban Kham had been a city since ancient times. For about 2000 years. Since 500, later ruler of Suvarnabhumi name Jew’s harp town Pan (current font) to set the town across the core of the house across centuries fifth ruler after green or Mori’s sovereign ruler of Maury’s. (City Maury Bay in the territory of Cambodia) build the Kham Kaen. Set in a landscape Ehtii Ban Kham.

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Ku Chai Praphasri .

Ku Chai Praphasri or some people call it, Ku Na Kham Noi. Located in Na Kham Noi district among 1,15 Namphong Bua Yai district. Away from the province, about 57 km journey along the same route with the Kham Kaen. Directly next to the bridge over the canal, turn left on a paved road from Phong River irrigation canal. Bridge and turn right into the village of Na least to the Ku Praphasri finish inside the temple Na Kham Noi.
The Council of Khmer architecture. Laterite and sandstone building built in the reign of King Jayavarman 7 of the ancient Khmer empire. Circa 18th century (AD 1720-1780) Current conditions lieth down. It has been maintained by the temple and the community as well. The archaeological study and to worship. Buddha is enshrined A big rock that is considered sacred stone placed on a pedestal made for the public to come worship.