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One of the most unique and attractive clusters of islands in the world, Koh Phi Phi is an idyllic island retreat that features a number of beaches that feature a variety of accommodation options and many outdoor activities.

Koh Phi Phi is the collective name for a small archipelago in Krabi Province just an hour boat ride from Phuket. Known as the ‘jewels of the Andaman Sea’, there are six islands in Mu Koh Phi Phi-Nopparathara National Park: Phi Phi Don, Phi Phi Ley, Bamboo Island , Yung Island , Bida Nok, and Bida Nai. Only Phi Phi Don is inhabited; all others are undeveloped and protected by their National Park status and are frequently visited as day trips from Phuket, Krabi, and Phi Phi Don.Phi Phi Ley was featured in the Hollywood blockbuster movie The Beach, a story about the ultimate secluded island beach. Maya Bay was a suitable choice as it epitomizes the stunning beauty of these islands: a bay of pellucid aquamarine water surrounded by towering limestone cliffs that harbors an arcing, white sand beach. The waters surrounding the Phi Phi Islands are filled with exotic marine life, including docile leopard sharks, and snorkeling and diving day trips rival lounging on the beach as top activities on Koh Phi Phi.Koh Phi Phi also features a vibrant nightlife, with Tonsai Beach containing dozens of beach bars and restaurants and lively Tonsai Village consisting of a maze of shops, bars, and restaurants. Smaller beaches around the island are alternatively ideal for honeymooners, families, those on a budget, and those looking for the ultimate luxury resort retreat.

Koh Phi Phi is the collective name for a cluster of six islands included in the Mu Koh Phi Phi-Nopparathara National Park. Only 45 minutes from Phuket, Koh Phi Phi features towering limestone cliffs that shelter white, sandy beaches and spectacular, aquamarine bays filled with exotic marine life. As one of the premier island destinations in Thailand, Koh Phi Phi features both five-star resorts and budget beach bungalows; and both raucous nightlife and secluded isolation, depending on which beach you choose to stay at. No where in Thailand, perhaps the world, are there so many opportunities for visitors to find exactly the right beach holiday they are looking for within a setting of such spectacular natural beauty. Whether you enjoy scuba diving, snorkeling, or simply relaxing in a hammock, Koh Phi Phi has a beach that will exceed your wildest dreams.

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View Point of Phi Phi Don .

Climb up to the summit overlooking the scenic spots of Phi Phi Don. Taking the Ton Sai Bay You will experience spectacular views of the Andaman islands arranged in the ocean and emerald waters makes this place magical and special. Only by up to watch the sunrise on the lookout is amazing moment.

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View Point of Phi Phi Don .


Phi Phi Island has an area of ​​just 6.6 square kilometers. Phi Phi is no music facilities from accommodation and restaurants because the islands are limestone cliffs perpendicular to the surface of the sea all around the island. The island has a little beach It is natural features The snorkeling and diving, beautiful rose.

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Gulf Pileh .


It is a big bay The steep cliffs around the blockade. Tinged with green vegetation, rare species are called Lagoon or the only access to the sea on a cliff at 90 degrees perpendicular to the sea. We feel like floating in a large hall. The clear waters, emerald green, blue and upheld flat mirror-like tourist boats are drawn shut inside is still surrounded by coves. Mountain tourists To appreciate the beauty of the emerald sea, similar to the private sphere of the calm bay Pileh also has a dive. View coral another beautiful bay in front of the entrance to a cliff. And this is one of the most beautiful scuba diving, snorkeling, and if you still can snorkel the coral reefs in front of the bay Pileh it.

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Maya .


The most picturesque bay of Phi Phi Leh. Because a large cove surrounded by cliffs that line. The nature of Maya Bay Seaside Lagoon is similar to the cirque-like into the private sphere. The emerald Gulf waters are clear, large stretches of white sand, long painted inside. Another impressive thing of Maya Bay is a fine white sand. And soft like powder When you get to experience the beaches of Ao Maya could not continue to lie down on the soft white sandy beaches. Who arrived were captivated by the beauty of this place. Maya was also used as a filming location for Hollywood films on the subject “The Beach during October through April is the best season to visit Maya Bay. Because there is no air to the rear of Phi Phi. Water in Maya Bay is still there and clear as a mirror. But at other times may be Maya Bay has some good weather. And not windy or only to Maya Bay Ao Lo Sa Ma from the other side of Phi Phi Island. It has its own little cave into the Maya had. Take a walk Soon

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Viking Cave .

A large cave about 80 meters high, located to the northeast of the island of Phi Phi, which in the year 2515 the King. Nath His grotto illumination And King signed the new shape of the serpent cave under a rock that looks like a real dragon cave Esi is a large hall with stalagmites and stalactites, but rather hand. And ancient paintings over a hundred years. Appeared on walls East And south There are about 70 pictures, mostly pictures of boats, such as sailboats sailing ships, steamers, some say resembles a Viking ship. It is the source of a Viking Cave assumed that these paintings into the hands of pirates, fishermen, sailors or waves, hurricane shelter at the ship repair. Or unloading of goods inside When a hundred years ago Currently not allowed inside the Viking Cave longer due to conditions caused the decline. A natural cave nest is present. Restricted areas of the concession nest Tourists sightseeing boat just in front seats only if the Vikings.