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Option in Kalasin, Thailand
As a province somewhat off the typical tourist route, Kalasin can only be reached directly via private car or public bus. However, it is possible to take a train or plane to nearby Khon Kaen and then a short bus to Kalasin. Once there, it may be easier to get around with your own car, but there are standard forms of local transport available for visitors: i.e. songtaew, motorbike taxi, and tuk tuk.

By Train
There is no train service to Kalasin, so visitors must take the train from Bangkok to Khon Kaen and then catch a bus from Khon Kaen to Kalasin, a distance of 75 kilometers. The State Railway of Thailand has daily rapid train, express train, and air-conditioned sprinter train services to Khon Kaen. For more details, call SRT at Tel. 1690, or 0 2220 4334, 0 2220 4444, Khon Kaen Railway Station, Tel. 0 4322 1112, or visit www.railway.co.th.

By Car
Kalasin is 519 kilometers from Bangkok by road. Take highway No.2 (Mittraphap Road) from Bangkok heading to Saraburi & Nakhon Ratchasima until you reach Amphoe Ban Phai of Khon Kaen province. Continue on Highways No. 23, 213 and 209 (Maha Sarakham – Kalasin).

By Bus
The Transport Co., Ltd. provides air-conditioned and ordinary bus services daily from Bangkok’s Northeastern Bus Terminal (Mo Chit 2) to Kalasin. More details can be obtained at the Northeastern Bus Terminal (Mo Chit 2), Tel. 0 2936 2841-48, 0 2936 2852-66 or www.transport.co.th.

By Air
There are no direct flights from Bangkok to Kalasin, but you can get a flight from Bangkok to Khon Kaen and then catch a bus to Kalasin, a distance of 75 kilometers.

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Buddhist vision.


 “Buddhist vision of” the old temple located on the summit of the mountain. Located at Ban Na Si Nuan District Sahatsakhan Sahatsakhan of 7 km away from the district, located in the central district Sahatsakhan. Towards the north of the province. Mountain crest in the west of the reclining Buddha carved on a cliff over the millennia. The god of Kalasin. In addition, the measure also has a church decorations. And beautiful temple and Buddha amulets lot.

The interesting thing in the Buddhist vision (of the mountain), viz.

Reclining Buddha in Bangkok – the reclining Buddha carved on a cliff. Reclining Buddha, or the head is driven over the upper arm. The arms are not set up for pandas his head and his hands do not support his head. Jesus is unique Lie left no Ektumala The legend that is characteristic of the HX Moakler it. The disciples of Buddha Buddha Throughout the length of 2 m. Height 0.5 m. With gold leaf off the body.

Nimit Temple priesthood – on a hilltop near the reclining Buddha image to a smaller number. And so the walls up to the ceiling with various amulets. Thousands of the next emblazoned beautiful eyes. In addition, the open courtyard outside the cathedral tower relics, which are also enshrined relics of the temple came from different places. In a clear glass container And historic carved stone Buddha’s footprint is in the same area.

Wooden church – located on a hill left of the road before reaching the temple. Thailand is a wooden building set on a wire molded cornice. Stacked three-layer roof Eaves had four wings Gable is a carved wooden Buddha sitting in the jungle surrounded by the beast. Jasmine’s story carved shutters. And the ornamental fretwork native flora and fauna around the church. Within Boes Rd Chaimongkolchai rights enshrined luminously Narueput Tim Qualities Act. Buddha is enlightenment or meditation postures golden sands. A domed ceiling above the Buddha statue decorated with carved wood reliefs gilded Buddha.


Sirindhorn Museum.

The research on dinosaurs and Thailand’s first dinosaur museum The district Sahatsakhan Kalasin

The Museum of Natural History The dinosaur bones are on display. And show the diversity of organisms in different views. Both academic as well as conservation associations. Sirindhorn Dinosaur Museum Has been given the name of HRH Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn’s. Chakri Sirindhorn that “Sirindhorn Museum”.


Phra Ya Khu.


Phra Ya Khu or relics pagoda is the largest in Fa Daet Song Yang. A stupa octagonal brick building appeared three days together. The base is rectangular recess There are stairs four sides are decorated with stucco built in Dvaravati. Next up is the octagonal base, which created a pattern superimposed on the original pagoda in Ayutthaya. The Lord Bell and the amount generated in the period around the relics found parapet reliefs carved Buddha. The villagers believed that the stupa containing the bones of Thera adult inhabitants of respect. When observed from Chiang Som won the war. It destroyed everything in the city, sunny sky but did not destroy relics Ya Khu. The archaeological remains relatively intact. Locals will arrange for rocket festival is held annually in May. To ask for rain and cool to the village.
Reviewing the evidence, presumably built in Dvaravati. Later still ruined by time and lack of care. Later in Ayutthaya Continue to build an octagonal pagoda Brick overlay the base and in the Rattanakosin period continues to build upon the elite to rise again until the year 2510 to 2522. The Fine Arts Department excavated the pagoda and restored it. And was registered as a historic site Phra Ya Khu, residents believed. A stupa containing the bones of Thera adult. The inhabitants of respect It provides an annual festival to worship the relics. During April-May For rain and peaceful village to the general nature of the Chedi largest in Fa Daet Song Yang. Clay brick pagoda eight octagonal recess 12 measures 10 meters long, 10 meters wide at the base, stacked in a tetrahedron. There are stairs four height measured from the base to the top 8 meters high pagoda evidence found eight octagonal sandstone parapet.

The path to Phra Ya Khu
From the province Along Highway 214 (Kalasin – Roi Et) distance of 19 km from the district to the streets Kamalasai school Kamalasai distance of 6 kilometers to Ban Sema. Turn right onto a dirt road


The Thailand Khok Kong Cultural Village.


Culture Village is the tie that still preserve their unique culture and way of life of the tie firmly. Community activities include baisrisukwan. Walking tours, hiking and nature study. The food took Lang Religious rites The culture of youth, students and women’s groups. For visitors to exchange cultures together.


Dinosaur Kalasin.


  Sirindhorn Museum Or Phu Kum Khao Dinosaur Museum. A museum and research about dinosaurs. The perfect and the largest in Southeast Asia. He has been given the name of HRH Princess Sirindhorn’s. Chakri Sirindhorn “The Sirindhorn Museum” exhibit inside the building is divided into three parts: Part 1, Part 2 terraforming the origin of species, including the dinosaurs. Until the advent of the third man is the Exhibition. The current exhibition “Fossil fish, Phu Nam Chan,” which is the ancient remains of a new species of freshwater fish in the world which is in perfect condition called “Les torpedo Taste” with a length of 30-60 cm in a chain Ignatius or 65. Millions of years ago During the Dinosaurs

Sirindhorn Museum Scheduled to open Tuesday – Sunday, closed on Mondays. Unless that day is a public holiday will be open as usual. For more information please contact Tel. 0 4387 1014, 0 4387 1613 – 4.
Also in the area is a good idea to set the date. It is enshrined pastor talks Rittiron results. (Royal butler Dan) statue of Buddha Dvaravati which local residents are considered sacred.