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With no less than 50 offshore isles, Koh Chang boasts the finest red gems, sweet Rakam fruits, indigenous dogs, the historic Koh Chang Naval engagement, and is the eastern-most province in Thailand.

Ko Chang (Elephant Island) is Thailand’s second largest island and the primary destination for those visiting Ko Chang Marine National Park, which includes dozens of unspoiled islands. Located in Trat Province, about 300 kilometers east of Bangkok and not far from the Cambodian border, Ko Chang is 70% covered by unspoiled rainforest and the island’s permanent residents are only gradually becoming more involved in tourism as development has increased in the past decade. Now serviced by an airport just 15 minutes from the ferry terminal in Trat, Ko Chang is more easily accessible than ever before. Drawn to Ko Chang’s pristine beaches and sparkling water, more well-to-do Thai and international travelers have been discovering Ko Chang and numerous luxury spas and resorts have sprung up to cater to them. Nonetheless, the island is still a dream destination for budget travelers and families, with a wide variety of affordable accommodation options and numerous gorgeous and tranquil beaches surrounded by crystal clear water. In addition to natural beauty, the island is also home to a wide range of wildlife, including native birds, snakes, deer, and even a number of elephants. As for activities, Ko Chang and the nearby islands that make up the national park are great for snorkeling, diving, camping, and jungle hiking. The majority of tourists stay at Hat Sai Khao, Hat Kai Muk, Hat Ta Nam, and Laem Bang Bao, all of which are linked by a single road running down the west coast. Access to the island is via Bangkok Airways service to Trat or buses that connect to shuttle service to the ferry docks at Laem Ngop near Trat.

Once the quiet refuge of backpackers in the know, Koh Chang (Elephant Island) has grown in popularity as a tourist destination since 2000, when the Thai government hoped to develop the island as the next Phuket. Fortunately, as Koh Chang is nearly as large as Phuket, a decade of development that has seen the construction of an airport in Trat and numerous hotels and restaurants has done little to sully its appeal as an island of spectacular natural beauty. Koh Chang, the largest island in the Koh Chang Marine National Park, is a beach lover and nature enthusiasts dream come true. While recent development has led to the opening of some nightlife on the island, The primary attractions on the island are the beaches, waterfalls, and neighboring islands. However, several fishing villages, a number of naval battle sights, and some opportunities for diving and snorkeling make Ko Chang both an interesting and relaxing place to visit.

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1 .

Koh Chang .


 The busiest beach on the island. Beach community in the heart of the island. Travel can be a comfort Filled with shops, resorts and tourist attractions are many. If the white sandy beach stretches for more than 6 km wide beach is suitable for swimming.

The evening until late at night, the beach and the streets are bustling with restaurants. Types of seafood to eat the whole batch. Or on the menu at an affordable price. The light from pubs and bars at night.

2 .

Klong Prao .

Beautiful beaches, under the shade of coconut trees. Suitable for swimming or playing sports, beach activities, water sports or families with children.

The beach is away from the main road of the island, about 3 kilometers filled with resort amenities and comfort. Evening, you can see the beauty of the sunset, one of the large rocks sharp spikes unusual Chaichet. Beachhead occupies the north end of Klong Prao Beach.

3 .

Klong Plu .


Stay away from Klong Prao three kilometers and then hiking for about 20 minutes, a large waterfall with three layers.
Along the road to Kai Bae Beach. Turn into 2 gigabytes Oe sq m to the Office of the checkbox Ranger. 4 (Klong Plu), then walk about 500 meters to the waterfall Klong Plu is a large waterfall. With water all year round Falling from a cliff into a pool of water beneath the existing line to the third floor, first floor, about 40 meters high to the stick. Higher than the first floor, very good condition, complete with surrounding forest creeks from Klong Plu line. There is a pool play 2-3 points, with water all year.
     The general also covered by forest, a pristine wilderness area. Shady conditions Cool weather continues well into the Klong Plu originally to be called “Canal mountain” because of the name. “Overshadowed the clouds of heaven,” which is the name of the peaks in this area.

4 .

house boat cruise Salak .

Markers at home with a romantic activities like a cruise boat. Folk gondola converted into a dinner boat. A similar atmosphere Seat gondola of Ewni Beach. There is a central body Then together The cruise also watch him, in spite Square. We are at the eastern end of the island, sipping cold wine and fresh seafood. Before the show the night of the children in the village to come to the island ended impressed. The daytime activities include kayaking mangrove is also available for activities with a dinner cruise boat takes about an hour and a half at 2,400 baht for two people with food and wine.

5 .

Scenic sand .

 A vantage point on the hill. Visitors can take panoramic views of the island. Has an eye Even in the early evening sun is orange globes grow gradually. La secrets of the sky and the sea in the most romantic setting.


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